24 Jan

Badminton-Year 5

During our P.E session this morning, the children have been learning how to hold a racket and playing keepy uppies with racket and shuttlecock.

21 Jan

Safer Internet Day-Poster Competition

We will be taking part in 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday 8th February 2022 and would like to ask the children to take part in an Online Safety poster competition which is being promoted by Blackburn with Darwen. The children are asked to design a poster about online safety for children and young people. More details are provided on the link below and the closing date is Thursday 10th February. Please take a look at our online safety webpage that has an abundance of resources and key information regarding internet safety and keeping up to date with guidance. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/useful-links/online-safety

20 Jan

Life Education - Year 5

We really enjoyed our visit from ‘ Coram Life Education’ this morning. We learned all about what’s inside our mind and how we react to things. We learnt how to be assertive if someone is pressuring us to do something we don’t want to do.

18 Jan

Exploring time zones- Year 5

The afternoon in our Geography lesson , Year 5 have been looking at different countries and comparing them to each other using the GMT lines on a map. We have used Digimaps for schools to help us with our investigation. We then moved onto looking at flight paths. We tracked live flight paths, noting time zone changes.

18 Jan

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics winners

Congratulations to our Year 5/6 sportshall athletics team for winning their heat tonight and earning a place in the final next week. Thank you @DVHSPhysEd for hosting and @BwDSGO for organising such a great event.

11 Jan

Year 5: Art

Year 5 have been researching Andy Warhol and have found some really useful information about him and his life.

11 Jan

Years 5 and 6: Money matters

The children in years 5 and 6 welcomed Mr Souter in today from money matters. They learnt lots and really enjoyed the session. Thank you!

16 Dec

FOSB Christmas Gift Shop

The children have really enjoyed buying items from our Christmas gift shop. A huge thank you to our FOSB group for making it such a huge success!

15 Dec

Junior Christmas lunch

Our juniors loved their Christmas lunch today. It was wonderful to see them cracking crackers with their friends and wearing their party hats. We had a singalong to some of our favourite Christmas songs too. Thank you Mellors for the lovely Christmas lunch!

14 Dec

Christmas Cards with RotaKids - Year 5

This year, RotaKids ( Year 5 ) have been spreading ‘Acts of Kindness ‘ across Lancashire, Blackburn with Darwen and South Cumbria by sending a Christmas Card ( E-Card) to care homes.

13 Dec

Rose Garden - Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 went up to the Rose Garden in Whitehall park. We were overwhelmed with the beautiful artwork that was displayed by our children. Before we left the park, we sang some Christmas songs based around the artwork to get everyone in the festive spirit.

9 Dec

Festive T- Shirt - Year 5

As part of our D.T project this term, year 5 have designed and made their very own Christmas T-Shirts. We have used a wide range of fabric, festive motifs and fabric paint. We have applied techniques that involve a small number of steps such as, threading a needle, remembering to tie a knot and cutting around our patterns carefully.

6 Dec

The Christmas Story- Year 5

During our R.E lesson this afternoon, we have been Bible detectives finding the nativity story in the Bible. We then compared Luke’s and Matthew’s gospel by looking at similarities and differences.

3 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Every child in school helped to decorate the Christmas tree yesterday. This morning in Worship, Iris, our youngest child in school got to put the star on top of the Christmas tree. It certainly is starting to look, feel and sound like Christmas at St Barnabas.

2 Dec

We Did It! Year 5

Congratulations! Year 5 have completed a six week programme with ‘Move and Learn’. The coaches were overwhelmed with their passion and dedication to the classroom, outdoor sessions and homework. They have learnt about what physical activity is, the benefits of moving and how you can keep hydrated and have a balanced and varied diet. We are super, super proud of them!

2 Dec

FOSB Christmas Gift Shop

Our PTFA will be running a Christmas gift shop where the children can buy their Christmas presents for somebody in their family. There will be a selection of presents for adults and children. It will be £5 and with this they will be able to purchase 2 gifts. The presents will be wrapped with a gift tag so it will be a surprise for whoever they have chosen to buy a present for. Money can only be paid on parent pay and you have until Friday 10th December to purchase a ticket to enter the gift shop. The gift shop will be held on Thursday 16th December.

