Image of Forest school club
17 Apr

Forest school club

In forest school we have been discussing the birds coming back from migration and what we could do to help them. We decided to make bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cereal. We then went on a walk around school to decide which trees were the best to hang the bird feeders in.

Image of Year 1 PE- Kicking and Controlling a Ball
17 Apr

Year 1 PE- Kicking and Controlling a Ball

This week in PE, Year 1 have been focusing on controlling and kicking a ball. First of all, they practised kicking the ball with the inside of their foot and stopping it with the top of their foot to maintain control. They then practised kicking the ball in a straight line at a target and along a straight line to a partner. Well done Year 1.

Image of Year 1 Maths- Measuring with a Ruler
17 Apr

Year 1 Maths- Measuring with a Ruler

Today in Year 1, the children have been learning to measure objects accurately using a ruler. They learnt that in order to measure accurately,  they needed to make sure that the start of the object that they were measuring with was lined up with 0 and that they counted along until the number that their object ended at. They also learnt that they were measuring in centimetres. 

Image of Year 6 P.E. - Athletics
17 Apr

Year 6 P.E. - Athletics

In P.E. Year 6 have started their athletics unit. This week we looked at developing our running and jumping skills. Character development was massively important in this session as the children needed to be aware that they weren’t in competition with others, but themselves. Over the coming weeks, the children will look to better their results by focusing on their technique.

Image of Little Voices After School Club
17 Apr

Little Voices After School Club

What a super first session with Little Voices! Our little superstars played several games that helped to develop their confidence and they learnt and performed an amazing song! Well done everyone! There are still places available if you would like your child to take part for the next five weeks on Tuesday evenings. CONTACT HAYLIE: Email: [email protected] Mobile: 07717 711715

Image of Online Safety: Energy Drinks
17 Apr

Online Safety: Energy Drinks

A hefty boost of energy during a slump can be a massive help but drinks loaded with caffeine are far from the best option. This #WakeUpWednesday, we're addressing the risks of consuming energy drinks and showcasing healthier alternatives. Download here >>

Image of Year 1 English- The prefix ‘un’
17 Apr

Year 1 English- The prefix ‘un’

In English, Year 1 explored the meaning of the prefix ‘un.’ They learnt that when ‘un’ is added to the front of a root word, it changes its meaning to mean the opposite (not). For example, unfair means not fair and unkind means not kind. The children got given either the root word or the root word with ‘un’ added to it and they had to find each other. Then they had to write some sentences using words with the prefix ‘un’ e.g. It is untrue that my name is Bobby. It is unfair to leave someone out of a game.

Image of Mad Science After School Club- Optical Illusion
16 Apr

Mad Science After School Club- Optical Illusion

The Science after-school club got off to an exciting start as the young scientists dove into optics, reflection, and sight! They had a blast learning about light and vision, even using mirrors to draw pictures and understand how things reflect.

Image of Year 4 - Maths: Solving Addition Problems
16 Apr

Year 4 - Maths: Solving Addition Problems

Any lesson undertaken outside of the classroom creates an air of excitement, and in Year 4, the children particularly enjoyed their maths trail in the hall. In pairs, the children chose an addition problem from around the room. Their mission was to solve it on their own then compare answers with their partner, discussing how they reached their answers. Once they felt confident about the answer they had to show Mrs Araujo and then choose their next problem. If they made a mistake, Mrs Araujo sent them back to spot the error. The children worked well in pairs, coaching each other and demonstrating resilience in reaching the correct answer.

Image of Welcome to our school family
16 Apr

Welcome to our school family

We would like to say a huge welcome to the 30 families who found out this morning that their child has got a place in our Reception class in September. We can't wait for you to be part of our school family and to start a seven year journey with us at St Barnabas. We will be in touch shortly with transition information, once everyone has accepted their place.

Image of Year 5&6 Cricket Club
16 Apr

Year 5&6 Cricket Club

Today, Year 5&6 started the new cricket after school club. The children worked hard on bowling and batting skills to ensure they have the appropriate technique. They then applied this into a game scenario working hard on the tactical elements of the game.

Image of Year 3- Prehistoric Art- Fun with charcoal
16 Apr

Year 3- Prehistoric Art- Fun with charcoal

This afternoon in Art, the Year 3 artists have scaled up drawings from lesson one in charcoal to create tones and textures. They have successfully applied and blended charcoal to create form, and shape.