Miss Anderton

Performing Arts Club

Mr Toal

Computing Club

Miss Kennedy

Music Club

Mrs Gardner

Netball & Cross-country Club

Mrs Araujo

WOW (Worship our way) Club

Mr R Gardiner

Lunchtime music tuition

Mr D Greenland

Lunchtime music tuition

Coach Baxendale

Lunchtime Sports Coach

Miss Kachwalla

Design and Technology Club

Mrs Govan

Art Club

Miss Ashworth

Choir Club

Mrs Hargreaves

Choir Club

Mr Prescott

Football Club

The Nest

Farm and Grow Club

Miss Flynn

Story and Craft Club

We know how important it is for children to have a variety of after school activities and we know you feel the same from your feedback on our recent parent survey. However, it has been extremely difficult to provide after school clubs for the last couple of years due to restrictions of having to stay in bubbles and strict government guidance. Fortunately with restrictions easing, we are now in a position to be able to offer a variety of after school clubs.

Please see the document below which details the clubs on offer, cost if there is one, the year groups and details of how to sign up. Clubs will be on a first come, first serve basis and there are limited numbers in each club. If the club does not appear on parent pay, it means that the places have already gone.

Please note that the choir club is already full as the current choir children have been practising for a concert at Ewood Park in April. There will however be the opportunity to sign up for choir in the Summer term though.

All children are to be collected from their club at 4.30pm from the circular infant yard. The top gate will be open for parents to access the school grounds. Please do not park on or walk through the carpark as there will be no clubs released from the front entrance.

We are looking forward to seeing the children take part in a variety of enrichment activities that aim to develop the children's confidence, social skills and develop or learn new skills. We may have some future musicians, farmers, dancers, performers or sports stars etc just waiting to realise their potential.

Club information and timetables

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