30 Nov

Common Factors- Year 5

This week in maths, Year 5 have been using counters to find factors of a given number. They have worked in pairs to make arrays which helps them visualise and memorise. They then moved onto finding common factors of two numbers.

30 Nov

Design and Technology- Year 5

On Friday, Year 5 learnt the fundamental skills of threading a needle, tying a knot and creating a running stitch. This will help us over the next few weeks when we stitch our designs made out of felt, sequins, buttons and other accessories onto our Christmas t-shirt.

29 Nov

French- Year 5

In Year 5 today, Miss Woodcock from DACA taught us how to read and write the time in french.

25 Nov

Advent Art Competition

After the success of last year's Advent Art competition, we have decided to run another one for this Christmas. This is a chance for the children to get creative at home and get into the festive spirit! We are asking the children to create a piece of Art work to show a part of the Christmas story, e.g. The 3 wise men, the star of Bethlehem, baby Jesus - There are lots of ideas online for inspiration. The Art work can be created using a variety of media such as painting, drawing, photographs, collage, etc but we ask that it is no larger than A3 in size and flat enough so that we can laminate them. 24 entries will be selected to go on display at Whitehall Park for an Advent Adventure trail and there are prizes to be won! The deadline for all entries is Monday 6th December, judging will take place shortly after this to select the final 24. Please give any entries to Class Teachers when they are complete.

25 Nov

Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship this week, we have been discussing the news about one travel company ‘expedia’, who have banned all trips that include experiences with dolphins. We discussed why some people don’t agree with keeping dolphins and whales purely for entertainment.

24 Nov

Sacred Books- Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring the importance of sacred books in other religions. We have discussed differences and similarities. Looked at the language that the books are written in and the focus placed upon them.

19 Nov

Children in Need- Year 5

Year 5 love dressing up. We supported ‘ Children in Need’ by wearing something spotty.

18 Nov

Anti-Bullying - Year 5

As part of Anti- Bullying Week, the Year 5 children have watched a video, made a video and listened to a story ‘Mud Boy’ about bullying. We have also promoted ‘Odd Socks Day’ to celebrate our uniqueness. We believe kindness is infectious, it really can change someone’s day.

18 Nov

Well-being Wednesday - Year 5

Year 5 really look forward to their sessions on Wednesday. They have the opportunity to dance, create music and do computing with Junior Jam.

18 Nov

Interfaith Week- Year 5

This afternoon we learnt all about Sikhism as part of Interfaith Week. Year 5 had lots of questions for Prags and they were very inquisitive. We finished the workshop with a dance that involved the whole class. A superb workshop.

14 Nov

St Barnabas Remembers

Our Year 6 heads and deputies plus Year 5 and 6 WOW group members paid their respects on Friday in a special remembrance service at Darwen Cemetery. They laid a wreath made of poppy prayers, remembrance poems and art work. Please remember to come along to the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park to see a selection of remembrance artwork from each class.

12 Nov

Inter-House Dodgeball Event

What a great day we have all had taking part in the inter house dodgeball competition that was organised by The Sports Leaders. Every single class gave their all and it was great to see the smiles in everyone’s faces. We can’t wait to hear who the winners are next week in Celebration Worship. Massive thanks to The Sports Leaders for taking the time to organise and run the event.

11 Nov

Remembrance Day - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the walk to Darwen Cemetery and the Rose Garden. We spent some time looking at the war graves and the Remembrance Wall. It was a lovely opportunity to remember the people who have died in wars around the world.

10 Nov

Properties of Materials - Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring uses of materials in the school building. We compared and described objects and materials based on their properties, such as size, texture, weight, flexibility, transparency and magnetism.

8 Nov

Year 5- History

This half term, we will be exploring ‘Anglo Saxons’ and ‘ The Vikings’ in history. This afternoon, we have been learning about ‘Alfred the Great’ and looking at clues to find out why the Saxons invaded.

