22 Jun

Refugee Week- Healing- Year 5

Year 5 took a short walk in the local area and reflected on the journeys refugee make, in celebration of Refugee Week and the Great Get Together. They also watched a short animated film about Hamid's journey from Eritrea in Africa. We then had a discussion about looking after refugees and how to make them feel welcome in our country.

21 Jun

Science- Explore Life Cycles- Year 5

This term, Year 5 will focus on life cycles and the processes from conception, through birth to death. This afternoon, the children drew a timeline to indicate stages in the growth and development of humans. They also watched a short film by expert Zoologist Mike Linley who explained puberty and adolescence.

13 Jun

Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship, we looked at the term 'referee'. The children shared experiences that they have had previously with referees in school and out of school. We looked at the job of a referee and how important the role of a referee is. We also discussed that we may not always agree with decisions made by the referees but without them, some games could not be played. It is important to always show respect to sports officials involved in the games we play.

26 May

Smoothie Roadshow

Today Year 5 and 6 have taken part in a ‘smoothie roadshow’. Here they learnt some facts about certain fruits, rode the bike to power the blender and tried the smoothie they made.

26 May

Kooth Workshop- Year 6

Today Year 6 have had a session with Kooth, here we spoke about changes, in particular moving to high school. Kooth spoke about the resources on their websites showing how they can benefit the children while changes are happening or if they are experiencing worries. We spoke about self care and how we can look after our mental health in a positive way. The children asked some brilliant questions today and were very respectful of each others comments throughout. For further information please see the following website: https://www.kooth.com/

26 May

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee- Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship, the children looked at this week's picture news. We explored the Queen's jubilee in great detail and shared prior knowledge. We read through the assembly resource and talked about the length of time 70 years is. We explored the terms 'responsibility' and 'duties' and discussed the duties young children and adults might have to what the Queen has. We then created a 70 piece jigsaw to celebrate the upcoming event. Every piece has fascinating facts about the Queen.

25 May

Money Matters - Year 5

Year 5 has really enjoyed learning about expenditures with Mr. Souter. They worked in small groups and discussed what items in the house are essential and what items you can manage without. They learned how to keep a record of income and outgoings and how to avoid getting into debt. We also looked at the cost of pet insurance because a lot of the children in the class have pets that they love and care for dearly. It is important that people, families, and businesses all budget.

24 May

Year 3 PSHE - Giving Up Loving Pop (GULP)

Year 3 have had their last PSHE lesson with Lewis. He asked them to work in groups in order to create a poster persuading children to keep their teeth clean and healthy and informing the reader how to do so. Each group presented their posters to the rest of the class.

19 May

Reception PSHE solving conflicts

In PSHE, we looked at how to resolve conflicts in the best way. We shared a story about Harold the cat, who didn’t want to share all of his things with a new kitten. We talked about what choices we could make to solve problems that make us feel angry, sad or annoyed and what steps we can take to make things better.

19 May

Changes- PSHE- Year 5

During our P.S.H.E lesson this morning, the children Identified parts of the body that males and females have in common and those that are different. We discussed that now or in the next few years everyone in the class will start changing. We also discussed that puberty is the process by which our bodies change from a child’s to an adult’s. It is normal to be worried and anxious about these things and if they feel scared it is important to talk to a trusted adult or drop a question in our class 'Ask it Basket'.

19 May

Year 4 Smart School Council

Today in Year 4, we held our second SMART council meeting. Our ‘Class Leader’ was Sienna and our ‘Notetaker’ was Wilson. We discussed how we could improve our playtimes at school. We had four groups with three of them choosing to have football nets and one group choosing the option of having an indoor area to do colouring and mindfulness. The children worked really well within their groups and discussed the five key ideas in a really mature way as did our leaders.

19 May

Year 3 Class Worship - Christian Aid Week

Year 3 watched the story of “The Good Samaritan” and thought about who their neighbour is. Everyone is our neighbour, no matter what their creed, race, colour or gender is. They listened to the words of the hymn “When I needed a neighbour”, wrote some prayers and ended the worship by singing “Chain of Love”. We can all do something to help a neighbour.

18 May

Prevent Workshop- Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 had a workshop with content that explains Prevent, the radicalisation process, how to identify at-risk students, how to raise concerns and what an appropriate response looks like. They all asked questions and raised any concerns that they had in a very mature way.

17 May

Year 3 PSHE - Staying hydrated with water

Year 3 have learnt about the importance of staying hydrated, particularly during sports activities. Lewis recapped on previous learning about the high sugar levels in sports and energy drinks. He reinforced that drinking water or milk would be more beneficial in keeping teeth healthy as well as for our overall health.

