Image of Year 4 - Maths: Interpreting Charts
13 Jun

Year 4 - Maths: Interpreting Charts

Our super mathematicians in Year 4 are working on statistics this week. They made a fantastic start by reading charts and interpreting the information. They started off with pictograms and bar charts and will be working up to line graphs.

Image of Year 4 - PE: Underarm Throw
13 Jun

Year 4 - PE: Underarm Throw

This week, we started our new games unit in PE. We were working on skills to perfect our underarm throw and the correct way to receive the ball. The children played various games in order to apply the skills they learned. They also worked on the skill of communication by suggesting tactical manoeuvres to their teammates.

Image of Reception Maths - Compostion of 6
13 Jun

Reception Maths - Compostion of 6

Reception have been revisiting the number 6 and what parts it is made up of. They arranged 6 spots in different patterns and thought about the arrangement of 6 on a die. They then used the numicon pieces to create their own compositions of 6.

Image of Year 3- Science-identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants and flowers
13 Jun

Year 3- Science-identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants and flowers

This afternoon, Year 3 began their unit on plants. Each group was assigned a specific plant to research. Using secondary sources, they investigated the functions of their plant. They highlighted key scientific terms in their writing, such as photosynthesis, nutrients, temperature, light, sun, water, absorbs and transports.

Image of Year 1 English- Creating a Non-Fiction Book About BeWILDerwood
13 Jun

Year 1 English- Creating a Non-Fiction Book About BeWILDerwood

This week in their English lessons, Year 1 have been working on their own Non-Fiction book about BeWILDerwood. Year 1 visited BeWILDerwood before the holidays and we thought that the trip and our experiences of it would be a good stimulus for writing. The children have created their own book with a front cover, contents page and three further pages about the activities that BeWILDerwood offer. On these pages, the children made sure that they included a heading, picture and a very informative caption. They have really enjoyed this-well done Year 1.

Image of Reception PSHE - Our Daddies
12 Jun

Reception PSHE - Our Daddies

In preparation for Father’s Day, we have been thinking about why our Daddies are so special and why we love them. Teddy said ‘I love my Daddy because he helps me build things.’ Hollie said ‘he helps me do jigsaws.’ We have made some very special cards to show our Daddies how loved they are.

Image of Year 5 - Music
12 Jun

Year 5 - Music

Year 5 have begun their singing unit. The children have been listening and comparing a variety of music genres. The children have been learning and understanding vocal warm ups to maximise their voices and to project them without shouting.

Image of Year 2 - Science
12 Jun

Year 2 - Science

We started our new science topic this week which is looking at different life cycles and stages of development. To begin with, we explored the 5 main stages of human development. We ordered them and discussed what changes we see as we move through these stages. We created a list of things we can do now in the child stage of development that we couldn’t do in the baby stage of development.

Image of Year 2 - Computing
12 Jun

Year 2 - Computing

This week in computing, we began making our own mini movies. We selected characters and decided on a sequence of events for our movies. We put them all together and when we pressed play, we had our own mini movies with the storyline we had chosen.

Image of Reception Daddies Stay & Play
12 Jun

Reception Daddies Stay & Play

Reception invited their Daddies and the special men in their lives to come and play with them in our Reception classroom and outdoor area. It was lovely to see the children showing them what they enjoy doing at school. Thank you to everyone who attended and for getting stuck in - it looked like there was a bit of football competition on the MUGA with some of the Dads! We hope you all have a lovely Father’s Day on Sunday and get chance to put your feet up!

Image of Rev Ben’s Worship: Jesus is Our Compass
12 Jun

Rev Ben’s Worship: Jesus is Our Compass

This week, Rev Ben joined us for worship to talk about seeking the truth. He began with a true or false quiz in which the options become progressively more difficult. We discussed why sometimes it’s hard to know what’s true and how it feels to feel lost. We learned that Christians believe that Jesus will always guide them to the truth if they put their trust in him.

Image of Online Safety: Fair play and friendly competition
12 Jun

Online Safety: Fair play and friendly competition

With #Euro2024 about to start, a little competition could be great fun provided nobody crosses the line. This week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide lets you know how to nurture a healthy competitive spirit in children and young people, encouraging them to play fair. Download >>