5 Nov

BRFC G&T 3v3 Tournament

An afternoon well spent at BRFC Gifted & Talented 3v3 Tournament. These 4 were awesome and scored 23 goals in 4 mar he’s to get through to the semis. A late disallowed goal meant we lost out in the last minute 3-2 but what a wonderful experience! Roll on the next tournament. St Barnabas are ready!

4 Nov

Move and Learn - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the ‘Move and Learn’ session delivered by Elle from Blackburn Rovers. They have been learning about the importance of sport for our physical and mental health. We have been discussing and considering positive ways of reducing screen time and moving more.

4 Nov

Rotakids - Year 5

We now have a President ( Charlotte), Vice President ( Freya), Treasurer ( Bobby) and a Secretary ( Louie ) for Rotary Club. Year 5 have pledged to be fair to all, to serve their community and to show respect for others. Over the following weeks, we will have meetings to discuss and collate ideas and find ways to support our community.

3 Nov

Poppy Art- Year 5

Georgia O’ Keefe inspired Poppy Art. The children drew poppies and then experimented with adding colour using different media, (oil pastels, water colours and wax crayons). We began by discussing the historical context of poppies as a symbol of remembrance, the end of conflict in the First World War.

2 Nov

Historical Settings- Year 5

This half term, Year 5 will be exploring a range of stories with a historical setting. This week, we have been reading and watching parts of Oliver Twist as stimulus.

21 Oct

Hooray for Harvest!

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were amazing in our Harvest Festival today. Thank you to all those who attended or donated generous gifts of food or toiletries for local refugees. We were fortunate to be joined by John, Patsy and Shameem from DARE (Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise) who have taken all of your donations, the children’s welcome posters, local maps, prayers and poems. They will be sorted into parcels for refugees who have joined our community in order to give them a warm welcome and will also be shared with others in need in our community. We heard a harrowing account from Shameem, who fled from Afghanistan seven years ago due to being persecuted as a female teacher there. She has only just managed to get two of her children here seven years later and they are now attending our local high school and are being supported by one of our past pupils, who remembers Shameem visiting St Barnabas several years ago. We are so thankful for the work that John and Patsy are doing to support people in our community who are in need and so grateful for your donations. We are so proud of our children for showing our Christian Values of generosity, friendship and respect through the warm welcome they have shown refugees through their prayers, poems, welcome posters, maps and songs.

21 Oct

A huge Harvest thank you!

Thank you so much for your generosity this Harvest! We were overwhelmed with your kind donations of food, clothes and toiletries for DARE (Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise). They were presented to John, Patsy and Shameem from DARE. Thank you for helping to make a difference!

21 Oct

Creative Minds

This model of Darwen Tower was built in our peace garden, using wooden planks.

19 Oct

Gambling Workshop : Year 5

Today in Year 5 and 6, we have had a visit from ‘BIGDEAL’. BigDeal is a place for young people to get information, and guidance about gambling. We had a chance to look at aspects of gambling and how we can make informed choices in the future.

14 Oct

Year 5 - Science

Year 5 have had a lot of fun in science today. We have learnt that when you mix bicarbonate soda and vinegar a new chemical called carbonic acid is made. This acid immediately decomposes into carbon dioxide.

14 Oct

Football team at it again!

Tonight our school football team took part in their DPSSA football league matches against St Peters and St James Lower Darwen. The team was in outstanding form from the very first whistle with precise interplay and extremely high pressing from the off. This ultimately led to us taking victory 3-1. In the second game, we played St James Lower Darwen. The children put in an astonishing performance running out resounding winners by twelve goals to one. A special mention has to go to the team’s sportsmanship. It would be easy for us to act overconfident in this situation but we didn’t. We showed fantastic sportsmanship and encouragement, even St Barnabas himself would be proud of. Well done to each and every one of them on another set of fantastic performances.

13 Oct

Year 5 - English

Year 5 hard at work, on a persuasive writing piece. Did you know that by 2020 the number of plastics in the sea will be higher than the number of fish? We strongly believe that is up to us as individuals to do something about the usage of plastic. Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Rethink!

13 Oct

Year 5 - Guided Reading

Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been working extremely hard during their guided reading sessions. We have explored a variety of text ranging from non- fiction, adventure and mystery.

