20 Jun

Religious Education- Year 5

This afternoon in R.E, the children have been writing letters of encouragement, encouraging friends and family to come to the church.

16 Jun

Year 3 Class Worship - Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit

In Class Worship, Year 3 watched the story of Pentecost and wrote prayers to the Holy Spirit. They ended their worship by singing “Way Maker”.

14 Jun

Year 6 RE

Today during RE, year 6 have been thinking about the impact of how the Bible teachings can deepen our understanding of God. We then moved on to consider different perspectives, focusing on the story of ‘The tower of Babel’, how people of that time would react to the story compared to us today.

26 May

Year 3 Class Worship - Ascension Day

Year 3 watched a video clip of the story of Jesus’ Ascension into heaven when he returned to his Father. The children wrote some prayers and they ended the worship by singing “Shine”.

23 May

Reception’s Church Visit

Reception class really enjoyed their visit to St Barnabas church. They found lots of church artefacts such as stained glass windows, a font, an alter, a cross and an organ. The children made a cross to take home. Lillian then read a story to the children called ‘we are together’. A special thank you to Lillian and Glenda- the children loved their visit!

19 May

Year 3 Class Worship - Christian Aid Week

Year 3 watched the story of “The Good Samaritan” and thought about who their neighbour is. Everyone is our neighbour, no matter what their creed, race, colour or gender is. They listened to the words of the hymn “When I needed a neighbour”, wrote some prayers and ended the worship by singing “Chain of Love”. We can all do something to help a neighbour.

17 May

Bible Detectives- Religious Education- Year 5

This term in R.E, Year 5 are learning about the impact of Pentecost when Jesus left. To date, we have looked at the artwork depicting the event and analysed Peter's speech. This afternoon, the children were set up a challenge of being Bible detectives. They explored the book of acts and jotted down the key events related to the Pentecost.

16 May

Year 6 RE

Today Year 6 have taken part in a class discussion, thinking of words they would choose to describe God. They have then chosen which Art supplies they would like to create a card depicting their chosen word.

13 May

Year 1- Experiencing a Mock Baptism

This afternoon, Lillian welcomed us into St Barnabas Church to experience a baptism first hand. Lillian baptised baby Poppy and made the parents, godparents and other guests make promises to look after Poppy and teach her to be kind and respectful. We also made a promise to be good role models to her. Lillian showed us the font and blessed Poppy with the water to symbolise that she had been baptised. Lillian told us that it isn’t only babies that get baptised but you can in fact be baptised at any age. Lillian also showed us the baptism candle which represents the light of God and the baptism register which has all of the names of people that have been baptised in St Barnabas church for many many years. We said thank you to Lillian for showing us what happens at a baptism and making us feel so welcome. We then went back to school and had a little party to celebrate Poppy’s baptism. We sang the song ‘Shine From the Inside Out,’ enjoyed a drink of juice, a biscuit and played some fun party games.

12 May

Year 3 - RE - Comparing breaking rules to breaking the law and any consequences

Year 3 have been working in groups to consider the consequences of breaking rules to those of breaking the law. For example, would going to jail be a consequence of breaking a rule or the law?

6 May

Reception stained glass window

This afternoon in RE we have been looking at features of a church as it is a very special place for Christians. One of the features is stained glass windows, so we had a go at making our own in the creative area.

27 Apr

Year 4 - Questions About Ramadan

We absolutely loved seeing our friends from our link school, The Olive School, this week. We held a Q&A via Zoom so that we could ask them all about Ramadan and they asked us questions about Easter. We even sang ‘Oh When The Saints Go Marching In’ to them.

22 Apr

Year 3 PSHE - Earth Day

Year 3 have been exploring different ways that they can look after our planet Earth. They began by decorating a picture of the Earth with the things they love about it. Then they thought about what actions they could take to look after and protect the Earth.

21 Apr

Year 6 RE

Year 6 spoke about what the word ‘Messiah’ might mean to different people and why. Thinking about their own beliefs and the views of others.

20 Apr

Messy Church

A huge well done to our fantastic WOW group on running their first event! They did an amazing job of setting up and running our Easter Messy Church. They had great fun and they hope all those who attended did too.

