28 Jun

Gymnastics competition

Well done to our Year 5 girls who took part in a gymnastics competition at St Bedes. They tried really hard and put in lots of effort into their routines. Well done!

27 Jun

Darwen Library- Summer Reading Challenge 2022

This morning, Angela who works at Darwen library visited school to invite us all to participate in ‘The Summer Reading Challenge 2022.’ The challenge is free of charge and involves children reading 6 library books between 1st July and 30th September, including picture books and audio books. There are various prizes awarded for each book that is read and returned, and those who complete the challenge will receive a certificate and a medal. If your child completes the challenge, we would love for them to be bring these into school so that we can present them during whole school celebration worship. Anglea told us that there is something for everyone at the library. However, if there is a specific book that the children are looking for but they don’t have it, it’s her promise that they will get it for them on request. If your child does not yet have a library card, the library can quickly and easily enrol them as a library member for free and no ID is required. Children without library cards may still join the Summer Reading Challenge, please enquire at Darwen Library about this. We hope that as many of our children as possible will take on the challenge. Happy reading!

27 Jun

Qu’est- ce-que-tu Manges?- French- Year 5

In today's French lesson, the children were learning about the different items of food that they eat for dinner. They then used their french knowledge and wrote sentences in french about what they had for lunch. For example, J'apporte un sandwich, une pomme et un jus dans ma boîte à lunch.

24 Jun

Sports Day KS2

What a fantastic morning we have had taking part in Sports Day 2022. We have all been looking forward to getting our parents and carers back to support…..and take part in the adult races……..very enthusiastically! Well done to each and everyone of you that took part, the gold medal winners, the winning house team -River Darwen Blues and a special thanks to Mrs Ham for being an amazing compère, crowd pleaser and super fun host! So very proud of Team B _ you all totally smashed it and had huge smiles on your faces whilst doing so!

22 Jun

Refugee Week- Healing- Year 5

Year 5 took a short walk in the local area and reflected on the journeys refugee make, in celebration of Refugee Week and the Great Get Together. They also watched a short animated film about Hamid's journey from Eritrea in Africa. We then had a discussion about looking after refugees and how to make them feel welcome in our country.

21 Jun

Science- Explore Life Cycles- Year 5

This term, Year 5 will focus on life cycles and the processes from conception, through birth to death. This afternoon, the children drew a timeline to indicate stages in the growth and development of humans. They also watched a short film by expert Zoologist Mike Linley who explained puberty and adolescence.

20 Jun

Monday Worship

Today we learned that we are going to be sharing a vicar with St Paul’s Primary School. We found out all about Saint Paul. Saint Paul was not a very nice man and as a result, he was blind for 3 days. After this time, he spent the rest of his life finding out about God and telling everybody about Jesus. St Paul found Saint Barnabas, the encourager. He encouraged people to like Saint Paul and they went out together to spread the word of God. Saint Paul changed and became a better person. Everybody can change and can do the right thing. Leonora said “we can forgive them”, Ella-Grace said “we can include them” and Jack said “we could share with them”. At our school, we are all encouragers. This week it is national sports week and the theme is belonging. We can all encourage each other and we can all help each other to feel a part of our school family. By doing this we can live out our vision by learning and growing together in a love-filled Christian family. Mason said “we can support each other”, Aisha said “we can give them a thumbs up” and Grace said “we can cheer and encourage everybody”. This week we are going to think about how we can build each other up and how we can be like Saint Barnabas the encourager. We finished our worship by singing ‘Build up’.

20 Jun

Religious Education- Year 5

This afternoon in R.E, the children have been writing letters of encouragement, encouraging friends and family to come to the church.

17 Jun

Friday Celebration Worship

This week in celebration worship, we heard from our class teachers about how we have been living life in all its fullness. We also congratulated our Year 1 children on completing their phonics screening check and our Year 4 children on completing their times table check with nothing other than courage and determination. We then celebrated all things sports. We celebrated a huge variety of out of school individual award successes. Well to done to Lennox, Albert, Lola, Sofia and Charlie for their swimming successes, Jack for trying new foods at Butterflies after school club, Eliza for her duathlon and football, Elliott for his football, Isaac for his biking, Harry for his goal keeping and Mathew for playing football against various academies.  We also celebrated the success that we’ve been having with our sports achievements in school and there has been a lot! Well done to our High 5s netball team who will be representing BwD borough in the Lancashire School Games in July, Our DPSSA netball silver medalists after their success last night at DVHS, our DPSSA cross country team who have recently completed three very gruelling courses over the past few months and were presented with both individual and group medals as well as coming 2nd overall as a team, our Year 3/4 Quad kids team who came 3rd place out of 14 schools, our Year 6 orienteering team who came 5th out of 14 schools and our gifted and talented netball players who took part in a session at BRFC on Monday. Wow, Team B are unstoppable! Finally, we needed our worship with some lovely prayers and a sing along.

17 Jun

Rotakids Annual Conference 2022- Year 5

Today, some of our Rotakids went to the University of Cumbria, in Lancaster. They had a day full of fun-filled activities. They made friendship bracelets, had a lot of fun with arts and crafts, and learned about different types of food chains and how to extract DNA from a strawberry. For the recognition of their work, they were all awarded a certificate for taking an active part in the Annual Rotakids Conference.

15 Jun

Maths- Year 5

This week in maths, the children have been identifying different types of angles and measuring degrees. Today, they were introduced to protractors. They began by measuring angles less than 90 degrees by careful placing the protractor on the baseline and starting at 0 on the inner scale and following it round until we see the line of the angle. They then compared their answers with their partners.

14 Jun

Poetry- Year 5

The children have been comparing poems and explaining their preferences. They have been identifying where they differ and are similar by giving a deeper appreciation and understanding of them. Thinking about the ways in which the poets have approached their subject matter.

13 Jun

Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship, we looked at the term 'referee'. The children shared experiences that they have had previously with referees in school and out of school. We looked at the job of a referee and how important the role of a referee is. We also discussed that we may not always agree with decisions made by the referees but without them, some games could not be played. It is important to always show respect to sports officials involved in the games we play.

27 May

D.T Club- Textiles - Years 3,4 and 5

Fun in D.T Club! The task was to design and make a small printed cushion cover based on the initial of the end user, which can be used in our homes. I am super proud of what they have made. They have all worked extremely well by supporting and helping each other.

26 May

Smoothie Roadshow

Today Year 5 and 6 have taken part in a ‘smoothie roadshow’. Here they learnt some facts about certain fruits, rode the bike to power the blender and tried the smoothie they made.

26 May

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee- Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship, the children looked at this week's picture news. We explored the Queen's jubilee in great detail and shared prior knowledge. We read through the assembly resource and talked about the length of time 70 years is. We explored the terms 'responsibility' and 'duties' and discussed the duties young children and adults might have to what the Queen has. We then created a 70 piece jigsaw to celebrate the upcoming event. Every piece has fascinating facts about the Queen.

25 May

Money Matters - Year 5

Year 5 has really enjoyed learning about expenditures with Mr. Souter. They worked in small groups and discussed what items in the house are essential and what items you can manage without. They learned how to keep a record of income and outgoings and how to avoid getting into debt. We also looked at the cost of pet insurance because a lot of the children in the class have pets that they love and care for dearly. It is important that people, families, and businesses all budget.

23 May

Teamwork- P.E- Year 5

Year 5 worked extremely well in pairs and in small groups during their P.E lesson today. The children had to listen attentively and record information accurately to be able to complete a complex task.

20 May

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration Day

On Friday 27th May we will be having a special day to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Children may come to school dressed in red, white and/ or blue or they may want to wear a queen, princess, king or prince clothing. Please do not go out and buy anything new though. In the morning we will have a special 'Royal Variety Performance' with 20 talented acts. The Mayor and Mayoress of Blackburn with Darwen will be attending and parents are welcome to come and watch too. At lunchtime we will be having a Royal Variety Afternoon Tea and weather permitting we will have a picnic outside. Each child will receive a special commemorative Platinum Jubilee Coin from our Trust and a special Jubilee book. What a great way to end such a brilliant term and to show our thanks to her Majesty the Queen for her service to our country over the last 70 years!