13 May

EYFS and KS1 Mental Health Workshop

This morning, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had the pleasure of welcoming Erika and Pete from the Lily Jo project for a fun and energetic workshop focusing on our mental health and wellbeing. Erika talked about our three types of health. The first which was our physical health, the second which was our spiritual self and the third which was our mental health. Erika told us that today we would be focusing on our mental health. She explained that our mental health is our our thoughts, feelings and emotions and it is our responsibility to look after it. However, sometimes we struggle with this like being on a rollercoaster. Sometimes we are on the top of the rollercoaster feeling amazing, somewhere in the middle or on the bottom of the rollercoaster feeling down and blue.  After this, we learnt how to become a hero of our mental health. We learnt all of the tricks and tips for this. They were:  1) Helping others. We shared ideas such as sharing your toys, giving people a hug, helping at home with the dishes, asking your teacher if they need help and standing up for something that is wrong. 2) Exercising such as taking part in swimming, cycling, play football, running, jogging, jumping or playing with your friends. 3) Relaxing such as watching TV, having a nap, reading a book, having a bath and doing breathing exercises. 4) Opening up by talking to a grown up about how you are feeling. Helping, exercising, relaxing and opening up spells the secret code of HERO.  Then, Erika introduced her three very special friends who shared their experiences with us to help us become unstoppable heroes.  Marcus was feeling sad because he was being bullied online. People were leaving him nasty comments online. However, he stood up against this and chose to be kind to people to show that kindness is stronger than hate.  Jade was feeling worried because she wants to be an amazing singer. However, she got worried about standing on the stage in front of lots of people. She then opened up to someone she trusted to conquer her fear and be brave enough to display her talent.  Tyler was feeling angry because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and emotions.  However, he found the strength to open up to someone close to him which made him feel positive and more confident talking about his feelings.  Then we listened to and joined in with a couple of songs. The first one was called ‘Unstoppable’ and we said I am unstoppable (pointing at ourself), you are unstoppable (pointing at a partner) and we are unstoppable (pointing in the air). We watched a video of an unstoppable child called Skye Brown who loved to skate and sing. Although people said she was too small to skate, she proved them wrong and went on to be a very successful skater in the Olympics. This proves that with hard work and determination we can be successful. The second song was called ‘Be the Change’ and we all had a boogie and sing along as exercising and singing is good for our mental health. We also enjoyed the message of us being in control of our own mental health.

13 May

The Lily Jo Project - KS2 Workshop

We had the pleasure of taking part in The Lily Jo project Workshop this morning. It taught us all about being a hero of our own mental health. Physical Health Spiritual Health Mental Health HERO actually stands for: H- Help others E- Exercise R- Relaxing O- Opening up We had such an awesome time dancing and singing along . We want to remember the very important phrase- You being you, makes me feel YEY! Be yourself and shine your light #mental health #mindmatters #mentalhealthawareness #thelilyjoproject

12 May

Year 3 - RE - Comparing breaking rules to breaking the law and any consequences

Year 3 have been working in groups to consider the consequences of breaking rules to those of breaking the law. For example, would going to jail be a consequence of breaking a rule or the law?

12 May

Year 4 PSHE -Mental Health Awareness Week

In our PSHE session this week, we looked at Mental Health Awareness Week. We discussed how to promote good mental health and how talking to people really helps us.

12 May

Mental Health Awareness Week - Year 5

The theme this year for 'Mental Health Awareness Week' is loneliness. Therefore, as a class we discussed what loneliness meant to them and what things they would associate with the word. We talked about why might people be lonely and what we could do help someone that might feel lonely. The children then made a loneliness flip book which they could refer to if they ever felt lonely.

11 May

Mental Health Workshops from the Lily-Jo Project

This week it is mental health awareness week. On Friday morning I have arranged for some fun and interactive mental health workshops from the Lily-Jo Project for all of the children in school. The Lily-Jo Project is devoted to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health through music, digital resources, and community engagement. They firmly believe that when exposed to the basic principles of mental health from an early age, kids are empowered to: Be proactive about maintaining good mental health into adulthood Ultimately reach their full potential and achieve their dreams! For further information on how you can support your child's mental health, please click on the following link: https://www.thelilyjoproject.com/parents/ There will be no Celebration Worship this Friday as we will be taking part in the workshops. If your child has an award, please save them until next week or send me a photo of them with their award if they have to return it the following week.

10 May

Year 3 PSHE - sugar content of drinks

Year 3 have been learning about the sugar content of different drinks and how we can find out by looking at labels on bottles, cans and cartons. The second half of the lesson involved staying active and healthy by playing handball.

9 May

Year 3 - Class Worship - Mental Health Week

Year 3 have been thinking about mental health, focusing on feelings of loneliness. We discussed ways we can feel less lonely and also ways to help others who are feeling lonely. We wrote some prayers and ended our worship by singing “Way Maker”.

4 May

Class Worship- Year 5

Today during our class worship we discussed what 'freedom' meant to us. We looked at comments made from other people and what freedom looks like to them. In small groups they discussed whether they agreed or disagreed with anyone, and why? Some of the children felt restricted at home and school by the choices adults in their lives make for them example, how much screen-time they have, what foods they eat, what time they should be allowed a break, how long they can be out playing for etc. We discussed the importance of these restrictions and the reasons they are in place.

4 May

Year 1-PSHE

During their PSHE lesson, Year 1 have been learning about how to dial 999 if there is an accident or emergency and what to say.

4 May

Our first School Council Team Meeting

This week, we held our first school council meeting with our Communication Team made up of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. We discussed the expectations of our Communication Team and analysed the results from our whole school Class Meeting Question. We found that the school believes that the best way to help our planet is to stop littering and we talked about what we could do as a school to support that. We set out the key roles within our Team and set the next question ready for the school to discuss in the coming weeks. We are excited to see what positive changes we can drive forward by giving everyone a voice in school.

3 May

Year 3 PSHE - teeth hygiene

In PSHE Year 3 have been finding out about how many grams of sugar there are in different drinks and how they need to brush their teeth with toothpaste twice a day and use mouth wash too. They have learnt that regular visits to the dentist are important too. They ended the lesson with a game of dodgeball, as staying active is important for their overall health and well-being.

