Following on from Mrs Ham’s whole school worship earlier this week on Martin Luther King, Year 1 did some further learning and reflecting in their class worship time. We learnt about how black people were treated differently because they weren’t allowed to use the same toilets, same restaurants or go to the same schools as white people. We learnt about how black people had to sit at the back of the bus and give up their seats for white people. We thought about how this must have made the black people feel and we came up with the words heartbroken, sad, upset, angry and devastated. We also thought about how this would have made some of the white people feel having to leave the black people out as they didn’t have a choice and just had to do as they were told or they would be fined. We described Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks as amazing  and brave people as they fought for the world to be a fairer place where black and white people could be friends and live in a more peaceful and kinder world. We thought about how this fairer world is a much better place to live. Well done Year 1 for super acting and reflection.