21 Jan

Year 2 Life Education Visit

Year 2 had a fantastic morning with Megan from Life Education! We talked about how to deal with our feelings and emotions and looked at all of the different ways that we can look after our bodies!

21 Jan

Safer Internet Day-Poster Competition

We will be taking part in 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday 8th February 2022 and would like to ask the children to take part in an Online Safety poster competition which is being promoted by Blackburn with Darwen. The children are asked to design a poster about online safety for children and young people. More details are provided on the link below and the closing date is Thursday 10th February. Please take a look at our online safety webpage that has an abundance of resources and key information regarding internet safety and keeping up to date with guidance. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/useful-links/online-safety

21 Jan

Life Education - it's Great to be Me!

This afternoon in Year 4 we had our Life Education Workshop- It’s Great to be Me! We looked at all sorts of things including relationships, how we are all unique and how smoking and alcohol can affect our bodies. We really enjoyed taking part in the activities and look forward to learning even more in our follow up PSHE lessons.

21 Jan

Year 6- Life Education Workshop

Today Year 6 have taken part in a Life Education Workshop focusing on ‘decisions’. They discussed feelings, friendships and pressures including drugs and alcohol. Year 6 asked some great questions and showed maturity and respect throughout the session. Well done!

20 Jan

Life Education - Year 5

We really enjoyed our visit from ‘ Coram Life Education’ this morning. We learned all about what’s inside our mind and how we react to things. We learnt how to be assertive if someone is pressuring us to do something we don’t want to do.

20 Jan

Reception’s special visitor - All about Me!

Today we had a special visitor in Reception called Megan, who came to teach us all about our bodies and how we can keep them healthy. We talked about the parts of our bodies, how we can eat healthily, how to keep fit, our feelings and how sleep can help us grow. We also said a big hello to Harold the Giraffe who enjoyed having his teeth brushed by the children and his face cleaned!

20 Jan

Year 1-Life Education Visit.

We enjoyed our visit from Harold the giraffe today. We learnt about how to keep our bodies healthy. We learnt about having a balanced diet which must include protein, fruits and vegetables, dairy and energy foods and how exercise, keeping hydrated and sleep helps us to live a healthy lifestyle too. They listened and joined in amazingly well. Well done Year 1.

20 Jan

Year 3 PSHE- The brain and staying healthy.

Year 3 learnt all about the brain, healthy eating and how sleep is important for our bodies. They discussed medicine, smoking and alcohol and the effects these have on a body. They also discussed friendship and how friends may need to compromise. 

20 Jan

Well-being Warriors - What makes the best healthy break time snack?

As part of our work as Well-being Warriors, we have been looking at what we should bring in for our break time snacks in school. We have looked at lots of options and discussed how healthy they are, along with how much ‘hidden sugar’ they have. We are going to create posters and add these to dojo so that our parents and carers know what we are allowed to bring in as we have noticed an increase in children being less healthy options.

10 Jan

Reflecting on Mary, Joseph and Jesus as refugees

In worship this morning, we reflected on how Mary, Joseph and Jesus were affected by having to flee to another country. It helped us to understand how refugees today might feel and think about how we can help them.

3 Dec

Year 6 fire safety visit

On Friday Year 6 had a visit from Lancashire Fire and Rescue service. Here they spoke about keeping safe within our homes and also when out in the community. Year 6 asked some excellent questions and maintained a mature attitude throughout the session.

26 Nov

Knife Angel Message

Two of our WOW (Worship our way) group members told our whole school, in Worship on Friday, about the Knife Angel. They attended a conference at Blackburn Cathedral a couple of weeks ago and learnt about angels being special messengers and they particularly focused on the special Knife Angel. It is made up of over 100,000 knives that have been used in knife crimes around the country. Many of the knives have writing calved into them which are messages asking for forgiveness to the victims and their families from the person who used the knife. The message is to try to eliminate knife crime in our local area and a knife amnesty box is next to it to encourage youngsters to surrender any weapons they may have. Most knife crimes occur by accident and it’s usually the person carrying a knife that becomes injured. Thank you to our WOW group members for delivering the important message of the Knife Angel to our school family. We hope this will discourage any of our children from carrying weapons when they are older. The Knife Angel will be at Blackburn Cathedral till 30th November if you are in the area and would like to admire it.

25 Nov

Year 2 PSHE: How to report bullying or other hurtful behaviour.

This afternoon In PSHE, we thought about the difference between teasing and bullying and explored different scenarios of both. We recorded ideas about what we can do to stop bullying and how to report it.

25 Nov

Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship this week, we have been discussing the news about one travel company ‘expedia’, who have banned all trips that include experiences with dolphins. We discussed why some people don’t agree with keeping dolphins and whales purely for entertainment.

24 Nov

Y4 Ask Themselves: Who Am I?

In Year 4 today, we marked the start of our linking schools project by thinking about who we are and what we like. We have been decorating bunting to send to our partner class at The Olive School in Blackburn. #TheLinkingNetwork

22 Nov

Interfaith Whole School Worship

In worship today we talked about the importance of having respect and tolerance for others, no matter what their beliefs. We are learning to celebrate each other’s differences.