28 Apr

Year 2 PSHE: Dental Health

This week in PSHE, Year 2 have been learning about dental hygiene. We thought about the different sugary foods we eat and how it is important to have a balanced diet, as this will help our teeth to stay healthy! We looked at how we can look after our teeth, by brushing our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Each child received a Colgate tooth brush, tooth paste and information pack to take home with them!

28 Apr

Year 4- SMART School Council

This morning we held our first SMART School Council meeting in Year 4. We had a Class Meeting leader and a Class Meeting Notetaker. Because so many of us wanted to take the role, we used Class Dojo randomiser to select the pupils. Sophie and Freddie led the meeting and we looked at which example would have the most impact on improving our environment. We worked in groups and the majority thought that to stop littering would have the biggest impact on our planet. Year 4 had a great attitude and discussed ideas with confidence and maturity.

27 Apr

Year 5 P.S.H.E- Drugs and Alcohol Education

Today, Year 5 learnt about legal and illegal drugs. We focussed on legal and illegal drugs, other than medicines, and the associated effects and risks. The children also explored how the risk of drug use may vary depending on factors such as the strength of the drug, how much is taken and how often, the person and the situation.

26 Apr

Year 3 Science - Investigating reflective materials

In Science, Year 3 have carried out an investigation to find out which is the most reflective material. Then they designed a book bag with reflective strips so that they can be seen in the dark when headlights shine on them.

26 Apr

Year 3 PSHE - drinking non-sugary drinks

Year 3, during this half term, will have Lewis from BRFC coming into class each Tuesday morning to carry out lessons on how to stay healthy, focusing on teeth and not drinking sugary drinks. He has set the children a challenge to try not to drink sugary drinks for the next 21 days. They have a card that they have taken home on which to record their progress. They have also each been given a water bottle.

25 Apr

Money Matters Visit

Today Year 6 welcomed a visitor into their classroom, Mr Souter, who led a session around budgeting. Here year 6 took part in class discussions around, wants and needs, understanding the importance of having a ‘surplus’ income and what can happen if we overspend. Year 6 were very mature throughout, asking relevant questions and will hopefully use this information wisely when it comes to their own spending/ saving.

22 Apr

Year 3 PSHE - Earth Day

Year 3 have been exploring different ways that they can look after our planet Earth. They began by decorating a picture of the Earth with the things they love about it. Then they thought about what actions they could take to look after and protect the Earth.

21 Apr

Year 3 Class Worship - Earth Day

Year 3 have been thinking about God’s wonderful creation and how we can help look after it. They wrote prayers and ended their worship by singing “Shine”.

4 Apr

Worship with the Kindness Coach

In our whole school worship this morning we welcomed the Kindness Coach, John Magee, in to talk about our kindness challenges over this half term. He was overwhelmed with all the kind acts we have been doing at St Barnabas and he spoke to us about continuing to be kind throughout our lives. Thank you to John for visiting our school.

1 Apr

Reception Police Officer Visit

Reception were so excited to meet PC Ros and PC Gail this morning. They learnt about the important jobs police officers have to do and the equipment they use. Some of the children tried on parts of the police uniform and practised using a police radio to report and emergency. Afterwards, they went outside to see a real police car and sat inside with the flashing lights and listened to the very loud siren.

30 Mar

PSHE & RSE - How our body changes during puberty

Today we have looked at how both a male and female change during puberty. We discussed how we can’t see our hormones but they can definitely change our mood, hair in funny places and periods.

28 Mar

Reception Muddy Monday

This week the children walked 5500 steps around Jack Keys reservoir. They persevered and challenged themselves to walk through mud and climb very steep hills. We were so impressed with their determination! Well done Reception!

25 Mar

Year 3 PSHE - Valuing Diversity

Year 3 PSHE - The children have been discussing statements about stereotypes, for example: Women can’t be in the armed forces / People with white skin don’t like spicy food, and whether the statements are true or false.

24 Mar

Commonwealth Baton Relay Handover to St Pauls

Following the collection of the baton from St Peter’s yesterday, our Year 6 Heads and Deputies took charge with the handover to St. Paul’s today. Year 5, Year 4, Year 2 and Reception made flags and banners to cheer them on their journey. We can’t wait for the games to start now and have loved the experience! Thanks @LancSchoolGames #Lancsbatonrelay22

24 Mar

A visit from The Dogs Trust in Key Stage 2

We had a lovely gentleman called Andrew visit us today in KS2. Andrew works for The Dogs Trust who care for 14,000 dogs in 22 rehoming centres across the country. We looked at when it is best to leave dogs alone and give them space and safe, positive behaviours around dogs. A huge thank you from us to Andrew and Dougie the mascot dog.

24 Mar

The Dogs Trust Visits Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Today, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a visit from Dogs Trust. They learnt about how to stay safe around dogs. We learnt that dogs have feelings just like us and they can get angry, sad, anxious and nervous which can cause them to show certain behaviours such as biting. We learnt the following rules for keeping safe around dogs to prevent them from harming us: We should leave a dog alone when they are resting, we should leave a dog alone when they are eating, we should always stay quiet around dogs, we should stroke a dog rather than hug it as dogs prefer a gentle stroke to a hug and we should tell a grown up if a dog takes something that belongs to us such as a toy, a shoe or a sock. Finally, all of the children were quizzed on all of the rules they had learnt and they remembered them really well. Well done Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

23 Mar

Receiving The Commonwealth Games Baton

Today we had the privilege in taking part in the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay as part of the lead up to the Commonwealth Games which will take place in Birmingham this year. We received the baton from St Peters this afternoon, with our Year 6 Sports Leaders in charge of the safe hand over. Year 6, Year 3 and Year 1 classes were there to provide a warm welcome and wave their flags. Tomorrow, Year 5, Year 4, Year 2 and Reception class will be there to wave the baton onto its next journey to St Pauls Hoddlesden. What an experience! Thanks @LancSchoolGames #Lancsbatonrelay22

18 Mar

Year 3 English - Drama

Year 3 English - using Drama to explore the thoughts and feelings of the main character, Omri, in “The Indian in the Cupboard”.