19 Apr

Tuesday Collective Worship

Today, we recapped what happened at the last supper. Jesus gave a commandment on Maundy Thursday. He told everybody to “love one another as I have loved you”. Jesus also told everybody to live life in all its fullness. We should give our kindness to everybody, do good things and have fun! We watched ‘the super cool story of Jesus’. The video reminded us that Jesus gave his life and love so we can really live. Jesus came onto earth to show us how God loves. We discussed how we can live life to the full. Archie said “we can live in peace”, Emily said “we can live in harmony”, David said “we need to take care of ourselves”, Mason said “we can show love” and Ruby has cut her hair and given it to charity to spread kindness. Ruby also slept out to raise money for the homeless. She has shown how we can live life in all its fullness- we are very proud of how she has put other people first. We ended our worship by listening to a biblical story called ‘no more crying’. This week, we need to think about how we can love one another and how we can forgive others who may upset us. We also need to think about how we can live life in all its fullness.

9 Apr

Easter Artwork in Whitehall Park

Come along to the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park to see the lovely Easter Artwork created by the children at St Barnabas. Wishing you all a lovely Easter.

6 Apr

Easter Eggs for Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise (DARE)

A huge thank you to everyone who donated Easter Eggs to DARE (Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterpise). They were collected today and we were given these special thank you cards for our support to enable children in our community have a lovely Easter.

6 Apr

Easter Craft- Year 5

The Easter Bunnies have been getting ready for Easter. They have been making Easter baskets and Easter wreaths.

6 Apr

Happy Easter to our whole school family!

It wouldn't be Easter at St Barnabas without a visit from the Spring Chicken! Who do you think it was this year? Please click on the links to see the fun we had during our Easter singalong this afternoon. What a brilliant way to end such a wonderful term! Spring Chicken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neQs54K6Xec Give me oil in my lamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSHy7KNuEes We have a King who rides a donkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRaTXCw5Dko On behalf of all of our staff team I would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter half term holiday. See you all on Tuesday 19th April. Take care and God bless, Mrs Ham

5 Apr

Year 6 Rose garden walk

Today Year 6 had a walk up to the Rose Garden. Our school have displayed Easter Art work for the community to enjoy. Year 6 really enjoyed spotting the Art work they had created.

5 Apr

Year 3 - Easter Artwork

Year 3 walked to the Rose Garden at Whitehall Park to look at the amazing Easter Artwork on display.

4 Apr

Reception Muddy Monday

The rain didn’t stop our Muddy Monday! This week the children went to Whitehall Park to visit the rose garden. The rose garden has a selection of Easter art work that our whole school have created. The children really enjoyed looking at the different pieces.

4 Apr

Worship with the Kindness Coach

In our whole school worship this morning we welcomed the Kindness Coach, John Magee, in to talk about our kindness challenges over this half term. He was overwhelmed with all the kind acts we have been doing at St Barnabas and he spoke to us about continuing to be kind throughout our lives. Thank you to John for visiting our school.

4 Apr


Today Year 6 have had a respectful discussion regarding appropriate words they can use to describe Jesus, reflecting his actions. They then built on these words by giving an explanation to justify their opinion.

1 Apr

Easter Artwork in Year 4

The children have been working so hard on their Easter artwork over the past few weeks. We have looked at ‘Betrayal and Trust : Judas and Peter.

31 Mar

Easter Artwork- Year 5

In our R.E lesson this week, the children have explored a wide variety of pieces of artwork depicting the Easter story including ‘The Crucifixion’ by John Reilly and ‘ The Resurrection’. Following on from that lesson, the children created abstract art celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

30 Mar

Reception: Easter Story Writing

We have been practising our Phonics by rewriting parts of the Easter story. The children have tried really hard to apply their learning. Well done, we are really proud of you!

28 Mar

Palm Sunday Worship

Today we learnt about Palm Sunday. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he didn’t arrive in a fancy carriage but on a little donkey. People waved palm branches and were so pleased to see him. Many people gave him a warm welcome but some people were not impressed and were filled with feelings of jealousy. Mason said they could be feeling cross and Leonora said they could be angry. We helped Mrs Ham retell the story of Palm Sunday. Mrs Ham showed everybody a palm shaped as a cross. The crowd shouted Hosanna to welcome Jesus. Later in the week, leaders who were angry turned people against Jesus and he was crucified. This was all in God’s plan and on Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead. In times of sadness, we can all be kind to cheer everybody up. Our Wow group led our singing and we sang ‘ We have a king who rides a donkey’.