12 Oct

Year 5- Geography

This term in Geography, Year 5 have been learning about Greece in context to its position with Europe, identifying regions within a country and Greece’s climate zone. This afternoon, we used digi maps to check what human and physical features are on a map of Greece.

8 Oct

Hello Yellow in Year 5

Year 5 have had a wonderful week this week. We have finished for the weekend by raising awareness of mental health. We hope you all have a fabulous weekend. #HelloYellow2021

8 Oct

Hello Yellow Day 2021

We have had a brilliant day in school today with all of our children and staff dressing in yellow for Hello Yellow Day. It was topped off with leaving school dancing to the minions ‘happy’ song and being bopped with inflatable bananas by Mrs Ham! Banana #HelloYellow @YoungMindsUK

7 Oct

Victorious Viking Art

We love art in Year 5. We particularly enjoy learning about the skills required to create some awesome work. Our Viking longships are looking amazing.

7 Oct

Mental health chatterboxes

Year 5 have been awesome this week. We have made our own little chatterboxes to help us with our worries. We can take time out and do things that we enjoy doing, if we feel a little under the weather.

5 Oct

Netball by England Netball Player

Year 4 and 5 had the pleasure of being coached by Miss Dovey from DACA who is on the England and Manchester Thunder netball teams. They can't wait till next week and fingers crossed for brighter weather so they can get out onto our new astroturf netball pitch.

1 Oct

Brilliant Barnies beat opposition

Last night, our Year 5 and 6 football team took part in their 2nd set of fixtures in the DPSSA football league. The children were absolutely tremendous and showed all of our school values while representing school. Our first game was against St Pauls Hoddlesdon , we controlled the ball and ended up eventually winning 3-0 after some mind-blowing build up play and gears transitional movement. In the 2nd game of the evening, we took on Turton and Edgeworth. The hard training sessions on a Monday evening paid dividends as our high pressing game forced our opponents in costly mistakes at the back. We were clinical in front of goal and ended up 4-0 winners. Our final fixture of the evening was against a resolute St Edwards side. At the half time interval the scores were tied at 0-0. The pressure was on and the nerves were starting to show but a virtuoso 2nd half performance from Eve lead the way to a comprehensive 5-0 win. From start to finish, the children were a huge credit to our school family and it is extremely pleasing to watch this side develop into a real force. Well done all.

1 Oct

Year 5 Music

This afternoon in Year 5, we have had the pleasure of learning all about the clarinet. Mrs Dale taught us how to put the clarinet together and take it apart. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about how to play the clarinet. We are super, super excited!

30 Sep

Visit from Bolton Music Service

Today in Year 5 and 6, we have had a visit from Bolton Music Service to introduce our Upper Key Stage 2 children to the 5 brass instruments they will have the opportunity to learn this year. The children were mesmerised by the music and instruments shown and really represented our school brilliantly.

29 Sep

Year 5- Learning all about the Bible

Year 5 had a wonderful session with Rev David and Lorraine, this afternoon.We invited them into our classroom to tell us what they know about the Bible. They were able to answer so many of our questions which we had prepared as a class. We also had a chance to explore different Bibles.

24 Sep

Year 5 workshop with PC Ros

This morning, year 5 have taken part in a lesson delivered by PC Ros. We talked about reaching the age of criminal responsibility (10 years old). We all had an opportunity to ask lots of questions and listen to real life crimes. We discussed the consequences of such crimes for both the offender and the victim.

15 Sep

Growth Mindset Workshop- Year 5

Growth Mindset: This afternoon, Year 5 had a fabulous session learning about having a growth mindset. We also had a unique experience of walking into a huge brain which everyone found hilarious. Having a growth mindset allows you to improve your skills with effort and practice.

8 Sep

Wonderful Wellbeing Wednesday

Year 5 had the best afternoon with Junior Jam. They loved creating house music in computing, playing African drums in music and playing drama games in performing arts.

2 Sep

Fun on the first day in Years 5 and 6!

Our Year 5 and 6 children loved being back together again and being able to play with each other at break and lunch times.