17 Mar

Year 3 Class Worship for Peace

Year 3 Class Worship - continuing to pray for peace in Ukraine.

17 Mar

Year 1- Creating a High Visibility Vest

After the year 1 had a visit last week of Andy from Blackburn with Darwen council about keeping safe on the roads, he set the children a challenge to design their own Hi Vis jackets. He had already spoken to them about how they need to be very bright and have reflective panels or parts so that the people wearing them can be seen in the dark. Year 1 have been very busy designing these in the creative area this week thinking very carefully about making them as bright and reflective as possible. Well done Year 1.

16 Mar

Online Safety: Upsetting Content Guide

These are troubling times for everyone. If your child has been unsettled by current global events, our #WakeUpWednesday guide has some insightful tips for helping young ones deal with worrying news content they may have seen online.

14 Mar

Road Safety

Dear Parents and Carers, Please see the letter attached regarding recent road safety training the children have received in school from the local authority. Kind regards, Mrs Haworth

10 Mar

Reception Obstacle course

We have been looking at ways we can be fit and healthy like real life superheroes! We talked about how police officers and fire fighters need to be strong and healthy for their jobs so we set up an outdoor assault course for us all to complete!

10 Mar

Year 3 Class Worship - Lent

Year 3 Class Worship included watching a video clip of Bishop Philip talking about Lent and about making time for God. We wrote some Lenten Promises and we also wrote some prayers for peace in the Ukraine. We ended our worship by singing “Chain of Love”.

4 Mar

Year 1-Road Safety

Today in Year 1, Andy came into our class to teach us all about road safety. He talked to us about The Green Cross Code. We learnt to stop, look and listen before we cross the road and to continue to look and listen as we cross the road. We talked about giving ourselves plenty of time to cross a road, making sure there is space to reach the pavement at the other side, where it safe to cross a road avoiding bends, crossing between parked cars or close to the top of a hill. We also talked about the importance of high visibility clothing when we are crossing a road. We practised crossing the road safely at a zebra crossing and Andy checked whether we should be using a booster seat. Year 1 can’t wait for their goody bags to be delivered which will contain items to help us to keep safe on the roads such as high visibility key rings.

4 Mar

Year 3 PSHE - Road Safety

Year 3 had a Road Safety workshop. They were reminded of the Green Cross Code and the importance of wearing high visibility jackets (especially when it is dark). The children were also measured for whether they need a car booster seat or not. Only four children were tall enough not to need a booster seat. Everyone needs to wear a seatbelt.

3 Mar

Well-being Warrior & Digital Champions

Today, the Well-being Warriors led the virtual Digital Champions meeting and represented the school. They talked about how we covered Safer Internet Day at St Barnabas and highlighted everything we do to make our children feel safe when using the Internet and any social media.

3 Mar

Year 3 World Book Day

Year 3 began the day in a special assembly watching a video clip of the book by Aaron Becker, called “Journey”. Once in class, we discussed the character and voted on a setting and a vehicle for our descriptive writing. We chose the setting to be Hogwarts and the vehicle for the girl to be a train. We produced artwork for a display in the school library, together with some descriptive phrases from some of the children’s writing. Miss Flynn came to read a story to the class at 2.30pm whilst Mrs Hargreaves went into the Reception class to read a story to them. We ended the day by listening to a further instalment of The Indian in the Cupboard” which is our class novel this half term.

2 Mar

Reception - All about The Police

Reception have loved learning about the Police this week and how they help us in our community. They have learnt about the different types of jobs Police Officers carry out and the important equipment they need to do their job. They have loved dressing up as officers and have been role playing with their friends using notepads to write down information and how to talk like real officers using walkie talkies.

25 Feb

Reception Hand Hygiene

Today Reception have been reflecting on how they can be kind to others by washing their hands. We used glitter to show the germs that live on our hands and how germs can spread quickly. We also investigated if water alone can get rid of germs and found out that we need soap to get rid of them all. We practised different actions to wash our hands to ensure every part of our hands are clean.

24 Feb

Year 3 Class Worship - Fairtrade

Year 3 wrote some prayers during Our Class Worship remembering all the poor farmers in developing countries who don’t always get a fair price for the fruit and vegetables that they grow.

23 Feb

Reception: people who help us

As part of our topic, the children decided that they wanted to help clean our outdoor area. They set up a cleaning station and washed the play house and cars. They showed brilliant teamwork and did a wonderful job!

11 Feb

Dress to Express Worship for Children's Mental Health Week

This morning in our Worship we focused on our mental health and the theme 'growing together'. We also all dressed up in different ways to 'Dress to Express', to raise awareness of mental health. We learnt ways that we can grow physically and emotionally and activities we can do to make us feel happy if we are feeling sad. Our Wellbeing Warriors led a section of Worship by sharing with us the ways they are helping to support our wellbeing in school. They shared the wonderful things we have been learning throughout this week on how to keep safe and be respectful online. They also shared with us their findings of their research on healthy break time snacks and let everyone know which healthy snack they are allowed to bring to school after half term.