20 May

Celebration Worship

This morning we had lots to celebrate in our Worship. Year 4 and 5 received their certificates for their courage and commitment at PGL. We had plenty of sports stars with our high fives netball team storming through to the finals next week and we had plenty of personal achievements with super swimmers in the infants, cycling awards, gymnastics, Morris dancing and athletics. We also announced the 6 winners of the Darwen Rotary Club competition for the Queen’s Jubilee - a big well done to Alice, Summer, Ella, Wilson, Isaac and Eva for their entries and a big well done to everyone who entered. We will keep you updated with any further developments in the competition and the date for when the winning entries will be displayed in Darwen.

19 May

Changes- PSHE- Year 5

During our P.S.H.E lesson this morning, the children Identified parts of the body that males and females have in common and those that are different. We discussed that now or in the next few years everyone in the class will start changing. We also discussed that puberty is the process by which our bodies change from a child’s to an adult’s. It is normal to be worried and anxious about these things and if they feel scared it is important to talk to a trusted adult or drop a question in our class 'Ask it Basket'.

19 May

Community Groups

We have lots of different community groups and activities for children and/or adults that meet either in our school or in our local community. Please see our community groups page for further information. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/community-groups We are always looking for different opportunities for our children to be involved in a variety of activities out of school and we love hearing about their achievements in our weekly Friday Celebration Worship. If you run a community group or club and you would like us to promote it, please send any flyers to [email protected] and we will add them to our website.

19 May

Gift for the Queen Competition Entries

We have had so many fantastic entries for the Jubilee gift competition with Darwen Rotary Club! Lots of children have made such thoughtful gifts for the Queen, so a big thank you to all those who entered. Unfortunately, we can only select 6 finalists to submit to Darwen Rotary Club for judging and we will be announcing these in Celebration Worship tomorrow with a small prize for each winner.

18 May

Prevent Workshop- Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 had a workshop with content that explains Prevent, the radicalisation process, how to identify at-risk students, how to raise concerns and what an appropriate response looks like. They all asked questions and raised any concerns that they had in a very mature way.

17 May

Bible Detectives- Religious Education- Year 5

This term in R.E, Year 5 are learning about the impact of Pentecost when Jesus left. To date, we have looked at the artwork depicting the event and analysed Peter's speech. This afternoon, the children were set up a challenge of being Bible detectives. They explored the book of acts and jotted down the key events related to the Pentecost.

17 May

Science- Year 5

This week in science, the children have been learning about the life cycles of insects and amphibians.

16 May

Collective Worship- Christian Aid Week and Courageous Advocacy

This morning in worship, we introduced Christian Aid week. First we discussed the phrase, ‘Your Kingdom Come.’ Mrs Ham asked us to imagine what heaven was like. We said that we imagine it as peaceful and calm and when we use the phase, ‘Your Kingdom Come,’ this phrase means that God would like our world on earth to represent heaven where the world is fair and at peace. Then Mrs Ham discussed the term ‘Courageous advocacy’ with us all which is the act of speaking out against injustice (wrongdoing) and then we watched and listened carefully to a video to see some of the injustice that is happening in the world. The children shared what they saw. Lily saw a sea turtle trapped in a fishing net, Skye said that there were people who were hungry, Jack said there were people without clothes, Harlee and Manni said they noticed people who were extremely thirsty, James said that he saw a man who didn’t have much furniture in his house and Lucy said there were people living in unclean places. Mrs Ham asked us what Jesus would like us to about this injustice. Desmond said we should try to be like Jesus and love our neighbour. Mrs Ham agreed and discussed how we all need to be a courageous advocate and love our neighbours as Jesus did. We then looked at some inspirational people who were courageous advocates and spoke out for those who didn’t/don’t have a voice such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, David Attenborough and Marcus Rashford. We also recognised some children in school who have recently stood up for something that they believe in. These courageous advocates were Neve, Lily, William and Charlotte who recently promoted initiatives to raise money for Ukraine and East Lancs Hospice. Lastly, we ended our worship with a video called ‘Starfish’ which summed up the message that small things can make a huge difference and Mrs Ham asked us to reflect on small things that we can do in the next week and beyond to help to make a difference such as donating to the local food or clothes bank and reusing and recycling plastic.

16 May

Les Opinions- Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 have been identifying different types of music, football teams, T.V shows and artists and giving their opinions on what they like and dislike in French, with Miss Woodcock.

13 May

The Lily Jo Project - KS2 Workshop

We had the pleasure of taking part in The Lily Jo project Workshop this morning. It taught us all about being a hero of our own mental health. Physical Health Spiritual Health Mental Health HERO actually stands for: H- Help others E- Exercise R- Relaxing O- Opening up We had such an awesome time dancing and singing along . We want to remember the very important phrase- You being you, makes me feel YEY! Be yourself and shine your light #mental health #mindmatters #mentalhealthawareness #thelilyjoproject

12 May

Mental Health Awareness Week - Year 5

The theme this year for 'Mental Health Awareness Week' is loneliness. Therefore, as a class we discussed what loneliness meant to them and what things they would associate with the word. We talked about why might people be lonely and what we could do help someone that might feel lonely. The children then made a loneliness flip book which they could refer to if they ever felt lonely.

12 May

FOSB Summer Fayre

Calling all local business, youth clubs, charities, entertainers (ALL STALLS WELCOME!!!)

9 May

P.G.L- Year 5

The children from years 4 and 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their adventurous trip to P.G.L. They have built memories and shared unforgettable experiences, together. They have all challenged themselves to overcome their fear of heights and water. We had raft- building, problem-solving activities, survivor, rock climbing, trapeze, high ropes, fencing, had a go on the giant swing and sat around the campfire listening to stories whilst drinking hot chocolate. The list is endless.The teamwork and communication skills between each other was exceptional. They ensured working together, supporting and by encouraging each other emotionally and physically was key. 

6 May

Friday Celebration Worship

Despite it being a very short week in school this week, we still had lots to celebrate in Worship this morning. We reflected on how we have been showing generosity this week and shared our well wishes for Year 6 in preparation for their SATs next week. There were sports stars galore on the golden podium, as we had many children showing us how they are living life in all its fullness. A big well done to Charlotte who has raised £710 for East Lancs Hospice by running a mile a day! We also had football achievements (with a signing for Manchester United) and awards for swimming, cycling, martial arts and cubs! Wow, what another brilliant week at St Barnabas!

4 May

Class Worship- Year 5

Today during our class worship we discussed what 'freedom' meant to us. We looked at comments made from other people and what freedom looks like to them. In small groups they discussed whether they agreed or disagreed with anyone, and why? Some of the children felt restricted at home and school by the choices adults in their lives make for them example, how much screen-time they have, what foods they eat, what time they should be allowed a break, how long they can be out playing for etc. We discussed the importance of these restrictions and the reasons they are in place.

4 May

Our first School Council Team Meeting

This week, we held our first school council meeting with our Communication Team made up of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. We discussed the expectations of our Communication Team and analysed the results from our whole school Class Meeting Question. We found that the school believes that the best way to help our planet is to stop littering and we talked about what we could do as a school to support that. We set out the key roles within our Team and set the next question ready for the school to discuss in the coming weeks. We are excited to see what positive changes we can drive forward by giving everyone a voice in school.

3 May

Whole school Worship: Generosity

Today during our worship we discussed what generosity means and why it is important to be generous. The children discussed how we can be generous. They said we can give to charity, help others, smile and make others happy. We looked at how important it is to give up our time to be generous and reflected on what this means. The children said they could stop playing on their games and could stop watching TV so that they would have more time to give to others. We looked at Mother Teresa and how she dedicated herself to helping others. This week we will be reflecting on how we can be generous and to see if we can create a positive ripple effect. We will also reflect on being truly grateful for anything that we receive.

3 May

Smart School Council- Year 5

The children in Year 5 were super excited about our first class meeting. Smart School Council which has been launched by Mrs Govan will give our children the opportunity to have a strong voice in the running of their school. Eva was chosen as the meeting leader and Bobby was our notetaker, both very important roles which they took seriously. We went through a series of questions. Subsequently, the class discussed the key question in their groups and each group voted for an answer that they all came to an agreement on. The votes will now be collated and discussed with the communication team.