28 Mar

Judas betraying Jesus

Year 6 have used their Art printing skills in RE today. Using a painting which depicts Judas giving Jesus a kiss on the cheek, revealing his identity, which lead to his arrest.

23 Mar

Reception Class Mother’s Day Worship

Wow! A huge well done to our amazing Reception children for giving their mummies and grandmas a lovely Mother’s Day Worship yesterday. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. Mrs Ham definitely had to get the mop and bucket out afterwards. They were all incredibly brave to speak and sing in front of all those people, so they should be very proud of themselves.

23 Mar

Y4 Easter Art Sneak Peek

We’ve been busy in Year 4 preparing our Easter artwork for the Rose Garden this week. Look out for it in Whitehall Park soon. In the meantime, can you guess which parts from the Easter story we’ve been studying? Clue 1: the betrayal Clue 2: the kiss Clue 3: the cockerel

22 Mar

Year 6 RE

Year 6 have been learning more about the Jewish Festival of Passover this week in Religious Education.

15 Mar

Pray for Ukraine- Infants

Our infant classes have helped to create a community ‘Pray for Ukraine’ prayer space at the front of our school. Each child has tied a blue or yellow ribbon, a prayer they have written or a hand print to the railings. We are hopeful that members of our community and all of our school family will tie a ribbon and say a prayer for the people of Ukraine.

15 Mar

Pray for Ukraine- Juniors

Our juniors added their prayers of peace for Ukraine this afternoon to our community prayer space at the front of our school. We have left a box of ribbons for our parents, grandparents, carers and members of our community to add a ribbon and say their own prayer of peace for Ukraine.

14 Mar

Easter- R.E - Year 5

This afternoon in R.E, Year 5 started the lesson by having a discussion about the word ‘victory’. What comes to mind when they hear and read the word? Are winning and victory the same thing? We then looked at Greatest Sports Moments and talked about many athletes hope to win, but they also strive to beat their personal best and so, even if they come last, if it is their personal best, they have been victorious.

10 Mar

Year 1-Easter and New Life

Year 1 have been learning about new life in their RE lessons in preparation for linking it to the Easter story. We have been completing some jigsaws to show the life cycle of a frog and chicken, and we have also been sequencing and writing about the life cycles of butterflies and chickens. We have started to explore the Easter story and making links with new life for example Jesus dying and being in the tomb being similar to a seed deep in the ground, the chick being inside an egg or a chrysalis and Jesus rising from the dead being similar to a beautiful flower flourishing, a chick hatching from an egg or a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. Year 1 have also been making their own Easter gardens. They have been exploring ways to create the crucifixion, the tomb, the stone being rolled from the tomb and the resurrection. 

10 Mar

Year 6 R.E.

How does the Seder meal help Jews to remember the festival of Passover?

8 Mar

Year 6 RE- Passover

Year 6 have been continuing their work on Passover, here looking at the Seder meal and linking it to the Exodus.

7 Mar

Jesus as a Miracle Worker Worship

In Worship, we focussed on Jesus as a miracle worker. Today we read the story of ‘Jesus and the 5000’. Mrs Ham and the children acted the story out and we also watched a video. Jesus only had 5 loaves and 2 fish but thanks to the little boy sharing his food, Jesus performed a miracle and was able to feed 5000 people! During our reflection, we discussed the importance of sharing and giving to others. This is so important during Lent. Edward suggested that he would share his PlayStation with his siblings, Isaac suggested that we could share our money with charity, Kaylen suggested we could share our time and Dominic suggested we could share our kindness. At the end, Neve came to the front and shared her fundraising cake sale idea with the school to help those in Ukraine. It is a super idea and we can’t wait to buy lots of cakes to support her fundraising and to help those and give back. We also read some prayers about compassion that Year 5 wrote to remember all of those that are affected in Ukraine.

7 Mar

Pray for Ukraine

We have been having discussions in Year 6 regarding the current situation in the Ukraine. They decided to create some prayers which will be on display at the front of the school. We have been discussing how we are able to help those in need by donating clothes, toys and time.

4 Mar

Celebration Worship

This morning in our whole school worship, we celebrated all of the amazing things that have been happening across school this week. Each class shared highlights from the week, including world book day, kindness challenges and shrove Tuesday. We also shared special prayers for Ukraine and thought about how we can help those who are most in need at the minute.