11 Feb

Year 3 Dress to Express #Children’sMentalHealthWeek

The children have come into school “dressed to express” for the day. They are expressing who they are and what they are interested in. It is part of exploring children’s mental health and well-being during #Children’sMentalHealthWeek.

11 Feb

Dress to Express in Year 4

Dress to Express in Year 4 for Childress Mental Health Week 2020. We have definitely expressed ourselves in many different ways and been creative in how to share our thought, feelings and ideas #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek

11 Feb

Wellbeing Warriors- Healthy Break time Snacks

We are very lucky to have Well being Warriors in school now and their role is to be the voice of our pupils. We believe that the wellbeing of every person in our school is fundamental to happiness and good mental health. As part of their role, the Wellbeing Warriors, along with the rest of Year 4 have been looking into improving the health of our children. We have been researching the best snacks to have at break time and what, as a school we would like to have the option of bringing. As of Monday 21st February, we would like children to only bring in a snack from the list below: - Fruit - Fresh or dried - Vegetables - Yoghurts - frubes or squishems - Cheese - Babybel , Cheese strings or something similar. We found that these snacks all offer nutritional value such as iron, calcium and vitamins and we want the children at St Barnabas to lead healthy lifestyles and make good food choices.

11 Feb

Reception dress to express!

Reception have had a great day expressing themselves in their costumes and have enjoyed the inter-sports competition with the sports leaders. We have talked about our feelings and how we can deal with our worries by talking to grown ups about them to make them smaller.

11 Feb

Dress to Express - Year 5

Year 5 took part in ‘ Dress to Express’ day today for children’s mental health week.

10 Feb

Year 3 Class Worship - #Children’sMentalHealthWeek

Our class worship this week has been about Children’s Mental Health, in preparation for tomorrow’s Dress to Express Day. We thought about who makes us grow and supports us in achieving our goals. We wrote some prayers and ended by singing “Shine from the inside out”.

9 Feb

Online Safety: Check in with your friends

Concerns over the impact of social media on mental wellbeing have often been raised in connection with the substantial growth in mental health problems among the young. In the same context, however, social media can also be a force for good: it enables children to – privately and discretely – check in with friends who they believe are experiencing a bad time. In support of Children’s Mental Health Week, here is a special poster. It’s designed to remind young people that their friends might not always be OK – and when that happens, simply reaching out and being there for them can be a wonderfully reassuring act.

8 Feb

Safer Internet Day Worship

Today in worship we learnt about how to keep safe online and we focused on our Christian value of respect. We looked at internet safety scenarios which prompted lots of discussions about who to trust, how to stay safe, who to speak to you if you are concerned about anything and keeping your accounts private. We also discussed respect online, always be kind and polite. If you are using emoticons or smiley faces make sure that you are as clear as possible to express what you mean. A comment or emoji can have a big impact on someone’s mental health.

8 Feb

Year 2 PSHE: Internet Safety Day

This afternoon I’m PSHE, Year 2 have been thinking about how we can make safe choices online. We looked at the story ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ and helped Oscar to make good decisions. We have also listed different ways to stay safe online and adding this to our class scrapbook!

8 Feb

Year 3 - #Safer Internet Day

We began the day with a whole school virtual assembly for Safer Internet Day. We have completed a variety of activities throughout the day about Online Safety.

8 Feb

Year 1-Internet Safety Day 2022

Year 1 started their amazing Internet Safety Posters this afternoon to share their top tips for keeping safe online. We enjoyed Mrs Ham’s worship this morning on showing respect and kindness online and learnt about the importance of sending only kind messages and blocking and reporting any unkind behaviour. We also enjoyed reading ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’ and ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World.’ From these books, we have learnt about the importance of having strong passwords that contain symbols, letters and numbers so nobody can guess them and not accepting or continuing with a message that we don’t understand as this could cost us money, give our device a virus or show us something inappropriate. We also learnt about information that is okay to share such as our favourite food or music and information that is not okay to share such as the school we go to, our address, our full name or our password.

8 Feb

Safer Internet Day- Year 5

During our P.S.H.E lesson this week, Year 5 had a discussion about how to stay safe online while staying connected to the digital world. We spoke about respect online, on group chats, video calling, instant messages and games. We also had a look at the story book ‘ Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ and found ways of helping Oscar make the right decisions so he can avoid dangers on his journey through the online world.

7 Feb

Whole School Worship : Children’s Mental Health Week

During our whole school worship this morning, we talked about our mental health and discussed ways that we can grow and flourish. We thought about our school vision 'Achieving great things through learning and growing together in a love-filled Christian family' and how we can support each other to grow. On Friday, we will be taking part in ‘Dress to Express’ for Children’s Mental Health Week so we thought about our God given talents and how we can shine from the inside out.