29 Apr

Friday 29th April- Celebration Worship

Today in celebration worship, we reflected on Monday’s worship about St George and how we have shown our Christian value of courage this week just as he did. Annabelle in Year 2 said she showed courage by diving into the swimming pool and Oscar in Year 3 challenged some behaviour that he didn’t think was right. Then, our wonderful choir performed the song ‘Time to Shine’ for our whole school as they did last night at Ewood Park for an audience of 4,200. We then heard from our cross country team who participated in the DPSSA cross country on Tuesday night and showed amazing sportsmanship and our netball team who played against St Peter’s in the DPSSA netball league and won 11-0. A special well done to Kaycie who was voted player of the match for her determination. We then celebrated our out of school award winners. Well done to Katie, Harlow and Eva in Year 5 for their team success in coming 2nd in their football tournament, Eliza in year 1 for her success in horse riding and achieving trainer of the week in football, Daisy in Year 1 and Grace in Year 2 for earning a special badge at rainbows for learning sign language and Charlotte in Year 5 for her yellow belt in jujitsu and for fundraising for East Lancs Hospice. She has raised £600 by running a mile a day for 40 days. Amazing work Charlotte! We heard from our teachers who shared their highlights from the week. A huge well done to our whole school for their achievements and successes in class. Finally, Mrs Ham reminded us about the upcoming Royal Variety show that we’ll be having in school on 27th May to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and we had some beautiful prayers from David and Lucy to end our worship.

29 Apr

Food technology- Serve a Salad- Year 5

Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 5 have been learning about different types of salads and ingredients used in salads around the world. They have been learning about healthy eating (with a focus on fibre) and practising using food preparation skills, including the bridge hold and claw grip, safely and hygienically. They have tasted food from other countries to help give them new experiences and flavour ideas which then led to them making a healthy salad for a friend. Prior to this, they created a questionnaire to research the requirements and preferences of their salad recipient.  This afternoon, they made a salad for their friend and they were reminded to be as accurate as possible with their preparation. Thinking about the appearance, size and shape of the ingredients they are preparing. They then ate their salad with their friends and evaluated their design against the design criteria and feedback from others.

27 Apr

Year 5 P.S.H.E- Drugs and Alcohol Education

Today, Year 5 learnt about legal and illegal drugs. We focussed on legal and illegal drugs, other than medicines, and the associated effects and risks. The children also explored how the risk of drug use may vary depending on factors such as the strength of the drug, how much is taken and how often, the person and the situation.

26 Apr

DPSSA Cross Country

Another wonderful afternoon at The DPSSA Cross Country race. Fantastic performance by Team B across all age groups. Everyone showed true St Barnabas spirit, determination and perseverance on a very tricky course. Superb results and so proud of each squad member.

25 Apr

St George’s Day Worship

As we entered worship today, we listened to ‘Jerusalem’. On Saturday it was St George’s day. We discussed what we think of when we think about England. Carlton said “football”, Ted said “the sea”, Jake said “Formula 1” and Oscar said “our home” to name a few! We looked at a few favourites from England which included apple crumble, roast beef dinner, cups of tea, Charles Dickens, the white cliffs of Dover and Stonehenge. We looked at how things have changed in England. In the past, ladies did jobs at home whereas now ladies can have careers. We used to have lots of factories for workers but now many people work in jobs to provide services. We learnt about St George. St George died from what he believed in. He believed in God and St George stood up for what was right. We looked at our British values and how we follow them in school. We discussed how we are tolerant, how we respect each other, how our opinions are important, how we can make our own choices and how we need to follow the rules in school. During our reflection we thought about when we have had to show courage. This week we re going to focus on showing courage and standing up for what is right.

25 Apr

Striking and Fielding Games- Year 5

One of our units in P.E this term is all about precision when striking to evade fielders; to be able to react quickly and being able to catch a ball. Before we play a simple striking and fielding game we are learning the skills that will enable us to play effectively. Today the children learnt how to throw a ball underarm from a stationary position and through a target (hoop) which is held by another child to a backstop.

25 Apr

French Reading - Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 have been reading and answering questions in French, with Miss Woodcock. Miss Woodcock was really impressed with how far they have come and how much they have remembered.

22 Apr

Celebration Worship

Today, we welcomed our parents back to Celebration Worship after two years. It was wonderful to have you all back. We then introduced our whole school worship by talking about Earth Day. We discussed how it's important to show respect to the earth as God created it for us. We were especially proud of Year 2 who did some litter picking around Darwen yesterday during their local area walk in Geography, and our other classes are looking forward to some further reflection on the importance of looking after the earth in their classes later today. We then celebrated some in and out of school achievements. We heard from our class teachers about how our children are living life in all its fullness. We said thank you to some boys across school who came into school in the holidays to take part in a darts competition and we also said a huge thank you to WOW group for their success in leading their first messy church on Tuesday this week. Well done WOW group! We then celebrated some individual sports superstars. Well done to Archie in Year 4 for his darts and football achievements, Jason, Lennox, Cassidy and Isaac for their swimming success, Cassidy for her gymnastics success, Olivia for very good listening and being sensible at rainbows and Mason for his dance talent . We had some notices from Mrs Govan and our Head and Deputy Head girl. Mrs Govan told us about the competition that is currently running linked to the Queen's Jubilee. Please see Class Dojo for further details. Our Head and Deputy Head girl told us about the new playtime equipment that they have ordered with some of the money that we raised as a school from the movie nights before half term. Finally, we ended our worship with some lovely prayers from Lily and Mason.

22 Apr

Earth Day- Year 5

Happy Earth Day! The children decorated the Earth template with things they love about the Earth and wrote a poem to celebrate.

21 Apr

Parents’ evening -thank you!

Thank you to everyone who attended parents’ evening last night. We had 89% of our parents attend which was great. It was lovely to welcome you back into school again and we hope you enjoyed hearing how your child has progressed since the last parents’ evening in December. Thank you for your patience when waiting for appointments and for your ongoing support. If you weren’t able to attend last night, please contact class teachers via class dojo to arrange a phone call or meeting. A quick reminder that parents and carers are now welcome to join us for our Family Celebration Worship on Friday mornings. Refreshments will be available from 8.55am and worship will start at 9.15am. We look forward to seeing you.

21 Apr

English- Year 5

In English, we have been reading and analysing the book ' The Invention of Hugo Cabaret'. This week, we summarised the story so far in small groups.

21 Apr

Junior Jam- Year 5

Outdoors photography with Mr Toal from Junior Jam plus outdoors music with Miss Kennedy and street dance with Miss Anderton.

21 Apr

Science; Year 5

This week in science, the children have learnt that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow a small force to have a greater effect. They worked out that you have to pull further on the rope when it is looped over more time, but it is easier to pull. They also investigated resistance in different liquids.

19 Apr

Tuesday Collective Worship

Today, we recapped what happened at the last supper. Jesus gave a commandment on Maundy Thursday. He told everybody to “love one another as I have loved you”. Jesus also told everybody to live life in all its fullness. We should give our kindness to everybody, do good things and have fun! We watched ‘the super cool story of Jesus’. The video reminded us that Jesus gave his life and love so we can really live. Jesus came onto earth to show us how God loves. We discussed how we can live life to the full. Archie said “we can live in peace”, Emily said “we can live in harmony”, David said “we need to take care of ourselves”, Mason said “we can show love” and Ruby has cut her hair and given it to charity to spread kindness. Ruby also slept out to raise money for the homeless. She has shown how we can live life in all its fullness- we are very proud of how she has put other people first. We ended our worship by listening to a biblical story called ‘no more crying’. This week, we need to think about how we can love one another and how we can forgive others who may upset us. We also need to think about how we can live life in all its fullness.