4 Mar

Year 6 RE

In RE Year 6 have been discussing the events of Passover and considering their own significant events and why they are to be remembered.

2 Mar

Year 5 -Pray for Ukraine

This morning during our class worship we had a discussion about the conflict happening in Ukraine at the moment. We talked about how people are showing compassion to the those in Ukraine by giving them shelter, food and resources at this tough time. The class wrote their own prayers on the Ukraine flag.

1 Mar

Shrove Tuesday Worship

Today in Worship we found out about Lent. Today is the day before Lent called Shrove Tuesday. We discussed what we know about Lent. Leonora shared that “Jesus gave up food and water for 40 days”. We spent a little time reflecting on what we could give up during Lent. Jenson shared that he will give up popcorn, Aidan said he will give up squash and juice, William said that he will give up his phone and Ivy said that she will give up chocolate. This also links to our kindness challenge. During Lent we can give something back and show kindness. Ella has been tidying her house and getting herself ready so that she can be kind and help her family. We can all make a difference by showing kindness. As it is fair trade fortnight we also discussed how we could swap items for fair trade. To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Mrs Ham very kindly brought in pancakes for the whole school to enjoy!

23 Feb

Y4 Exploring Trust

In RE this week, our trust exercises really helped us to think about what trust is and what it means to be trustworthy. We also considered the impact of betrayal.

3 Feb

Year 3 Class Worship - Candlemas

Year 3 learnt about how Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the temple. That is what we remember on Candlemas Day which is celebrated on 2nd February each year. We wrote some prayers and we ended our worship by singing “Shine”.

2 Feb

Children’s Worship Conference

Mrs Ham had the pleasure of taking two of our Worship our Way (WOW) group members to a special children’s collective worship conference today at The Foxfields Country Hotel. The children can’t wait to share the amazing worship ideas with the rest of WOW group and our school family.

31 Jan

Whole-School Worship - Candlemas

Today in worship we learned about Candlemas, and the story of Anna & Simeon and their incredible patience as they waited for God’s Son. We discussed why Jesus is referred to as the light of the world and how we can be a light to others.

26 Jan

Year 1 Class Worship

Following on from Mrs Ham’s whole school worship on Monday, Year 1 learnt some more information about WWII and how the Jews were mistreated. We learnt that the Jews had little freedom and were banned from doing certain jobs, from having pets, from going to parks and restaurants, from schools and from riding a bike amongst lots of other things. We reflected on how this must have made them feel. We also read a book about Anne Frank and the children were shocked to find out that she and her family along with many other Jewish families had to stay in hiding for a long time in fear. We then sang a song about peace and thought about how we can help to make a kind and peaceful world. We talked about sharing our beautiful smiles, helping each other, greeting each other kindly and sharing with each other regardless of people’s race or religion. We finished with some beautiful prayers for those who lost their lives and were mistreated in WWII and praying for a more peaceful and kinder world. Well done Year 1.

25 Jan

Exploring Parables- Year 5

Today in our R.E lesson, Year 5 have been reading familiar parables and unpacking the imagery Jesus gives us of the Kingdom of God.

25 Jan

RotaKids Planting bulbs- Year 5

Our RotaKids have planted crocus bulbs in the centre of the cross-shaped flower bed in the school yard, ready for spring. Thank you to Darwen Rotary Club for helping us and supplying the bulbs and equipment.

24 Jan

Holocaust Memorial Day Worship

This week in our whole school and class worships, we are learning about the Holocaust and what we can learn from it. This morning we watched a video with some school children interviewing a survivor of the Holocaust, Stephen Frank. We learnt how he had such a happy life with his family until he was taken away to a concentration camp because he was Jewish. We reflected on what it must have been like to be taken away from your friends and family and to be treated so terribly. We then thought about how we can be strong, courageous and kind when we see people in our lives being treated cruelly. We then prayed for all of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. We were shocked to hear that if we had a minutes silence for each of the 6 million people who died then we would have to be silent for 11 and a half years.

24 Jan

Year 2 RE: Jesus heals a blind man!

This term in RE, Year 2 are exploring how Jesus was a friend to everyone. We have thought about what a miracle is and today, we looked at how Jesus performed a miracle, by healing a blind man. We also completed some blindfold games, to put ourselves in the shoes of Bartimaeus!

