Image of Year 5 - Christmas Cushions
28 Nov

Year 5 - Christmas Cushions

Year 5 have been continuing sewing their designs to their cushions. They have applied their sewing skills well and have made significant progress ready for their creative decorations to be applied.

Image of Rev Ben’s Worship- Jeremiah : Down in the well
28 Nov

Rev Ben’s Worship- Jeremiah : Down in the well

This morning Rev Ben led our Worship about God's Compassion. We started with a fun listening game where Rev Ben blind folded some children and the rest of us had to make the animal noise of the animal on the screen. The children who were blindfolded were able to realise what it was like to not be able to see, just like the person in this week's Bible story, Jeremiah. We listened and joined in with the Old Testament Bible story all about Jeremiah being stuck in a deep, dark well. We loved joining in with the repeated refrain and we learned that God helped Jeremiah get out of the well. We reflected on how God can help us when we are feeling stuck or in a dark place. We then thought about how God sent His saviour, Jesus to rescue us all and how at this time of Advent, we are thinking about the special birth of Jesus. We finished our Worship singing 'Jesus, strong and kind'.

Image of Year 6 DT - Christmas loop game design
28 Nov

Year 6 DT - Christmas loop game design

Year 6 continued their unit by designing their electrical loop games. They began by developing a design criteria: - The product should be for young children and have a Christmas theme to be sold at the Christmas fair. - The wire design needs to be made up of one continuous line. - The circuit needs to be concealed in the base. - All of the components used should contribute to a fully-functioning circuit. By developing this criteria, it allowed the children to produce a detailed 3D design of their game with annotations.

Image of Year 3- P.E- Group Sequence
27 Nov

Year 3- P.E- Group Sequence

During P.E., this afternoon, Year 3 was tasked with creating a story sequence using the five dance elements - travel, turn, jump, gesture, and stillness. The first step was to identify the term "villain", and some of the words suggested by the children were "evil", "torture", "threatening", "intimidating", and "mischievous". Once a villain was selected, the children worked in pairs and gradually moved into small groups. They then performed their sequences to the whole class, using music by Stealth. The students did an excellent job portraying their villains and worked extremely well in groups, demonstrating great teamwork.

Image of Year 1 PE- Simple tactics
27 Nov

Year 1 PE- Simple tactics

Year 1 have been applying the simple tactics of looking one way and throwing the other way and pretending to throw one way but throwing the other way. They did this as part of a game involving an attacker who had to aim to throw a beanbag into a stationary hoop and a defender who had to try to stop the beanbag from landing in the hoop. They tried very hard to use a good underarm throwing technique during the game and outwit their opponent using the simple tactics that they’ve been taught. Well done Year 1.

Image of Foodie Friends Club- Making chocolate apples
27 Nov

Foodie Friends Club- Making chocolate apples

Today, in our foodie friends club, we made chocolate apples. After melting the chocolate in a heatproof bowl, the children pushed a stick on their apple and dipped it into the melted chocolate. The children had a choice of coating the apple in dark or white chocolate. To give that extra touch, the children decorated it with marshmallows and sprinkles. And, of course, there was plenty of chocolate licking.

Image of Year 6 DT
27 Nov

Year 6 DT

Year 6 started their DT unit by analysing existing games and toys. They discovered that toys serve more functions than just providing entertainment. They realised that they can develop gross and fine motor skills, help concentration, improve hand-eye coordination and aid imagination and creativity. These things were taken into account when analysing 3 real-life products and helped the children to decide whether they were fit for purpose.

Image of Year 3- D.T- Running stitch
27 Nov

Year 3- D.T- Running stitch

This afternoon in Design technology, the little elves have been busy picking their design for their pouch, options were stocking, star, bauble, tree or snowman. They are doing great with the running stitch, although a few need support threading the needle. They are super excited to reveal the end result at our school Christmas fair.

Image of Year 5 - Badminton
27 Nov

Year 5 - Badminton

Today, Year 5 started their new PE unit on badminton. The children learned the correct way to grip the racket and explored the variety of ways to hit the shuttle using the correct terminology. The children worked on their forehand keeping the shuttle in the air, controlling and alternating their movements to keep the shuttle close by. The children then worked in pairs and began to hold rallies with each other.

Image of First week in Advent- Hope Collective Worship
27 Nov

First week in Advent- Hope Collective Worship

This morning in our collective Worship we focused on Hope as it is the first week in Advent. Lucy and Charlie lit the first candle on our advent wreath and we said special prayers of hope. We watched a lovely video showing how God promised to send his special son Jesus and people had to wait in hope a very long time for Him but 'Good things come to those who wait'. We then discussed with our friends what we were hopeful for in the future and we had some wonderful answers such as 'For there to be peace across the whole world and for everyone to show kindness to each other.' Over the next four weeks we will be focusing on the hope, peace, joy and love that Jesus brought to the world and how we can show that to others too. We finished our Worship by singing a number of Christmas songs to remind us of the importance of Christmas, when baby Jesus was born. Thank you to our wonderful singers who volunteered to model the actions to the younger children.

Image of Rhyme and story time begins again in January 2024!
27 Nov

Rhyme and story time begins again in January 2024!

Reception’s rhyme time and story time will begin again on Wednesday 17th January 2024. Rhyme time is not on for the rest of December due to our Christmas nativity rehearsals and performance and our Christmas fair. Preschool children are more than welcome to join us and refreshments will be served afterwards.

Image of Christmas Card Competition
24 Nov

Christmas Card Competition

This morning in our Celebration Worship I shared the details of our Christmas Art Competition in Aid of Alder Hey Children’s hospital. The competition is for the children to design their own Christmas Card on a square piece of paper (please see the image above for more details and last year’s winners!) All entries will be submitted to the competition, and if selected, the winning entries will be sold as Christmas cards in Home Bargains stores across the UK, with all proceeds going to Alder Hey. School can also win a craft hamper and £100 voucher for resources too! We will also be selecting a handful of amazing entries to copy and display in the Rose Garden at Whitehall Park for our Christmas ADVENTure trail, so any Nativity related entries would be lovely to see. Please can we ask that all entries be handed to class teachers by no later than Wednesday 13th December. We are able to provide squared paper for entries if needed, please just ask your class teachers. If you have any further questions then please ask. We look forward to seeing some wonderful designs! Thank you, Mrs Govan