19 Apr

Darwen Rotary Club - Create a gift for the Queen Competition

Good Morning, As you can see from the poster, we have a fantastic competition being run by Darwen Rotary Club, and we would love for the children in our school to take part. We are inviting the children to create a gift for the Queen to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, this is to be completed at home. The gift can be of any style they wish. We are looking for originality and inspiration from the children. Possible ideas are a poem, a song, a model, a piece of artwork - the list goes on! Please can all gifts be completed and brought into school ready for judging by Wednesday 11th May. We will judge the best 10 pieces for KS1 and the best 10 for KS2 and then arrange for a Rotarian to call into school and choose the final 3 winners for each category. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places from each Key Stage. All the winning entries from each school will then go on display in Darwen Market Hall on the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend, and on Saturday 4th June, 2 overall winners (1 for KS1 and 1 for KS2) will be selected from all the 1st place entries and the winners will win a tiled mural for their school! This is a very exciting opportunity and we would love for our children to get involved, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing some fantastic gifts for the Queen! Mrs Govan- Art and Design Leader

6 Apr

Summer 1 After school clubs

Here are the clubs available next half term. They can be booked on parent pay and are on a first come first serve basis. For further information and photos for last term's clubs, please click on the following link. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/academy-life/clubs

6 Apr

Easter Craft- Year 5

The Easter Bunnies have been getting ready for Easter. They have been making Easter baskets and Easter wreaths.

6 Apr

FOSB Easter egg decorating competition

A huge well done to the winners of the FOSB Easter egg decorating competition. We were overwhelmed with the time and effort that had been put in. Mrs Ham, Mrs Price and Mrs Wilkinson found it very difficult to judge. Thank you so much to Mrs Isherwood for presenting the prizes and to all of the FOSB volunteers for organising the competition and buying every child a chocolate bunny.

6 Apr

Happy Easter to our whole school family!

It wouldn't be Easter at St Barnabas without a visit from the Spring Chicken! Who do you think it was this year? Please click on the links to see the fun we had during our Easter singalong this afternoon. What a brilliant way to end such a wonderful term! Spring Chicken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neQs54K6Xec Give me oil in my lamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSHy7KNuEes We have a King who rides a donkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRaTXCw5Dko On behalf of all of our staff team I would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter half term holiday. See you all on Tuesday 19th April. Take care and God bless, Mrs Ham

5 Apr

FOSB Easter egg decorating competition!

Thank you to all of the children who have entered our FOSB Easter egg decorating competition. Winners will be announced tomorrow! ⭐️

5 Apr

Movie Night - Year 5 - RotaKids

The Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 classes had such a good night. The children enjoyed their pre-ordered meal whilst watching the magical and enchanted Disney film ‘Encanto’.

1 Apr

Whole School Celebration Worship

Today for our Celebration worship we celebrated lots of achievements across school. We have come to the end of our Kindness Challenges, but talked about how important it is to continue to show the kindness we have been showing the last few weeks, even without our daily reminders. Our cross country team shared their achievements from the DPSSA cross country competition yesterday, with some of the boys and girls winning 1st and 2nd place - Well done! We also had many children sharing their own personal sporting awards in horse riding, Olympic sport clubs, martial arts and a pentathlon. All of our class teachers shared how the children have been living life in all its fullness through our curriculum this week, with talks of perseverance, diversity, success and ensuring we show respect to everyone in school. What another brilliant week!

31 Mar

Reading and Writing- Year 5

Year 5 have been mesmerised by our new book ‘ The Invention of Hugo Cabret’. The book is beautifully and illustrated by Brian Selznick. Throughout the week, the children have been annotating their own picture from the story inferring and deducing about what they think is happening. The children have also created a semantic map to help with their unknown vocabulary.

31 Mar

Easter Artwork- Year 5

In our R.E lesson this week, the children have explored a wide variety of pieces of artwork depicting the Easter story including ‘The Crucifixion’ by John Reilly and ‘ The Resurrection’. Following on from that lesson, the children created abstract art celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

31 Mar

DPSSA Cross Country Race

The DPSSA Cross Country event took place this evening at Darwen Vale High School and Team B were quality. We came 1st place in both the Year 3/4 Girls and Y5/6 races and a 2nd in the boys Year 3/4 race. As a team, we got lots of top ten place finishers who showed true grit and determination when tackling the course. All the hard work in training sessions has paid off and it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

30 Mar

Year 5 - Class Worship

During our class worship this morning, we have been reading through the information about the recent discovery of the shipwreck, Endurance, which sank over 100 years ago. We learnt about Sir Ernest Shackleton and his extraordinary expeditions and his life. We also learnt about his amazing crew that trusted the choices that he made to keep everyone safe and calm.

28 Mar

Palm Sunday Worship

Today we learnt about Palm Sunday. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he didn’t arrive in a fancy carriage but on a little donkey. People waved palm branches and were so pleased to see him. Many people gave him a warm welcome but some people were not impressed and were filled with feelings of jealousy. Mason said they could be feeling cross and Leonora said they could be angry. We helped Mrs Ham retell the story of Palm Sunday. Mrs Ham showed everybody a palm shaped as a cross. The crowd shouted Hosanna to welcome Jesus. Later in the week, leaders who were angry turned people against Jesus and he was crucified. This was all in God’s plan and on Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead. In times of sadness, we can all be kind to cheer everybody up. Our Wow group led our singing and we sang ‘ We have a king who rides a donkey’.

25 Mar

Online safety warning- Huggy Wuggy

Dear parents and carers, we wanted to make you aware of a character named ‘Huggy Wuggy’ that some of the children are talking about. Please see the photo and links for further information. https://www.parents.com/news/what-parents-need-to-know-about-huggy-wuggy-and-the-poppy-playtime-game-taking-over-elementary-schools/ https://oursaferschools.co.uk/2021/12/03/poppy-playtime-online-safety-review/

25 Mar

School Skiing Competition- 3rd place for St Barnabas

A huge congratulations to Isaac P in Year 5 for coming 3rd in the North West Ski Federation Schools Race 2022. He represented St Barnabas and came 3rd in his race. Well done Isaac, we are so proud of you!

25 Mar

Celebration Worship- Living life in all its fullness

It was wonderful to hear from all of our class teachers this morning how their class has been 'achieving great things' and 'living life in all its fullness' this week. We have had several visitors in school this week including an author, two dentists, a radiographer and the Dog's Trust and we were so proud to hear how the children welcomed them into school and showed them kindness. We also reflected on how we can show the special ladies in our lives how much we love them and say a big thank you for everything they do for us. Wishing all of our mummies and grandmas a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday. What another fantastic week at St Barnabas! To see the powerpoint from today's worship, please click on the following link. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/about-us/church-and-worship#tab-4370

25 Mar

Reading Notes Clarinet- Year 5

The children have been really enjoying their music lessons with Mr Gardiner. On Friday, they learnt how to read notes and were able to play them on the clarinet by breaking the song down into smaller sections.

25 Mar

Cooking and Nutrition- Year 5

Year 5 had the opportunity to practice some food skills in this lesson. We first watched the food skills videos ( peel, chop and grate) and then practiced them. The food that the children prepared was then used to create a salad bar which they were able to taste from at the end of the lesson.

24 Mar

Commonwealth Baton Relay Handover to St Pauls

Following the collection of the baton from St Peter’s yesterday, our Year 6 Heads and Deputies took charge with the handover to St. Paul’s today. Year 5, Year 4, Year 2 and Reception made flags and banners to cheer them on their journey. We can’t wait for the games to start now and have loved the experience! Thanks @LancSchoolGames #Lancsbatonrelay22

24 Mar

A visit from The Dogs Trust in Key Stage 2

We had a lovely gentleman called Andrew visit us today in KS2. Andrew works for The Dogs Trust who care for 14,000 dogs in 22 rehoming centres across the country. We looked at when it is best to leave dogs alone and give them space and safe, positive behaviours around dogs. A huge thank you from us to Andrew and Dougie the mascot dog.

24 Mar

Dog Trust

Today years 3, 4, 5 & 6 had a visitor, Andrew from the Dog Trust. Andrew spoke all about safety around dogs. How all dogs have their own personalities, fears and worries and what their reactions might be. Also how to safely approach dogs and that we need to give dogs choices to keep ourselves and the dogs safe.

