Our Vision

Our Vision is for a school family who:

  • Wish to learn in a fun, vibrant and creative Christian environment
  • Follow the example of Jesus
  • Have high expectations and are ambitious to develop their God-given talents, achieving great things, spiritually, personally, academically and socially
  • Have initiative and take responsibility for their choices and their actions
  • Are respectful, thoughtful and sensitive
  • Are happy, successful and confident
  • Love to learn every day and show resilience in their learning

At St Barnabas’ we provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. We celebrate diversity and encourage children to respect and embrace differences. We promote our children’s active role in the community and in respecting their environment. We work collaboratively with other schools and explore opportunities to develop new partnerships to enhance teaching and learning. Our excellent standards reflect high expectations and our belief that academic achievement is every child’s entitlement.

Our Gospel values were chosen by our whole school family and you will recognise them as soon as you enter our school.

Friendship, Generosity, Trust, Respect, Forgiveness, Service, Courage and Encouragement.

St Barnabas reminds us of our responsibilities as Christians to welcome, love and encourage in all we say and do.