19 Nov

Year 2 Supporting Children in Need

Year 2 have had a great day supporting and raising money for Children in Need!

19 Nov

Children in Need- Year 5

Year 5 love dressing up. We supported ‘ Children in Need’ by wearing something spotty.

19 Nov

Children in Need

This morning in Worship we focused on Children in Need and looked at what heroes are. We learnt that we can all be heroes by supporting children in need and by treating each other with kindness and respect. We then took part in a special workout quiz challenge with Joe Wicks. Thank you to everyone who dressed in spots today and donated to Children in Need via parent pay. Your generosity will help to change the lives of many children around the UK.

19 Nov

Reception Children in Need

Our Reception class put on their spots for Children in Need today. They loved listening to a Pudsey bear story and took part in a variety of Pudsey themed crafts.

19 Nov

Year 3 Children In Need

On Friday 19th November we had a Children in Need Day. All the children dressed in spots or Pudsey clothes and we thought about children who are less fortunate and how the Children in Need Charity helps them.

18 Nov

Year 4 stand against bullying

Check out our odd socks! Year 4 launched Anti-Bullying Week with a special worship on Friday and enjoyed showing off their uniqueness in odd socks on Monday.

18 Nov

Rock those socks - one kind word

Look at our Barnys bunch rocking their odd socks for Anti-Bullying Week.

18 Nov

Anti-Bullying - Year 5

As part of Anti- Bullying Week, the Year 5 children have watched a video, made a video and listened to a story ‘Mud Boy’ about bullying. We have also promoted ‘Odd Socks Day’ to celebrate our uniqueness. We believe kindness is infectious, it really can change someone’s day.

18 Nov

Reception: Anti-bullying week

This week in Reception, we have been sharing one kind word to each other! We have been spreading love, joy and kindness to each other! #OddSocksDay #Antibullyingweek

15 Nov

Anti-Bullying Worship

Today we launched anti-bullying week. The children today have all celebrated how they are unique by wearing odd socks. The children discussed what to do if somebody is being mean. “You can tell your parents…tell a teacher…tell your family.” We discussed what bullying means. It is about when somebody is mean on a number of occasions. This year's focus is ‘one kind word’. The children talked about lots of kind words “friendship, respect, kindness, care, joy.” This week, we are aiming to cause a ripple effect of kindness. If somebody is kind then this kindness could then spread to others. We did a Mexican wave of kindness. We shouted “hello, share, are you ok?”

15 Nov

One kind Word! Year 2 PSHE

This afternoon in PSHE, Year 2 have been sharing one kind word to each other! We thought about how kind words can spread and really make a difference to someone! #OddSocksDay #Antibullyingweek

15 Nov

Reception- Road safety

This week it is Road safety week. The children in Reception practised crossing the road safely. They all stopped, looked and listened. The children did really well and all had a go independently.

15 Nov

Odd socks day in Year 3

Year 3 began Anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks and acting out a variety of anti-bullying scenarios. We discussed the different situations and what we could do to stop bullying. All the children got involved and had lots of great ideas that they exchanged.

12 Nov

Anti Bullying Worship led by Year 4

Next week is the start of Anti-Bullying week and to highlight this, Year 4 led our worship this morning. The children discussed different types of bullying and the upset this causes. This year The Anti- Bullying Alliance want people to focus on “One Kind Word”. We hope that the children have made their messages clear and we can make a difference.

5 Nov

Celebration Worship- 5.11.21

Congratulations to our award winners in our Celebration Worship. It was wonderful to hear how all of the children have been living life in all its fullness this week. Remember the bonfire safety rules that we discussed as we would love to see all of you safely back to school on Monday.

4 Nov

Move and Learn - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the ‘Move and Learn’ session delivered by Elle from Blackburn Rovers. They have been learning about the importance of sport for our physical and mental health. We have been discussing and considering positive ways of reducing screen time and moving more.

4 Nov

Rotakids - Year 5

We now have a President ( Charlotte), Vice President ( Freya), Treasurer ( Bobby) and a Secretary ( Louie ) for Rotary Club. Year 5 have pledged to be fair to all, to serve their community and to show respect for others. Over the following weeks, we will have meetings to discuss and collate ideas and find ways to support our community.

20 Oct

Hello Yellow Day Fundraising and Colouring Competition

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to #HelloYellow Day to support Young Minds Charity. We managed to rise a fantastic £127.00. Also, congratulations to our Key Stage Winners for our Hello Yellow Day colouring competition. We had some fantastic entries, but we could only choose one winner and one runner up from each key stage.

19 Oct

Gambling Workshop : Year 5

Today in Year 5 and 6, we have had a visit from ‘BIGDEAL’. BigDeal is a place for young people to get information, and guidance about gambling. We had a chance to look at aspects of gambling and how we can make informed choices in the future.