23 Mar

Receiving The Commonwealth Games Baton

Today we had the privilege in taking part in the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay as part of the lead up to the Commonwealth Games which will take place in Birmingham this year. We received the baton from St Peters this afternoon, with our Year 6 Sports Leaders in charge of the safe hand over. Year 6, Year 3 and Year 1 classes were there to provide a warm welcome and wave their flags. Tomorrow, Year 5, Year 4, Year 2 and Reception class will be there to wave the baton onto its next journey to St Pauls Hoddlesden. What an experience! Thanks @LancSchoolGames #Lancsbatonrelay22

22 Mar

Collective Worship led by WOW group

Today our worship was led by our WOW group who previously took suggestions from our whole school about what they enjoy about worship such as acting out and singing and incorporated these into their Easter worship. The WOW group retold the following parts of the Eater story: Good Friday, The Last Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane, The Road to Calvary, The Crucifixion and The Resurrection. Following on from this, they quizzed the whole school on questions linked to The Easter Story. For answer A, the children had to put their hands on their heads and for answer B, they had to put their hands on their shoulders. The whole school really enjoyed being quizzed on the story. We ended the worship with the whole school singing ‘Lord of the Dance.’ Thank you for a wonderful worship WOW group.

22 Mar

FOSB Mother’s Day Gift Shop

The children have all really enjoyed visiting the Friends of St Barnabas Mother’s Day gift shop today. Every child will be bringing something home for a special lady in their life. A huge thank you to our FOSB members for making it a huge success.

21 Mar

Invasion Games - Hockey - Year 5

In hockey today, Year 5 revised dribbling and shooting and then applied all their hockey skills to outwit an opponent.

21 Mar

DPSSA Swimming Champions

Huge congratulations to our swimming team who were crowned DPSSA Swimming Champions at Darwen Swimming Gala on Friday evening. What a huge achievement! The children once again showed true sportsmanship, courage and determination. St Barnabas have never lifted this trophy before and it was amazing to see our children loving every second of the celebrations. Lots of gold medals, including girls backstroke, girls freestyle, girls medley relay and freestyle relay plus a silver in the boys backstroke. Proud is an understatement. Go Team B you absolute superstars!

21 Mar

Art Club- Years 5 and 6

Artwork inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.

18 Mar

Whole School Worship- Supporting Ukraine Day

Today in collective worship, we were joined by the Worshipful, the Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, Councillor Derek Hardman as we gathered together for our ‘Support for Ukraine’ day. Our whole school were either dressed in yellow and blue to reflect the colours of the Ukraine flag or red to support The Red Cross who we are supporting today through raising money for Ukraine. Our heads and deputy heads led our whole school worship today. They made us all think about what essentials we need to survive such as food, water, homes, safety, warmth, love and kindness. This led them on to a discussion about how people all over the world are stepping up to help Ukraine at the moment as they are having to escape their country and leave behind their homes, schools, family members, toys and other possessions. They made the whole school reflect on how they must be feeling and we came up with feelings such as devastated, terrified, heartbroken and worried. We watched a video and looked at how Poland are helping Ukraine at the moment by providing the refugees with a warm welcome, houses, toiletries, schools and friendship. We then talked about how the smallest act of kindness can save a life and how we are very proud of the children in our whole school. We said a huge thank you to Neve, William and Lily for showing our Christian values of generosity, service and friendship during this Ukraine crisis. Neve came up with an idea to make and sell cakes and William will be selling lots of bath bombs to our whole school family. They will be donating the money that they make in school today to The Red Cross. Lily asked for shower gels, shampoo and shower gel which her family friend will be taking over to Ukraine as they are short of these essentials at the moment. We also said a huge well done to our whole school for making such an effort with their clothing, giving donations of toiletries and donating money on Parent Pay. The heads and deputy heads shared how our whole school donations will help to fund hot food, hot drinks, chlorine tablets, toiletries including nappies , medical supplies and lots of other essentials for Ukraine. They also shared a message of hope for the refugees. They made us aware of some well known refugees who had to flee their home but have gone on to achieve amazing things such as Jesus, Mo Farah, Rita Ora, Judith Kerr and Magid Magid. We also heard from two of our very own incredible St Barnabas children, Aisha and Hamza, who told us their experiences of being refugees. They told us about how their family were brought to England by The Red Cross who decided it was much too dangerous to stay in their hometown in Somalia. We felt very proud of the courage they showed in sharing their story with the rest of the school and we feel incredibly proud of them. Finally, we ended our worship by celebrating some out of school awards from Luca, Summer and Finn for darts, gymnastics and donating hair to The Prince’s Trust. We also heard from the Mr Mayor. He told us about how schools are his favourite places to visit and how he was very proud of the efforts from the children, parents and staff of St Barnabas for their efforts in supporting Ukraine.

18 Mar

Design and Technology - Cooking and nutrition

This term in D.T, Year 5 have been learning about different types of salads and ingredients used in salads around the world. They have been learning about healthy eating ( with a focus on fibre), researching different salads and finding salads which originate from other countries. Over the new few weeks, they will be practicing using food preparation skills, safely and hygienically then designing and making a salad for tea.

17 Mar

French- le visage - Year 5

In french this week, we have been learning the nouns for parts of the face and body.

17 Mar

Hybrid text- Year 5

Year 5 has been inspired by Professor Branestawm inventions and have come up with ideas for their own designs. They have worked exceptionally well and produced some amazing writing: an explanation text, information text and a persuasive text ( hybrid text).

16 Mar

Support for Ukraine Day

Good morning parents and carers, we are trying to do as much as possible at St Barnabas to make a difference to the lives of those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The children suggested that we can pray for peace in Ukraine and can ask God to look over all of the boys and girls in Ukraine. Therefore we have created a community prayer space at the front of our school and each child in school has added a blue or yellow ribbon and said or written a prayer. There are extra ribbons in a basket on the pavement side for parents, carers and members of our community to add a ribbon and say a prayer too so please feel free to add a ribbon. On Friday we will be having our special 'Support for Ukraine Day'. The Worshipful, the Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, Councillor Derek Hardman will be joining us for a special Worship and will be adding a ribbon to our community 'Pray for Ukraine' prayer space. Children may come to school dressed in blue and yellow or red as we will be supporting the British Red Cross. Donations to the British Red Cross can be made via parent pay. For every £1.00 we raise, the Government will match this. It has been wonderful to see several of our children coming forwards with their own ideas to raise money for the British Red Cross. Neve in Year 2 will be selling cakes as her friends and family have kindly donated cakes and our infants will also be making cakes. These can be purchased on parent pay at 50p. Any left over cakes will be sold after school on the infant yard. William in Year 6 will be selling the type of bombs we like to hear about- bath bombs. There will be a bath bomb lucky dip for £1.00 which is also available on parent pay. Any leftover bath bombs will also be sold after school. Lily in Year 6 has asked for donations of shampoo, shower gel or hair brushes. These will be taken to Ukraine next week. Please help us to support Ukraine by donating what you can. Together we can really make a difference. Many thanks for your support, Mrs Ham

15 Mar

Pray for Ukraine- Juniors

Our juniors added their prayers of peace for Ukraine this afternoon to our community prayer space at the front of our school. We have left a box of ribbons for our parents, grandparents, carers and members of our community to add a ribbon and say their own prayer of peace for Ukraine.

15 Mar

Investigating Friction - Year 5

Year 5 have been experimenting how strong of a force friction really is. They worked in pairs and weaved as many books pages as possible together, the two books had a lot of surface area of pages touching each other and so there was a lot of friction between the book pages which made it very difficult to pull them apart.

14 Mar

Easter- R.E - Year 5

This afternoon in R.E, Year 5 started the lesson by having a discussion about the word ‘victory’. What comes to mind when they hear and read the word? Are winning and victory the same thing? We then looked at Greatest Sports Moments and talked about many athletes hope to win, but they also strive to beat their personal best and so, even if they come last, if it is their personal best, they have been victorious.