21 Jan

Year 1 Class Worship- Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks

Following on from Mrs Ham’s whole school worship earlier this week on Martin Luther King, Year 1 did some further learning and reflecting in their class worship time. We learnt about how black people were treated differently because they weren’t allowed to use the same toilets, same restaurants or go to the same schools as white people. We learnt about how black people had to sit at the back of the bus and give up their seats for white people. We thought about how this must have made the black people feel and we came up with the words heartbroken, sad, upset, angry and devastated. We also thought about how this would have made some of the white people feel having to leave the black people out as they didn’t have a choice and just had to do as they were told or they would be fined. We described Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks as amazing and brave people as they fought for the world to be a fairer place where black and white people could be friends and live in a more peaceful and kinder world. We thought about how this fairer world is a much better place to live. Well done Year 1 for super acting and reflection.

20 Jan

Year 4 - Prayer work

In RE, Year 4 used sorting cards and the process of elimination to decide what’s most important about prayer. They were absolutely brilliant at explaining their choices and challenging each other. They then decided on the 5 most important things to them.

20 Jan

Year 3 -Martin Luther King Jr Worship

During our class worship, we watched a video clip about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was an activist for civil rights. He peacefully demonstrated for equality between whites and coloured people in America. He said that everybody is equal no matter what their race, creed or gender is. We prayed for equality and finished with a hymn “Chain of Love”.

13 Jan

Celebration Worship

During our whole school celebration worship this morning, we thought about the different ways that we have welcomed people with open arms this week. Each class also shared the different ways that they have been living life in all it’s fullness this week!

10 Jan

Reflecting on Mary, Joseph and Jesus as refugees

In worship this morning, we reflected on how Mary, Joseph and Jesus were affected by having to flee to another country. It helped us to understand how refugees today might feel and think about how we can help them.

6 Jan

Year 3 Epiphany Class Worship

We celebrated the feast of the Epiphany today during our class worship. We watched a video by Bishop Philip who talked about the gifts that the three wise men gave Jesus- gold, frankincense and myrrh. He also told us that we have gifts / things that we are good at from God and that we need to “show” these gifts. We ended our worship by thanking God for our special gifts.

4 Jan

Our first worship of 2022: Epiphany

Today, we learnt about the Epiphany. An epiphany is like a lightbulb moment. The 3 wise men or 3 magi had an epiphany about Jesus being born. Mrs Ham read a story called ‘One hump, 2 humps’ which the children really enjoyed acting out. The wise men followed a star to find Jesus. When they arrived in Jerusalem, they asked King Herod where Jesus resides. King Herod was very worried and decided he wanted to meet Jesus. He asked the wise men to tell him where Jesus was. King Herod plotted to kill Jesus. When the wise men arrived at the stable, the wise men gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. In the night, the wise men dreamt about King Herod’s evil plan. They decided to not tell King Herod where Jesus was to protect him. The gifts that the kings gave Jesus were symbolic. Gold is a gift fit for a king; frankincense is a fragrance used by a priest and myrrh is a sweet liquid that is rubbed gently into someone who has died. This symbolises that the kings knew God’s plan. Mrs Ham asked the children to discuss what their special gifts are. These could be kindness, showing love and making people smile. The meaning of the epiphany is how everyone is important and God loves everyone.

17 Dec

Year 6’s Advent Adventure

Year 6 had a great time at the Rose Garden appreciating the advent artwork and singing Christmas songs.

17 Dec

Year 3’s Advent Adventure

Year 3 had a wonderful time on their advent adventure in Whitehall Park. They sang several Christmas songs too to get them in the festive mood!

16 Dec

Whitehall Park Visit - Reception

Reception have been out on a walk to the Rose Garden to see the Advent Art. We also had a sing song and a visit to the park!

15 Dec

The magical Christmas Jigsaw

We are so proud of Year 1 and 2 for their amazing performance of ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’. They were all super stars! ⭐️

15 Dec

Y4 on an Advent Trail

Y4 went on a walk to look at the beautiful St Barnabas Advent art. We also created an Advent trail for KS1.

14 Dec

Christmas Cards with RotaKids - Year 5

This year, RotaKids ( Year 5 ) have been spreading ‘Acts of Kindness ‘ across Lancashire, Blackburn with Darwen and South Cumbria by sending a Christmas Card ( E-Card) to care homes.