14 Oct

Wellbeing Warriors

We would like to introduce you to our new ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ from Year 4. The Wellbeing Warriors will help to support PSHE ( Personal Social Health Education ) in school by promoting events such as Hello Yellow Day for mental health and Anti-Bullying Week with Odd Socks day which is coming up very soon. They will also meet weekly to discuss how we can improve our PSHE lessons, take part in pupil interviews and monitor scrapbooks. They can’t wait to start their new roles and we look forward to having them.

8 Oct

Hello Yellow Day for World Mental Health Day

What a wonderful #HelloYellow Worship we have had this morning. Year 4 really got the message across and raised awareness of mental health. We are so proud at St Barnabas to say we are working hard to make a difference to young people’s mental health @YoungMindsUK

8 Oct

Wellbeing Bingo

Year 2 have had lots of fun this morning playing Wellbeing Bingo for Hello Yellow Day! @YoungMindsUK #HelloYellow

8 Oct

Hello Yellow in Year 5

Year 5 have had a wonderful week this week. We have finished for the weekend by raising awareness of mental health. We hope you all have a fabulous weekend. #HelloYellow2021

8 Oct

Staff say 'hello yellow'!

Our amazing staff team dug their yellow clothes out of their wardrobe to celebrate 'hello yellow' day by bringing smiles to everyone's faces and raising money for young minds charity.

8 Oct

Year 3 say 'hello yellow'!

Year 3 have had a fantastic day celebrating hello yellow day. They created friendship chains and loved dancing along to the 'happy' song in Worship.

8 Oct

Reception say 'hello yellow'!

Reception loved our ‘Hello Yellow’ day and enjoyed designing their own ‘worry eggs’ - the children took these home to use when they are feeling worried to share their feelings. #HelloYellow2021 @YoungMindsUK

8 Oct

Year 2 dress in yellow for 'hello yellow day'

Year 2 have had such a great hello yellow day to raise awareness of mental health and raise money for @YoungMindsUK . #HelloYellow2021 #HelloYellow

7 Oct

Mental health chatterboxes

Year 5 have been awesome this week. We have made our own little chatterboxes to help us with our worries. We can take time out and do things that we enjoy doing, if we feel a little under the weather.

4 Oct

A very ‘Muddy Monday’ in Reception

Today, our Ducklings went on their first ‘Muddy Monday’ adventure in the local area. We explored Jack Keys reservoir. The children walked all of the way around the reservoir which took just over an hour. We were extremely impressed with how they showed our Christian values. They took risks, showed resilience and courage throughout the adventure. The children got stuck in the mud, splashed in muddy puddles and enjoyed climbing and balancing along the way! What a super start to the week!

4 Oct

Monday Mental Health Worship

Today in worship we talked about looking after our mental health. We looked at small feelings that change all the time and big feelings that stay with us and who we can go to for support when dealing with big feelings. We reflected on how we can show our Christian Value of friendship to our friends and be there to listen to them if they are dealing with big feelings. We also discussed how we can show courage and talk to someone we trust if we have big feelings.

24 Sep

Year 5 workshop with PC Ros

This morning, year 5 have taken part in a lesson delivered by PC Ros. We talked about reaching the age of criminal responsibility (10 years old). We all had an opportunity to ask lots of questions and listen to real life crimes. We discussed the consequences of such crimes for both the offender and the victim.

20 Sep

It's Recycle Week!

This morning in Worship we listened to a rhyming Bible story about how God created our world and wants us to care for it. We then learnt all about recycling with Mrs Ham and her team of human recycling bins. We had to sort all of her rubbish into the different recycling bins. We reflected on the rubbish that we throw away and how we can care for our World by reducing, reusing and recycling. We finished by praying and singing 'This is God's world, let's try to make it a better place'.

17 Sep

Grow your mindset assembly and workshops

We had an amazing assembly about growth and fixed mindsets, complete with a huge inflatable brain from Liz and Gemma at Grow Your Mindset. They have been working with all of our teaching team in staff training to develop their growth mindsets and now it was turn of our children.

17 Sep

Year 6 Resilience workshop

On Friday, Year 6 had the amazing pleasure of some grow your mindset training. As a class, we worked on resilience and understanding what resilience is and how we can be more resilient going forward.

17 Sep

Year 2 Growth Mindset Workshop!

On Friday, we took part in a growth mindset workshop. We looked at the differences between growth and fixed mindset and became neuron ninjas! This term, we will be looking at how we can grow our mindset and approach our learning with positivity!

16 Sep

Year 4's Positive Pants

This week in PSHE, we have been looking at celebrating what we are good at and how it makes us feel inside. We have been sharing three positives each day that we can take away with us. Our positive mental attitudes are shining through and we have been trying super hard to develop our growth mindset.

15 Sep

Growth Mindset Workshop- Year 5

Growth Mindset: This afternoon, Year 5 had a fabulous session learning about having a growth mindset. We also had a unique experience of walking into a huge brain which everyone found hilarious. Having a growth mindset allows you to improve your skills with effort and practice.

15 Sep

Reception Our Feelings

This week, Reception have been focussing on the book 'The Colour Monster.' We have been looking at how the colour monster changes colour when he feels a different emotion. The children have enjoyed expressing their feelings too!