11 Mar

Friday 11th March Celebration Worship

Today, we started off by reflecting on Monday’s worship when we read the story of ‘Jesus Feeding the 5000,’ and thought about how nothing is too small to share. The children shared some examples of things that can be shared such as food, clothes and kindness. Kindness is always important at our school but particularly at the moment as we are currently completing ‘The 30 Days of Kindness Challenge,’ as a school. We reflected on the kindness challenges for this week which were helping an elderly member of our community, asking people how their day has been, asking someone if you can help when they’re upset, helping the teacher to hand out and collect in books. Today’s challenge is making a thank you card for someone. The children said they would make one for their teachers including their after school club teachers, their older siblings, their parents and Mr Tierney (our site supervisor). We then celebrated some in school achievements. We heard from our class teachers, the librarians announced our World Book Day competition winners for the books bunting and Mrs Ham presented the winners of the Blackburn Rovers Gifted and Talented completion to four of our Year 3 boys who showed a wonderful attitude and brilliant sportsmanship. We followed on from this with out of school achievements such as swimming, football, rainbows, young farmers rifle shooting and sailing. Finally, the heads and deputies shared a reminder about showing respect for the playground equipment and Lily in Year 6 shared a way of us helping Ukraine by bringing shampoo, body wash and hairbrushes next Friday. She will collect these in and pass them on to someone she knows who is travelling to Ukraine.

10 Mar

Year 5 - History

Today, Year 5 had a role of detectives trying to prove that the legend Theseus and the Minotaur may actually have been a fact. They looked at what evidence might have survived ( images) that were part of the story and put the pieces together.

10 Mar

Year 5 - Super Scientists - Gravity Activity with Paper Clips

This week in Science, Year 5 have been experimenting how the Earth’s gravity is what holds us and other things to the ground. We talked about how the magnetic force between the paper clip and magnet were stronger than the pull of the Earth’s gravity on the paper clip, so the paper clip was able to remain in the air rather than fall back to the ground.

8 Mar

Year 5 - Maths

In Maths, Year 5 have been multiplying 2 - digits (area model) using base 10 equipment. They have used the knowledge from a few weeks ago, finding the area of a rectangle.

3 Mar

World Book Day- Different teacher story time & fair trade hot chocolate

This afternoon each class enjoyed a story read by a different teacher whilst snuggled up in their pyjamas drinking fair trade hot chocolate and marshmallows. We love reading at St Barnabas!

3 Mar

Year 5- World Book Day

We have had a great day today for World Book Day and everyone looked so brilliant in their pjs and oodies /snuggies. We have been creating our own setting and transport based on the book Journey by Aaron Becker and the art work has been absolutely fantastic! I have also sent home a £1 book voucher for each child. Happy World Book Day

2 Mar

Year 5 -Pray for Ukraine

This morning during our class worship we had a discussion about the conflict happening in Ukraine at the moment. We talked about how people are showing compassion to the those in Ukraine by giving them shelter, food and resources at this tough time. The class wrote their own prayers on the Ukraine flag.

28 Feb

Year 5 Science- Forces

We have started our new topic of Forces this week during Science. The class enjoyed taking part in an investigation yesterday to see if a piece of paper falls quicker the more you fold it. They learnt that gravity pulls the paper towards the ground and air resistance pushes it.

25 Feb

Friday Whole School Worship

Today in worship, we reflected on our the kindness challenges that we have completed this week such as washing our hands, wiping our feet and helping to tidy up our classrooms and houses. We talked about why we should be kind and looked at our new kindness tree in the hall where we can add examples of kindness that we have seen and shown. This led us onto a discussion about Russia invading Ukraine and how Putin isn’t showing kindness. We talked about how places such as America and the UK are coming together to support Ukraine through sanctioning Russia to encourage them to stop the fighting and resume peace once again as we want to keep the people of Ukraine safe. We also talked about how we ourselves can support Ukraine through asking God to watch over the people of Ukraine and keeping them all in our prayers. We had a look at how we can use our fingers to pray for different things such as people who are closest to us, people who are poorly and people who are in charge of our country. We also had ideas such as donating clothes to refugees and giving refugees a warm welcome. Finally, we ended with some sports award celebrations. Well done to our Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 sports hall competitors and our individual sports winners. The sports leaders also announced the winners for the inter-house dodgeball competition which was India Mill (red team).

25 Feb

Cross Country Club

What a great way to start our new term with our new cross country club! Mud, mud everywhere. The children were amazing and really pushed themselves to achieve their best.

21 Feb

Invasion Game- Hockey - Year 5

This term in P.E, the children are going to look at hockey skills (unit 1) sending and receiving a ball and small sided games to develop and apply invasion games tactics. In our lesson this morning, the children first passed a ball to a teammate with a hockey stick then moved into groups of four or five.

17 Feb

Amazing Art

Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6’s amazing art work is up in our Art Gallery in the hall. They have been focusing on different artists and different art elements and skills over the half term and this is their end outcome. The work looks amazing and so individual and unique.

11 Feb

Dress to Express - Year 5

Year 5 took part in ‘ Dress to Express’ day today for children’s mental health week.

10 Feb

Information Booklets- Year 5

This week in English, Year 5 have created information booklets which include more than one text type about the Solar System. For example, a non- chronological report and an explanation text. The explanation text has been applied using diagrams which describes a process of how the Earth orbits the Sun and how planets rotate around the Sun. The booklets will be displayed in our school library and other classes.

8 Feb

Safer Internet Day- Year 5

During our P.S.H.E lesson this week, Year 5 had a discussion about how to stay safe online while staying connected to the digital world. We spoke about respect online, on group chats, video calling, instant messages and games. We also had a look at the story book ‘ Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ and found ways of helping Oscar make the right decisions so he can avoid dangers on his journey through the online world.

4 Feb

Friday Celebration Worship

This week in celebration worship, we have been thinking about how we have been shining our light just as Jesus does and we also sang ‘Shine From the Inside Out’. Reception class also sang the whole school a song in celebration of Chinese New Year. We heard from our teachers about how we have lived life in all its fullness and we had lots of awards to celebrate from outside of school too.

3 Feb

First aid for minor and severe head injuries- Year 5

During our P.S.H.E lesson this morning, Year 5 have been learning about how to help someone who has a head injury. They compared mild verses severe injuries and looked at ways to prevent head injuries.

1 Feb

Super Shot Putters- Year 5

Year 5 showed amazing teamwork, patience and resilience during their Olympic club taster session. They learnt how to stay focused and execute proper throwing.

31 Jan

Marbling - Year 5

This term in Art, Year 5 have been applying a number of skills to create a piece of art work inspired by Andy Warhol. On Friday, the children tried marbling to create swirling paint effects and exciting patterns. They experimented different colour combinations to make their own unique galaxy and planets.

26 Jan

Sportshall Athletics Final

We are so proud of our Sportshall Athletics squad for their amazing effort and determination this evening. Some crucial members of our squad unfortunately weren’t able to attend the event due to isolating with Covid. However, the children who stepped in for them at the last minute were fantastic and made us so proud. We got the same number of points as the third place team but lost out on a medal due to winning fewer events as the other team with the same points. Our squad showed great sportsmanship once again by cheering each other on and they were gracious in defeat. Well done team Barnies! Click here for all of the photos. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/photo-galleries/sportshall-athletics-final-2022

25 Jan

Parent Governor Vacancy

Dear Parents and Carers, just a quick reminder that we have an upcoming parent governor vacancy. The governors play a vital role in supporting and shaping our school and it is a great way to become more involved in the life of our school. Parent governors hold the unique position of having a parental viewpoint of the school. Through their children, they have a first hand experience of the delivery of the curriculum and how the school is perceived from the 'consumers' point of view. If you are interested in joining our local governing committee then please see the attached letter from our Chair of Governors, Jen Frankish. For further information please see our school website: https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/key-information/governance For an application form please contact our school office at [email protected] or 01254 702996. The deadline for applications is this Friday 28th January 2022. We look forward to welcoming a new parent to our friendly and supportive local governing committee, to help make St Barnabas the best school it can be. Yours Sincerely, Mrs Ham

25 Jan

Exploring Parables- Year 5

Today in our R.E lesson, Year 5 have been reading familiar parables and unpacking the imagery Jesus gives us of the Kingdom of God.

25 Jan

RotaKids Planting bulbs- Year 5

Our RotaKids have planted crocus bulbs in the centre of the cross-shaped flower bed in the school yard, ready for spring. Thank you to Darwen Rotary Club for helping us and supplying the bulbs and equipment.