14 Dec

Year 1 Nativity

Our Year 1 children made us all so proud with their wonderful Nativity. They sang beautifully and said their lines clearly and with confidence. The parents and grandparents loved it. You are all superstars!

13 Dec

Rose Garden - Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 went up to the Rose Garden in Whitehall park. We were overwhelmed with the beautiful artwork that was displayed by our children. Before we left the park, we sang some Christmas songs based around the artwork to get everyone in the festive spirit.

10 Dec

Barny’s Advent Art!

Thank you to all the children who took part in our Advent Art competition and well done to the Winners; Daisy, Harry, Eliza and Kaycie! Everyone’s Art work was fantastic, and because of this, all of the Art work has now been put up on Display at Whitehall Park in the Rose Garden, so please visit if you can! Well done everyone ⭐️

9 Dec

Reception’s amazing Nativity!

Reception blew us all away with their fantastic Nativity Performance this week! The parents said how proud they were of the children and couldn’t believe the courage they showed in front of such a big audience. They sang their little hearts out and remembered their lines brilliantly. We are so proud of them - they are shining stars ⭐️

9 Dec

Year 3’s Advent Worship

In our class Worship we lit our second Advent candle and thought about those who might be feeling lonely this Christmas. We then prayed for them and thought about how we can show kindness to those who are feeling lonely.

6 Dec

Peace at Christmas worship

The second Sunday in Advent focuses on Peace. Today we have lit our second Advent candle. It is important to take a bit of time to have some peace during such a busy time of year. It is important to remember the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. We looked at a picture today and discussed what we can see. The children discussed how the animal looked “heartbroken…sad…lonely.” The artist painted this to reflect loneliness at Christmas. We discussed why people may feel lonely at this time of the year. The little girl on the picture is trying to encourage the animal to come down. The girl is showing the animal love and kindness. This week we will be focussing on how we can bring peace and how we can reach out to those who are lonely. Our Rota kids in Year 5 are going to be making cards for people in care homes and our choir will be singing at Whitehall park to bring some Christmas cheer.

6 Dec

The Christmas Story- Year 5

During our R.E lesson this afternoon, we have been Bible detectives finding the nativity story in the Bible. We then compared Luke’s and Matthew’s gospel by looking at similarities and differences.

2 Dec

Reception - Jesus walks on water!

In Reception the children have been learning more about the Miracles of Jesus. The children listened to the Miracle of Jesus walking on water to help his disciples. After that, they used the outdoor area to act out the story with their friends.

2 Dec

Year 1 RE- Giving to others

As part of their RE unit, Year 1 have been making their calendars in the independent creative area. Tomorrow they will be taking these home and gifting them to their families. Next week, we will be reflecting on how this act of giving has made us and our families feel. Additionally, we are now in December so we have had some kindness elves visit our classroom. Everyday, the kindness elves are leaving a gift to add to a hamper. In the last week of school, we will gift this hamper to our local refugees in the hope that it will make them smile and bring them some comfort over the Christmas period. Again, we will reflect on how this act of giving has made both us and those who receive it feel.

30 Nov

Advent worship with Rev Nick

Today we celebrated the start of advent with a visit from Rev Nick. He read us a Bible story about Zechariah and Elizabeth who had to wait a very long time to have a baby. We talked about patiently waiting and being hopeful as we lit the first candle of Advent. We reflected on how we can bring hope to others this Advent and sang 'Shine from the inside out'.

26 Nov

Knife Angel Message

Two of our WOW (Worship our way) group members told our whole school, in Worship on Friday, about the Knife Angel. They attended a conference at Blackburn Cathedral a couple of weeks ago and learnt about angels being special messengers and they particularly focused on the special Knife Angel. It is made up of over 100,000 knives that have been used in knife crimes around the country. Many of the knives have writing calved into them which are messages asking for forgiveness to the victims and their families from the person who used the knife. The message is to try to eliminate knife crime in our local area and a knife amnesty box is next to it to encourage youngsters to surrender any weapons they may have. Most knife crimes occur by accident and it’s usually the person carrying a knife that becomes injured. Thank you to our WOW group members for delivering the important message of the Knife Angel to our school family. We hope this will discourage any of our children from carrying weapons when they are older. The Knife Angel will be at Blackburn Cathedral till 30th November if you are in the area and would like to admire it.

