As a Church School we celebrate a collective act of Worship every day. We are very proud of our Worship which takes place in the hall for whole school collective Worship or in class for class or key stage Worship. We have a small altar, light candles, sign the Trinity, say prayers and sing a hymn or song together. All classes have a chance to present a worship and our vicar Rev David and his wife Lorraine, parishioners and other ministers regularly lead our collective worship. We welcome parents and families in to share our FRIDAY FAMILY WORSHIP every Friday morning at 9.00am. (This is on hold at the moment due to current Government guidance but we are holding virtual Celebration Worships each Friday and these are recorded and shared in our Collective Worship Gallery and class dojo) Some of our parents and parishioners also serve refreshments afterwards.

At the beginning of each Worship we say and sign the trinity and light three candles. In the name of the Father, in the name of the son and in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Worship is such an important part of our lives at St Barnabas. Our children say that Worship is a time of reflection, for praying and singing to God. They say that in Worship they feel peaceful, as one family and they feel that God is with them. Please have a look in our Collective Worship Gallery at some of our Worships this term that have been led by Mrs Ham, Rev David, WOW group, class teachers or individual classes.

These are our Christian Values that were chosen by the children. St Barnabas was known as an encourager so we try to be like St Barnabas and encourage others.

Each week in Celebration Worship class teachers present the class with a Christian Values certificate that they have been focusing on that week and how they have demonstrated that Value.

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Our Values

At St Barnabas we are proud of our caring, Christian ethos, underpinned by the Christian values that permeate our teaching and learning and shape every member of our school family. Each week in our classes we focus on a Christian value and explore how it can change the way we live our daily lives. Our class teachers then present the class with an award in our Celebration Worship for demonstrating one of our values and discuss how they have been living life in all its fullness this week.

Our WOW group conducted a survey and we all agreed that the values we feel express our school family are:

  • Courage & Encouragement -Saint Barnabas was a great ‘encourager’,
  • Trust, Forgiveness, Friendship,
  • Service, Generosity and Respect

Church and Worship Documents

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Celebration Worship- 15th October 2021

Hello Yellow Day for World Mental Health Day- 8th October 2021

Celebration Worship- 1st October 2021

Rev David and Lorraine's Retirement Worship- 27th September 2021-

Rev David and Lorraine- This is your life at St Barnabas-

Celebration Worship- 10th September 2021-

Year 6- Leaver's Service July 2021-

End of Year Awards July 2021-

The Greatest Show- Year 6 Production 2021-

Nelson Mandela Day- 13th July 2021-

Red, White and Blue Day- 9th July 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 25th June 2021-

St Barnabas Day Worship- 11th June 2021-

Pentecost Worship- 17th May 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 7th May 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 30th April 2021-

Worship in honour of HRH Prince Philip-

Virtual Easter Service- 29th March 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 26th March 2021-

The Last Supper Worship- 22nd March 2021-

Comic Relief- Red Nose Day Worship- 19th March 2021-

Barny's Got Talent for Red Nose Day- 18th March 2021-

Palm Sunday Worship- 15th March 2021-

Celebration Worship- 12th March 2021-

Welcome back to school Worship- 8th March 2021 -

Virtual Celebration Worship- 5th March 2021-

Fairtrade Fortnight Worship- 1st March 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 26th February 2021-

Lent and Caring for God's Creations- 22nd February 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 12th February 2021-

Lent Virtual Worship- 8th February 2021-

Children's Mental Health Week Worship- 5th February 2021-

Express Yourself for Mental Health Week-

Candlemas Worship- 1st Februrary 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 29th January 2021-

Love Virtual Worship- 25th January 2021-

Family Celebration Worship- 22nd January 2021-

The Good Samaritan Worship- 18th January 2021-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 15th January 2021-

Good news virtual Worship- 11th January 2021-

Epiphany Virtual Worship- 6th January 2021-

Merry Christmas from everyone at St Barnabas-

Virtual Carol Concert- 2020-

Christmas Celebration Worship- 17th December 2020-

The staff at St Barnabas present the 12 days of Christmas-

Love at Christmas Worship- 14th December 2020-

Year 1 and Year 2 present- Children of the World at Christmas 2020-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 11th December 2020-

Reception class present The Nativity 2020-

Joy at Christmas Worship- 7th December 2020 -

Peace Celebration Worship- 4th December 2020-

Peace at Advent- 30th November 2020-

Lancashire Day Celebration Worship-27th November 2020-

Hope at Advent Worship- 23rd November 2020-

Anti-bullying Week Celebration Worship- 20th November 2020-

Odd Socks Day and Anti-bullying week- 16th November 2020-

Interfaith & Child in Need Celebration Worship- 13th November 2020-

Children in Need day story for Reception- 13th November-

Reception's Diwali Worship- 11th November 2020-

St Barnabas Remembers- 11th November 2020-

Interfaith Worship- 9th November 2020-

Remembrance Day Family Worship- 6th November 2020-

Remembrance Worship- 2nd November 2020-

Virtual Wellbeing Worship- 20th October 2020-

Year 6 Harvest Worship- 16th October 2020-

Year 4 National Poetry Day Worship- 14th October 2020-

Year 2 National Poetry Day Worship- 15th October 2020-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 16th October 2020-

Hello Yellow Day Worship- 9th October 2020-

Virtual Celebration Worship- 2nd October 2020-

Year 3 Peace Worship- 28th September 2020-

Celebration Worship- 18th September 2020-








Mrs Araujo, our RE leader, leads our WOW group which is made up of children who are passionate about improving Worship and involving all of our children and community in prayer and spiritual activities.

This year they are hoping to plan and lead Messy Church sessions each term.

At St Barnabas we love to sing to the Lord during our Worships and we also have a special Songs of Praise Worship each week. Here are some of our favourite songs for you to sing along to at home.

Our God is a great big God

Shine from the Inside Out

My Lighthouse

Build Up

The Butterfly Song

Make a difference

Sing a new song

This is God's World

Rich in Kindness