24 Jan

Badminton-Year 5

During our P.E session this morning, the children have been learning how to hold a racket and playing keepy uppies with racket and shuttlecock.

21 Jan

Safer Internet Day-Poster Competition

We will be taking part in 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday 8th February 2022 and would like to ask the children to take part in an Online Safety poster competition which is being promoted by Blackburn with Darwen. The children are asked to design a poster about online safety for children and young people. More details are provided on the link below and the closing date is Thursday 10th February. Please take a look at our online safety webpage that has an abundance of resources and key information regarding internet safety and keeping up to date with guidance. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/useful-links/online-safety

20 Jan

Life Education - Year 5

We really enjoyed our visit from ‘ Coram Life Education’ this morning. We learned all about what’s inside our mind and how we react to things. We learnt how to be assertive if someone is pressuring us to do something we don’t want to do.

18 Jan

Exploring time zones- Year 5

The afternoon in our Geography lesson , Year 5 have been looking at different countries and comparing them to each other using the GMT lines on a map. We have used Digimaps for schools to help us with our investigation. We then moved onto looking at flight paths. We tracked live flight paths, noting time zone changes.

18 Jan

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics winners

Congratulations to our Year 5/6 sportshall athletics team for winning their heat tonight and earning a place in the final next week. Thank you @DVHSPhysEd for hosting and @BwDSGO for organising such a great event.

11 Jan

Year 5: Art

Year 5 have been researching Andy Warhol and have found some really useful information about him and his life.

11 Jan

Years 5 and 6: Money matters

The children in years 5 and 6 welcomed Mr Souter in today from money matters. They learnt lots and really enjoyed the session. Thank you!

16 Dec

FOSB Christmas Gift Shop

The children have really enjoyed buying items from our Christmas gift shop. A huge thank you to our FOSB group for making it such a huge success!

15 Dec

Junior Christmas lunch

Our juniors loved their Christmas lunch today. It was wonderful to see them cracking crackers with their friends and wearing their party hats. We had a singalong to some of our favourite Christmas songs too. Thank you Mellors for the lovely Christmas lunch!

14 Dec

Christmas Cards with RotaKids - Year 5

This year, RotaKids ( Year 5 ) have been spreading ‘Acts of Kindness ‘ across Lancashire, Blackburn with Darwen and South Cumbria by sending a Christmas Card ( E-Card) to care homes.

13 Dec

Rose Garden - Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 went up to the Rose Garden in Whitehall park. We were overwhelmed with the beautiful artwork that was displayed by our children. Before we left the park, we sang some Christmas songs based around the artwork to get everyone in the festive spirit.

9 Dec

Festive T- Shirt - Year 5

As part of our D.T project this term, year 5 have designed and made their very own Christmas T-Shirts. We have used a wide range of fabric, festive motifs and fabric paint. We have applied techniques that involve a small number of steps such as, threading a needle, remembering to tie a knot and cutting around our patterns carefully.

6 Dec

The Christmas Story- Year 5

During our R.E lesson this afternoon, we have been Bible detectives finding the nativity story in the Bible. We then compared Luke’s and Matthew’s gospel by looking at similarities and differences.

3 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Every child in school helped to decorate the Christmas tree yesterday. This morning in Worship, Iris, our youngest child in school got to put the star on top of the Christmas tree. It certainly is starting to look, feel and sound like Christmas at St Barnabas.

2 Dec

We Did It! Year 5

Congratulations! Year 5 have completed a six week programme with ‘Move and Learn’. The coaches were overwhelmed with their passion and dedication to the classroom, outdoor sessions and homework. They have learnt about what physical activity is, the benefits of moving and how you can keep hydrated and have a balanced and varied diet. We are super, super proud of them!

2 Dec

FOSB Christmas Gift Shop

Our PTFA will be running a Christmas gift shop where the children can buy their Christmas presents for somebody in their family. There will be a selection of presents for adults and children. It will be £5 and with this they will be able to purchase 2 gifts. The presents will be wrapped with a gift tag so it will be a surprise for whoever they have chosen to buy a present for. Money can only be paid on parent pay and you have until Friday 10th December to purchase a ticket to enter the gift shop. The gift shop will be held on Thursday 16th December.

30 Nov

Common Factors- Year 5

This week in maths, Year 5 have been using counters to find factors of a given number. They have worked in pairs to make arrays which helps them visualise and memorise. They then moved onto finding common factors of two numbers.

30 Nov

Design and Technology- Year 5

On Friday, Year 5 learnt the fundamental skills of threading a needle, tying a knot and creating a running stitch. This will help us over the next few weeks when we stitch our designs made out of felt, sequins, buttons and other accessories onto our Christmas t-shirt.

29 Nov

French- Year 5

In Year 5 today, Miss Woodcock from DACA taught us how to read and write the time in french.

25 Nov

Advent Art Competition

After the success of last year's Advent Art competition, we have decided to run another one for this Christmas. This is a chance for the children to get creative at home and get into the festive spirit! We are asking the children to create a piece of Art work to show a part of the Christmas story, e.g. The 3 wise men, the star of Bethlehem, baby Jesus - There are lots of ideas online for inspiration. The Art work can be created using a variety of media such as painting, drawing, photographs, collage, etc but we ask that it is no larger than A3 in size and flat enough so that we can laminate them. 24 entries will be selected to go on display at Whitehall Park for an Advent Adventure trail and there are prizes to be won! The deadline for all entries is Monday 6th December, judging will take place shortly after this to select the final 24. Please give any entries to Class Teachers when they are complete.

25 Nov

Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship this week, we have been discussing the news about one travel company ‘expedia’, who have banned all trips that include experiences with dolphins. We discussed why some people don’t agree with keeping dolphins and whales purely for entertainment.

24 Nov

Sacred Books- Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring the importance of sacred books in other religions. We have discussed differences and similarities. Looked at the language that the books are written in and the focus placed upon them.

19 Nov

Children in Need- Year 5

Year 5 love dressing up. We supported ‘ Children in Need’ by wearing something spotty.

18 Nov

Anti-Bullying - Year 5

As part of Anti- Bullying Week, the Year 5 children have watched a video, made a video and listened to a story ‘Mud Boy’ about bullying. We have also promoted ‘Odd Socks Day’ to celebrate our uniqueness. We believe kindness is infectious, it really can change someone’s day.

18 Nov

Well-being Wednesday - Year 5

Year 5 really look forward to their sessions on Wednesday. They have the opportunity to dance, create music and do computing with Junior Jam.

18 Nov

Interfaith Week- Year 5

This afternoon we learnt all about Sikhism as part of Interfaith Week. Year 5 had lots of questions for Prags and they were very inquisitive. We finished the workshop with a dance that involved the whole class. A superb workshop.

14 Nov

St Barnabas Remembers

Our Year 6 heads and deputies plus Year 5 and 6 WOW group members paid their respects on Friday in a special remembrance service at Darwen Cemetery. They laid a wreath made of poppy prayers, remembrance poems and art work. Please remember to come along to the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park to see a selection of remembrance artwork from each class.

12 Nov

Inter-House Dodgeball Event

What a great day we have all had taking part in the inter house dodgeball competition that was organised by The Sports Leaders. Every single class gave their all and it was great to see the smiles in everyone’s faces. We can’t wait to hear who the winners are next week in Celebration Worship. Massive thanks to The Sports Leaders for taking the time to organise and run the event.

11 Nov

Remembrance Day - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the walk to Darwen Cemetery and the Rose Garden. We spent some time looking at the war graves and the Remembrance Wall. It was a lovely opportunity to remember the people who have died in wars around the world.

10 Nov

Properties of Materials - Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring uses of materials in the school building. We compared and described objects and materials based on their properties, such as size, texture, weight, flexibility, transparency and magnetism.

8 Nov

Year 5- History

This half term, we will be exploring ‘Anglo Saxons’ and ‘ The Vikings’ in history. This afternoon, we have been learning about ‘Alfred the Great’ and looking at clues to find out why the Saxons invaded.