24 Nov

Sacred Books- Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring the importance of sacred books in other religions. We have discussed differences and similarities. Looked at the language that the books are written in and the focus placed upon them.

22 Nov

Interfaith Whole School Worship

In worship today we talked about the importance of having respect and tolerance for others, no matter what their beliefs. We are learning to celebrate each other’s differences.

19 Nov

Reception Class Sikhism Workshop

Reception class loved learning all about Sikhism as part of our inter-faith week celebrations. They really impressed us with their amazing dance moves!

18 Nov

Year 2 Inter Faith Week Visit

This morning, Year 2 took part in a session all about Sikhism. We learnt about what Sikhs believe and The 5 Ks and Guru Nanak. The class showed lots of respect and asked some really thoughtful questions.

18 Nov

Year 6 Interfaith Workshop

Year 6 have had an interfaith class on Sikhism this morning, looking at Sikh traditions and dances. Year 6 were very respectful and participated with great maturity.

18 Nov

Interfaith Week-Sikhism

As part of our Interfaith Week, we have had a special visitor in today. Prags taught us all about Sikhism. We looked at the 5Ks- Kesh, Kara, Khanga, Kachera & Kirpan and what they all mean. We have loved learning about another faith and asking questions to find out even more.

18 Nov

Interfaith Week- Year 5

This afternoon we learnt all about Sikhism as part of Interfaith Week. Year 5 had lots of questions for Prags and they were very inquisitive. We finished the workshop with a dance that involved the whole class. A superb workshop.

18 Nov

Year 3 Interfaith Workshop

On Thursday 18th November we had an Interfaith Workshop focussing on Sikhism. We found out lots of information about the Sikh religion and we had a traditional Sikh dance too. It was fabulous!

18 Nov

Year 1- Interfaith Week

Thank you to Prags for visiting us during Interfaith Week and giving our Year 1 children an insight into Sikhism. They found out lots of new information about Sikhism and the Gurdwara.

14 Nov

St Barnabas Remembers

Our Year 6 heads and deputies plus Year 5 and 6 WOW group members paid their respects on Friday in a special remembrance service at Darwen Cemetery. They laid a wreath made of poppy prayers, remembrance poems and art work. Please remember to come along to the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park to see a selection of remembrance artwork from each class.

11 Nov

St Barnabas Remembers

Today we all met on our Junior yard to observe a special two minutes silence to remember the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We prayed for peace in our world and sang ‘a song of peace’. Several of our classes have visited the cemetery this week to pay their respects and have admired our Remembrance Day artwork in the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park. #wewillrememberthem

11 Nov

Year 2 Remembers

This afternoon on Remembrance Day, Year 2 paid their respects, by visiting the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park and viewing all of the beautiful remembrance art, created by each class in school. We also shared some special remembrance prayers with Year 4 and looked at some of the different war memorials in Darwen. The children were so respectful and we are so proud of their brilliant art work!

11 Nov

Reception Remembers!

Today the children have celebrated Remembrance Day by learning all about the meaning of poppies. They learnt that poppies are a symbol of the fallen soldiers from the war. To remember the soldiers, the children took part in taking 2 minutes of silence at 11 o,clock. We also said prayers for our soldiers together. Throughout the rest of the day, the children have been creatively making poppies in lots of different ways.

11 Nov

Remembrance Day Art

This afternoon we have created some wonderful pieces of artwork in Year 3. The children choose their favourite piece from two designs and then set to work on their own version. We used charcoal and pastels to add depth which is very effective.

11 Nov

Remembrance Day - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the walk to Darwen Cemetery and the Rose Garden. We spent some time looking at the war graves and the Remembrance Wall. It was a lovely opportunity to remember the people who have died in wars around the world.

11 Nov

Year 4 & Year 2 visit the Rose Garden

We loved our walk to the Rose Garden for Remembrance Day today. We chose our favourite poppy art, read poems and said prayers for those who have lost their lives due to war. A very peaceful, reflective afternoon.

10 Nov

Planning a Recount

Yesterday in English, we started our plan for our recount - to write a diary entry about our visit to Darwen Cemetery to look at the memorial and war graves. We ordered the photos that were taken on our walk and then wrote sentences next to these about what we want to include in our diary, including thoughts and feelings and time words.

10 Nov

Year 4 and the Sabbath

Year 4 have been singing, dancing, eating, drinking and reflecting on their week - all in the name of Shabbat. We have loved learning about the Jewish day of rest.