7 Feb

Children's Mental Health Support

Good morning parents and carers, this week we are focusing on children's mental health in school and the theme this year is 'growing together'. During our whole school worship this morning we talked about our mental health and discussed ways that we can grow and flourish. We thought about our school vision 'Achieving great things through learning and growing together in a love-filled Christian family' and how we can support each other to grow together. On Friday, we will be taking part in ‘Dress to Express’ for Children’s Mental Health Week so we thought about our God given talents and how we can shine from the inside out to express ourselves. I have attached a mental health resource pack which has lots of useful activities to promote happiness and healthy mental health. It is a great way to get children to talk about their feelings, recognise and discuss emotions, build resilience, learn from mistakes and feel happy. This morning we thought of lots of ways to make ourselves and each other feel happy and the children came up with so many amazing ideas such as, tell each other jokes, do a silly dance, do some exercise, talk to your friends, eat chocolate etc. Included in the pack is 30 ways to feel good and there are also ideas and activities for dealing with anxiety, fear and anger. I hope you find the guide useful as one of the biggest challenges faced by parents, teachers and carers is helping children to talk about and deal with their feelings. We can help and guide our children by looking after ourselves too! Self-care is absolutely vital for parents, carers and teachers. The 30 ways to feel good is a great way for adults to take some time to focus on themselves which enables us to be happier grown ups as the saying is, 'you can't pour from an empty cup'. Take care and look after yourselves, Mrs Ham

3 Feb

First aid for minor and severe head injuries- Year 5

During our P.S.H.E lesson this morning, Year 5 have been learning about how to help someone who has a head injury. They compared mild verses severe injuries and looked at ways to prevent head injuries.

1 Feb

Super Shot Putters- Year 5

Year 5 showed amazing teamwork, patience and resilience during their Olympic club taster session. They learnt how to stay focused and execute proper throwing.

21 Jan

Year 2 Life Education Visit

Year 2 had a fantastic morning with Megan from Life Education! We talked about how to deal with our feelings and emotions and looked at all of the different ways that we can look after our bodies!

21 Jan

Safer Internet Day-Poster Competition

We will be taking part in 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday 8th February 2022 and would like to ask the children to take part in an Online Safety poster competition which is being promoted by Blackburn with Darwen. The children are asked to design a poster about online safety for children and young people. More details are provided on the link below and the closing date is Thursday 10th February. Please take a look at our online safety webpage that has an abundance of resources and key information regarding internet safety and keeping up to date with guidance. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/useful-links/online-safety

21 Jan

Life Education - it's Great to be Me!

This afternoon in Year 4 we had our Life Education Workshop- It’s Great to be Me! We looked at all sorts of things including relationships, how we are all unique and how smoking and alcohol can affect our bodies. We really enjoyed taking part in the activities and look forward to learning even more in our follow up PSHE lessons.

21 Jan

Year 6- Life Education Workshop

Today Year 6 have taken part in a Life Education Workshop focusing on ‘decisions’. They discussed feelings, friendships and pressures including drugs and alcohol. Year 6 asked some great questions and showed maturity and respect throughout the session. Well done!

20 Jan

Life Education - Year 5

We really enjoyed our visit from ‘ Coram Life Education’ this morning. We learned all about what’s inside our mind and how we react to things. We learnt how to be assertive if someone is pressuring us to do something we don’t want to do.

20 Jan

Reception’s special visitor - All about Me!

Today we had a special visitor in Reception called Megan, who came to teach us all about our bodies and how we can keep them healthy. We talked about the parts of our bodies, how we can eat healthily, how to keep fit, our feelings and how sleep can help us grow. We also said a big hello to Harold the Giraffe who enjoyed having his teeth brushed by the children and his face cleaned!

20 Jan

Year 1-Life Education Visit.

We enjoyed our visit from Harold the giraffe today. We learnt about how to keep our bodies healthy. We learnt about having a balanced diet which must include protein, fruits and vegetables, dairy and energy foods and how exercise, keeping hydrated and sleep helps us to live a healthy lifestyle too. They listened and joined in amazingly well. Well done Year 1.

20 Jan

Year 3 PSHE- The brain and staying healthy.

Year 3 learnt all about the brain, healthy eating and how sleep is important for our bodies. They discussed medicine, smoking and alcohol and the effects these have on a body. They also discussed friendship and how friends may need to compromise. 

20 Jan

Well-being Warriors - What makes the best healthy break time snack?

As part of our work as Well-being Warriors, we have been looking at what we should bring in for our break time snacks in school. We have looked at lots of options and discussed how healthy they are, along with how much ‘hidden sugar’ they have. We are going to create posters and add these to dojo so that our parents and carers know what we are allowed to bring in as we have noticed an increase in children being less healthy options.

10 Jan

Reflecting on Mary, Joseph and Jesus as refugees

In worship this morning, we reflected on how Mary, Joseph and Jesus were affected by having to flee to another country. It helped us to understand how refugees today might feel and think about how we can help them.

3 Dec

Year 6 fire safety visit

On Friday Year 6 had a visit from Lancashire Fire and Rescue service. Here they spoke about keeping safe within our homes and also when out in the community. Year 6 asked some excellent questions and maintained a mature attitude throughout the session.

26 Nov

Knife Angel Message

Two of our WOW (Worship our way) group members told our whole school, in Worship on Friday, about the Knife Angel. They attended a conference at Blackburn Cathedral a couple of weeks ago and learnt about angels being special messengers and they particularly focused on the special Knife Angel. It is made up of over 100,000 knives that have been used in knife crimes around the country. Many of the knives have writing calved into them which are messages asking for forgiveness to the victims and their families from the person who used the knife. The message is to try to eliminate knife crime in our local area and a knife amnesty box is next to it to encourage youngsters to surrender any weapons they may have. Most knife crimes occur by accident and it’s usually the person carrying a knife that becomes injured. Thank you to our WOW group members for delivering the important message of the Knife Angel to our school family. We hope this will discourage any of our children from carrying weapons when they are older. The Knife Angel will be at Blackburn Cathedral till 30th November if you are in the area and would like to admire it.