5 Nov

BRFC G&T 3v3 Tournament

An afternoon well spent at BRFC Gifted & Talented 3v3 Tournament. These 4 were awesome and scored 23 goals in 4 mar he’s to get through to the semis. A late disallowed goal meant we lost out in the last minute 3-2 but what a wonderful experience! Roll on the next tournament. St Barnabas are ready!

4 Nov

Move and Learn - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the ‘Move and Learn’ session delivered by Elle from Blackburn Rovers. They have been learning about the importance of sport for our physical and mental health. We have been discussing and considering positive ways of reducing screen time and moving more.

4 Nov

Rotakids - Year 5

We now have a President ( Charlotte), Vice President ( Freya), Treasurer ( Bobby) and a Secretary ( Louie ) for Rotary Club. Year 5 have pledged to be fair to all, to serve their community and to show respect for others. Over the following weeks, we will have meetings to discuss and collate ideas and find ways to support our community.

3 Nov

Poppy Art- Year 5

Georgia O’ Keefe inspired Poppy Art. The children drew poppies and then experimented with adding colour using different media, (oil pastels, water colours and wax crayons). We began by discussing the historical context of poppies as a symbol of remembrance, the end of conflict in the First World War.

2 Nov

Historical Settings- Year 5

This half term, Year 5 will be exploring a range of stories with a historical setting. This week, we have been reading and watching parts of Oliver Twist as stimulus.

21 Oct

Hooray for Harvest!

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were amazing in our Harvest Festival today. Thank you to all those who attended or donated generous gifts of food or toiletries for local refugees. We were fortunate to be joined by John, Patsy and Shameem from DARE (Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise) who have taken all of your donations, the children’s welcome posters, local maps, prayers and poems. They will be sorted into parcels for refugees who have joined our community in order to give them a warm welcome and will also be shared with others in need in our community. We heard a harrowing account from Shameem, who fled from Afghanistan seven years ago due to being persecuted as a female teacher there. She has only just managed to get two of her children here seven years later and they are now attending our local high school and are being supported by one of our past pupils, who remembers Shameem visiting St Barnabas several years ago. We are so thankful for the work that John and Patsy are doing to support people in our community who are in need and so grateful for your donations. We are so proud of our children for showing our Christian Values of generosity, friendship and respect through the warm welcome they have shown refugees through their prayers, poems, welcome posters, maps and songs.

21 Oct

A huge Harvest thank you!

Thank you so much for your generosity this Harvest! We were overwhelmed with your kind donations of food, clothes and toiletries for DARE (Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise). They were presented to John, Patsy and Shameem from DARE. Thank you for helping to make a difference!

21 Oct

Creative Minds

This model of Darwen Tower was built in our peace garden, using wooden planks.

19 Oct

Gambling Workshop : Year 5

Today in Year 5 and 6, we have had a visit from ‘BIGDEAL’. BigDeal is a place for young people to get information, and guidance about gambling. We had a chance to look at aspects of gambling and how we can make informed choices in the future.

14 Oct

Year 5 - Science

Year 5 have had a lot of fun in science today. We have learnt that when you mix bicarbonate soda and vinegar a new chemical called carbonic acid is made. This acid immediately decomposes into carbon dioxide.

14 Oct

Football team at it again!

Tonight our school football team took part in their DPSSA football league matches against St Peters and St James Lower Darwen. The team was in outstanding form from the very first whistle with precise interplay and extremely high pressing from the off. This ultimately led to us taking victory 3-1. In the second game, we played St James Lower Darwen. The children put in an astonishing performance running out resounding winners by twelve goals to one. A special mention has to go to the team’s sportsmanship. It would be easy for us to act overconfident in this situation but we didn’t. We showed fantastic sportsmanship and encouragement, even St Barnabas himself would be proud of. Well done to each and every one of them on another set of fantastic performances.

13 Oct

Year 5 - English

Year 5 hard at work, on a persuasive writing piece. Did you know that by 2020 the number of plastics in the sea will be higher than the number of fish? We strongly believe that is up to us as individuals to do something about the usage of plastic. Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Rethink!

13 Oct

Year 5 - Guided Reading

Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been working extremely hard during their guided reading sessions. We have explored a variety of text ranging from non- fiction, adventure and mystery.

12 Oct

Year 5- Geography

This term in Geography, Year 5 have been learning about Greece in context to its position with Europe, identifying regions within a country and Greece’s climate zone. This afternoon, we used digi maps to check what human and physical features are on a map of Greece.

8 Oct

Hello Yellow in Year 5

Year 5 have had a wonderful week this week. We have finished for the weekend by raising awareness of mental health. We hope you all have a fabulous weekend. #HelloYellow2021

8 Oct

Hello Yellow Day 2021

We have had a brilliant day in school today with all of our children and staff dressing in yellow for Hello Yellow Day. It was topped off with leaving school dancing to the minions ‘happy’ song and being bopped with inflatable bananas by Mrs Ham! Banana #HelloYellow @YoungMindsUK

7 Oct

Victorious Viking Art

We love art in Year 5. We particularly enjoy learning about the skills required to create some awesome work. Our Viking longships are looking amazing.

7 Oct

Mental health chatterboxes

Year 5 have been awesome this week. We have made our own little chatterboxes to help us with our worries. We can take time out and do things that we enjoy doing, if we feel a little under the weather.

5 Oct

Netball by England Netball Player

Year 4 and 5 had the pleasure of being coached by Miss Dovey from DACA who is on the England and Manchester Thunder netball teams. They can't wait till next week and fingers crossed for brighter weather so they can get out onto our new astroturf netball pitch.

1 Oct

Brilliant Barnies beat opposition

Last night, our Year 5 and 6 football team took part in their 2nd set of fixtures in the DPSSA football league. The children were absolutely tremendous and showed all of our school values while representing school. Our first game was against St Pauls Hoddlesdon , we controlled the ball and ended up eventually winning 3-0 after some mind-blowing build up play and gears transitional movement. In the 2nd game of the evening, we took on Turton and Edgeworth. The hard training sessions on a Monday evening paid dividends as our high pressing game forced our opponents in costly mistakes at the back. We were clinical in front of goal and ended up 4-0 winners. Our final fixture of the evening was against a resolute St Edwards side. At the half time interval the scores were tied at 0-0. The pressure was on and the nerves were starting to show but a virtuoso 2nd half performance from Eve lead the way to a comprehensive 5-0 win. From start to finish, the children were a huge credit to our school family and it is extremely pleasing to watch this side develop into a real force. Well done all.

1 Oct

Year 5 Music

This afternoon in Year 5, we have had the pleasure of learning all about the clarinet. Mrs Dale taught us how to put the clarinet together and take it apart. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about how to play the clarinet. We are super, super excited!

30 Sep

Visit from Bolton Music Service

Today in Year 5 and 6, we have had a visit from Bolton Music Service to introduce our Upper Key Stage 2 children to the 5 brass instruments they will have the opportunity to learn this year. The children were mesmerised by the music and instruments shown and really represented our school brilliantly.

29 Sep

Year 5- Learning all about the Bible

Year 5 had a wonderful session with Rev David and Lorraine, this afternoon.We invited them into our classroom to tell us what they know about the Bible. They were able to answer so many of our questions which we had prepared as a class. We also had a chance to explore different Bibles.

24 Sep

Year 5 workshop with PC Ros

This morning, year 5 have taken part in a lesson delivered by PC Ros. We talked about reaching the age of criminal responsibility (10 years old). We all had an opportunity to ask lots of questions and listen to real life crimes. We discussed the consequences of such crimes for both the offender and the victim.

15 Sep

Growth Mindset Workshop- Year 5

Growth Mindset: This afternoon, Year 5 had a fabulous session learning about having a growth mindset. We also had a unique experience of walking into a huge brain which everyone found hilarious. Having a growth mindset allows you to improve your skills with effort and practice.

8 Sep

Wonderful Wellbeing Wednesday

Year 5 had the best afternoon with Junior Jam. They loved creating house music in computing, playing African drums in music and playing drama games in performing arts.

2 Sep

Fun on the first day in Years 5 and 6!

Our Year 5 and 6 children loved being back together again and being able to play with each other at break and lunch times.