8 Nov

Remembrance Day Walk

In Year 3 we walked to Darwen Cemetery to look at the war graves and Remembrance Wall. We spotted different war graves across the cemetery of fallen soldiers from both the First and Second World wars. We also noticed that many of the soldiers who died were very young. Lest we forget ❤️

6 Nov

Remembrance in the Rose Garden

Well done to all of our children for their wonderful Remembrance Day Artwork that has been displayed in the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park for you all to enjoy. Thank you Mrs Govan for organising this and to our teachers for their creative ideas. We will remember them.

3 Nov

Year 3 Remembrance Art

Year 3 have been working hard on their Art work for Remembrance Day. They have used acrylic paint to decorate the bottoms of bottles and then some more paper versions using pointillism.

26 Oct

Thank you for your generosity this Harvest!

Thank you so much for your generous donations for Harvest this year. Darwen Asylum & Refugee Enterprise (DARE) were overwhelmed with your support and generosity. The donations were created into care packages along with the children’s maps of the local area, welcome to Darwen posters, prayers and poems which enabled refugees to receive a warm welcome to Darwen.

21 Oct

Hooray for Harvest!

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were amazing in our Harvest Festival today. Thank you to all those who attended or donated generous gifts of food or toiletries for local refugees. We were fortunate to be joined by John, Patsy and Shameem from DARE (Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise) who have taken all of your donations, the children’s welcome posters, local maps, prayers and poems. They will be sorted into parcels for refugees who have joined our community in order to give them a warm welcome and will also be shared with others in need in our community. We heard a harrowing account from Shameem, who fled from Afghanistan seven years ago due to being persecuted as a female teacher there. She has only just managed to get two of her children here seven years later and they are now attending our local high school and are being supported by one of our past pupils, who remembers Shameem visiting St Barnabas several years ago. We are so thankful for the work that John and Patsy are doing to support people in our community who are in need and so grateful for your donations. We are so proud of our children for showing our Christian Values of generosity, friendship and respect through the warm welcome they have shown refugees through their prayers, poems, welcome posters, maps and songs.

21 Oct

A huge Harvest thank you!

Thank you so much for your generosity this Harvest! We were overwhelmed with your kind donations of food, clothes and toiletries for DARE (Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise). They were presented to John, Patsy and Shameem from DARE. Thank you for helping to make a difference!

19 Oct

EYFS and KS1 Harvest Worship

Today, our infants led our Harvest worship. They were all superstars and they explained the importance of Harvest. Thank you to all who came to watch.

19 Oct

Year 2 Harvest Poetry

Over the past few weeks, Year 2 have been learning about harvest in English and have written their own acrostic poems around the theme of Harvest. During our KS1 worship this morning, Year 2 performed some of their poems and talked about the meaning and importance of Harvest!

15 Oct

The Jewish Festival of Sukkot in Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about Sukkot. They have been thinking about how the Jews were held as slaves long ago and they’ve been building Sukkahs just as many Jewish people still do today.

13 Oct

Year 4 RE: Research Using QR Codes

Year 4 have had great fun using QR codes in their RE research this week. They have been finding out about people who stand up to authority to protect our world and the people in it.

12 Oct

Year 6 Pilgrimage

In year 6, we have been learning about the pilgrimage of Hajj in Islam. The children have learnt about how and why Muslims go on Hajj and been extremely respectful when broaching this subject.

6 Oct

Reception: Exploring our differences in RE

During RE, we have been looking into how God has made us all special and unique. The children were able to discuss and understand what makes us all different. Hair colour, eye colour, and skin colour were the main differences in which the children could identify. However, after looking very closely at our palms through magnifying glasses, the children could see how we all had different hand and thumb prints which make us even more special to our God.

29 Sep

Year 5- Learning all about the Bible

Year 5 had a wonderful session with Rev David and Lorraine, this afternoon.We invited them into our classroom to tell us what they know about the Bible. They were able to answer so many of our questions which we had prepared as a class. We also had a chance to explore different Bibles.

29 Sep

Hooray for Harvest!

Year 3 have been learning all about how Christians celebrate the Harvest Festival. They are looking forward to our upcoming Harvest Festival and have started collecting toiletries to give to refugees in our community, to give them a warm welcome and show them our generosity and friendship.