25 Nov

Year 2 PSHE: How to report bullying or other hurtful behaviour.

This afternoon In PSHE, we thought about the difference between teasing and bullying and explored different scenarios of both. We recorded ideas about what we can do to stop bullying and how to report it.

25 Nov

Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship this week, we have been discussing the news about one travel company ‘expedia’, who have banned all trips that include experiences with dolphins. We discussed why some people don’t agree with keeping dolphins and whales purely for entertainment.

24 Nov

Y4 Ask Themselves: Who Am I?

In Year 4 today, we marked the start of our linking schools project by thinking about who we are and what we like. We have been decorating bunting to send to our partner class at The Olive School in Blackburn. #TheLinkingNetwork

22 Nov

Interfaith Whole School Worship

In worship today we talked about the importance of having respect and tolerance for others, no matter what their beliefs. We are learning to celebrate each other’s differences.

19 Nov

Year 2 Supporting Children in Need

Year 2 have had a great day supporting and raising money for Children in Need!

19 Nov

Children in Need- Year 5

Year 5 love dressing up. We supported ‘ Children in Need’ by wearing something spotty.

19 Nov

Children in Need

This morning in Worship we focused on Children in Need and looked at what heroes are. We learnt that we can all be heroes by supporting children in need and by treating each other with kindness and respect. We then took part in a special workout quiz challenge with Joe Wicks. Thank you to everyone who dressed in spots today and donated to Children in Need via parent pay. Your generosity will help to change the lives of many children around the UK.

19 Nov

Reception Children in Need

Our Reception class put on their spots for Children in Need today. They loved listening to a Pudsey bear story and took part in a variety of Pudsey themed crafts.

19 Nov

Year 3 Children In Need

On Friday 19th November we had a Children in Need Day. All the children dressed in spots or Pudsey clothes and we thought about children who are less fortunate and how the Children in Need Charity helps them.

18 Nov

Year 4 stand against bullying

Check out our odd socks! Year 4 launched Anti-Bullying Week with a special worship on Friday and enjoyed showing off their uniqueness in odd socks on Monday.

18 Nov

Rock those socks - one kind word

Look at our Barnys bunch rocking their odd socks for Anti-Bullying Week.

18 Nov

Anti-Bullying - Year 5

As part of Anti- Bullying Week, the Year 5 children have watched a video, made a video and listened to a story ‘Mud Boy’ about bullying. We have also promoted ‘Odd Socks Day’ to celebrate our uniqueness. We believe kindness is infectious, it really can change someone’s day.

18 Nov

Reception: Anti-bullying week

This week in Reception, we have been sharing one kind word to each other! We have been spreading love, joy and kindness to each other! #OddSocksDay #Antibullyingweek

15 Nov

Anti-Bullying Worship

Today we launched anti-bullying week. The children today have all celebrated how they are unique by wearing odd socks. The children discussed what to do if somebody is being mean. “You can tell your parents…tell a teacher…tell your family.” We discussed what bullying means. It is about when somebody is mean on a number of occasions. This year's focus is ‘one kind word’. The children talked about lots of kind words “friendship, respect, kindness, care, joy.” This week, we are aiming to cause a ripple effect of kindness. If somebody is kind then this kindness could then spread to others. We did a Mexican wave of kindness. We shouted “hello, share, are you ok?”

15 Nov

One kind Word! Year 2 PSHE

This afternoon in PSHE, Year 2 have been sharing one kind word to each other! We thought about how kind words can spread and really make a difference to someone! #OddSocksDay #Antibullyingweek

15 Nov

Reception- Road safety

This week it is Road safety week. The children in Reception practised crossing the road safely. They all stopped, looked and listened. The children did really well and all had a go independently.

15 Nov

Odd socks day in Year 3

Year 3 began Anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks and acting out a variety of anti-bullying scenarios. We discussed the different situations and what we could do to stop bullying. All the children got involved and had lots of great ideas that they exchanged.

12 Nov

Anti Bullying Worship led by Year 4

Next week is the start of Anti-Bullying week and to highlight this, Year 4 led our worship this morning. The children discussed different types of bullying and the upset this causes. This year The Anti- Bullying Alliance want people to focus on “One Kind Word”. We hope that the children have made their messages clear and we can make a difference.

5 Nov

Celebration Worship- 5.11.21

Congratulations to our award winners in our Celebration Worship. It was wonderful to hear how all of the children have been living life in all its fullness this week. Remember the bonfire safety rules that we discussed as we would love to see all of you safely back to school on Monday.

4 Nov

Move and Learn - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the ‘Move and Learn’ session delivered by Elle from Blackburn Rovers. They have been learning about the importance of sport for our physical and mental health. We have been discussing and considering positive ways of reducing screen time and moving more.

4 Nov

Rotakids - Year 5

We now have a President ( Charlotte), Vice President ( Freya), Treasurer ( Bobby) and a Secretary ( Louie ) for Rotary Club. Year 5 have pledged to be fair to all, to serve their community and to show respect for others. Over the following weeks, we will have meetings to discuss and collate ideas and find ways to support our community.

20 Oct

Hello Yellow Day Fundraising and Colouring Competition

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to #HelloYellow Day to support Young Minds Charity. We managed to rise a fantastic £127.00. Also, congratulations to our Key Stage Winners for our Hello Yellow Day colouring competition. We had some fantastic entries, but we could only choose one winner and one runner up from each key stage.

19 Oct

Gambling Workshop : Year 5

Today in Year 5 and 6, we have had a visit from ‘BIGDEAL’. BigDeal is a place for young people to get information, and guidance about gambling. We had a chance to look at aspects of gambling and how we can make informed choices in the future.

14 Oct

Wellbeing Warriors

We would like to introduce you to our new ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ from Year 4. The Wellbeing Warriors will help to support PSHE ( Personal Social Health Education ) in school by promoting events such as Hello Yellow Day for mental health and Anti-Bullying Week with Odd Socks day which is coming up very soon. They will also meet weekly to discuss how we can improve our PSHE lessons, take part in pupil interviews and monitor scrapbooks. They can’t wait to start their new roles and we look forward to having them.

8 Oct

Hello Yellow Day for World Mental Health Day

What a wonderful #HelloYellow Worship we have had this morning. Year 4 really got the message across and raised awareness of mental health. We are so proud at St Barnabas to say we are working hard to make a difference to young people’s mental health @YoungMindsUK

8 Oct

Wellbeing Bingo

Year 2 have had lots of fun this morning playing Wellbeing Bingo for Hello Yellow Day! @YoungMindsUK #HelloYellow

8 Oct

Hello Yellow in Year 5

Year 5 have had a wonderful week this week. We have finished for the weekend by raising awareness of mental health. We hope you all have a fabulous weekend. #HelloYellow2021

8 Oct

Staff say 'hello yellow'!

Our amazing staff team dug their yellow clothes out of their wardrobe to celebrate 'hello yellow' day by bringing smiles to everyone's faces and raising money for young minds charity.

8 Oct

Year 3 say 'hello yellow'!

Year 3 have had a fantastic day celebrating hello yellow day. They created friendship chains and loved dancing along to the 'happy' song in Worship.

8 Oct

Reception say 'hello yellow'!

Reception loved our ‘Hello Yellow’ day and enjoyed designing their own ‘worry eggs’ - the children took these home to use when they are feeling worried to share their feelings. #HelloYellow2021 @YoungMindsUK

8 Oct

Year 2 dress in yellow for 'hello yellow day'

Year 2 have had such a great hello yellow day to raise awareness of mental health and raise money for @YoungMindsUK . #HelloYellow2021 #HelloYellow

7 Oct

Mental health chatterboxes

Year 5 have been awesome this week. We have made our own little chatterboxes to help us with our worries. We can take time out and do things that we enjoy doing, if we feel a little under the weather.

4 Oct

A very ‘Muddy Monday’ in Reception

Today, our Ducklings went on their first ‘Muddy Monday’ adventure in the local area. We explored Jack Keys reservoir. The children walked all of the way around the reservoir which took just over an hour. We were extremely impressed with how they showed our Christian values. They took risks, showed resilience and courage throughout the adventure. The children got stuck in the mud, splashed in muddy puddles and enjoyed climbing and balancing along the way! What a super start to the week!

4 Oct

Monday Mental Health Worship

Today in worship we talked about looking after our mental health. We looked at small feelings that change all the time and big feelings that stay with us and who we can go to for support when dealing with big feelings. We reflected on how we can show our Christian Value of friendship to our friends and be there to listen to them if they are dealing with big feelings. We also discussed how we can show courage and talk to someone we trust if we have big feelings.

24 Sep

Year 5 workshop with PC Ros

This morning, year 5 have taken part in a lesson delivered by PC Ros. We talked about reaching the age of criminal responsibility (10 years old). We all had an opportunity to ask lots of questions and listen to real life crimes. We discussed the consequences of such crimes for both the offender and the victim.

20 Sep

It's Recycle Week!

This morning in Worship we listened to a rhyming Bible story about how God created our world and wants us to care for it. We then learnt all about recycling with Mrs Ham and her team of human recycling bins. We had to sort all of her rubbish into the different recycling bins. We reflected on the rubbish that we throw away and how we can care for our World by reducing, reusing and recycling. We finished by praying and singing 'This is God's world, let's try to make it a better place'.

17 Sep

Grow your mindset assembly and workshops

We had an amazing assembly about growth and fixed mindsets, complete with a huge inflatable brain from Liz and Gemma at Grow Your Mindset. They have been working with all of our teaching team in staff training to develop their growth mindsets and now it was turn of our children.

17 Sep

Year 6 Resilience workshop

On Friday, Year 6 had the amazing pleasure of some grow your mindset training. As a class, we worked on resilience and understanding what resilience is and how we can be more resilient going forward.

17 Sep

Year 2 Growth Mindset Workshop!

On Friday, we took part in a growth mindset workshop. We looked at the differences between growth and fixed mindset and became neuron ninjas! This term, we will be looking at how we can grow our mindset and approach our learning with positivity!

16 Sep

Year 4's Positive Pants

This week in PSHE, we have been looking at celebrating what we are good at and how it makes us feel inside. We have been sharing three positives each day that we can take away with us. Our positive mental attitudes are shining through and we have been trying super hard to develop our growth mindset.

15 Sep

Growth Mindset Workshop- Year 5

Growth Mindset: This afternoon, Year 5 had a fabulous session learning about having a growth mindset. We also had a unique experience of walking into a huge brain which everyone found hilarious. Having a growth mindset allows you to improve your skills with effort and practice.

15 Sep

Reception Our Feelings

This week, Reception have been focussing on the book 'The Colour Monster.' We have been looking at how the colour monster changes colour when he feels a different emotion. The children have enjoyed expressing their feelings too!