23 Jun

Year 2 D.T: Wacky Windmills!

During the summer term in D.T, Year 2 have been learning all about the purpose uses of windmills. We completed some market research to look at the different types of windmills and the materials that are used to make them. We then spent some time designing our own windmills and thinking about the materials that we could use the make them. This week, the class brought their designs to life and made their own windmill's using classroom materials and their own designs. We then evaluated our windmill's and thought about what we might do differently next time, to ensure our bases are strong and sturdy.

27 May

D.T Club- Textiles - Years 3,4 and 5

Fun in D.T Club! The task was to design and make a small printed cushion cover based on the initial of the end user, which can be used in our homes. I am super proud of what they have made. They have all worked extremely well by supporting and helping each other.

26 May

Reception Smoothie Bike Visit

Reception enjoyed using the special bike to blend different fruits to create a delicious smoothie. Dean talked about why fruit is healthy for us and which fruits are good to use for smoothie drinks. The children took turns on the bike to blend the fruit and each had a taste of their creation.

19 May

Year 4 DT - Ancient Egyptian Weaving

As part our our DT project we have been learning the art of weaving. Today we mastered paper weaving and then started on a fabric weave. The children learnt how to use a shuttle and add their selected threads in traditional Egyptian colours.

12 May

Year 2 D.T: Pinwheels!

This week in Year 2, the class followed a set of instructions, to make their own pinwheel. We have been thinking about how windmill's use the wind's speed to provide energy and the children made their own pinwheels, to see how to make sails and to mimic a real windmill!

3 May

Year 2 D.T: Wacky Windmills!

This week in D.T, Year 2 explored how to make strong bases. The class were given a selection of materials in groups and had a go at making a structure, using lolly sticks, glue and string. We thought about why it is important for buildings to have strong bases and in the coming weeks, we will be designing our own windmill's.

29 Apr

Food technology- Serve a Salad- Year 5

Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 5 have been learning about different types of salads and ingredients used in salads around the world. They have been learning about healthy eating (with a focus on fibre) and practising using food preparation skills, including the bridge hold and claw grip, safely and hygienically. They have tasted food from other countries to help give them new experiences and flavour ideas which then led to them making a healthy salad for a friend. Prior to this, they created a questionnaire to research the requirements and preferences of their salad recipient.  This afternoon, they made a salad for their friend and they were reminded to be as accurate as possible with their preparation. Thinking about the appearance, size and shape of the ingredients they are preparing. They then ate their salad with their friends and evaluated their design against the design criteria and feedback from others.

21 Apr

Reception - Migration and Bird feeders

This afternoon, we have been learning about Migration, where in the Winter, flocks of birds fly to warmer countries like Africa to find sources of food and new homes. Then when Spring arrives in the UK, the birds fly back here. We wanted to welcome the birds back to the UK by making bird feeders and hanging them in the trees in the school grounds. The children are very excited to see which birds will arrive to nibble on their treats.

21 Apr

D.T- Textiles- After School Club

Our first lesson went extremely well. We first drew our initial letter on a 3x3 squared paper. We then looked at different types of stitches; zig zag stitch, cross stitch, blanket stitch and the running stitch. The children thought the running stitch was the ideal one to to practice which they all tried independently.

19 Apr

Darwen Rotary Club - Create a gift for the Queen Competition

Good Morning, As you can see from the poster, we have a fantastic competition being run by Darwen Rotary Club, and we would love for the children in our school to take part. We are inviting the children to create a gift for the Queen to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, this is to be completed at home. The gift can be of any style they wish. We are looking for originality and inspiration from the children. Possible ideas are a poem, a song, a model, a piece of artwork - the list goes on! Please can all gifts be completed and brought into school ready for judging by Wednesday 11th May. We will judge the best 10 pieces for KS1 and the best 10 for KS2 and then arrange for a Rotarian to call into school and choose the final 3 winners for each category. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places from each Key Stage. All the winning entries from each school will then go on display in Darwen Market Hall on the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend, and on Saturday 4th June, 2 overall winners (1 for KS1 and 1 for KS2) will be selected from all the 1st place entries and the winners will win a tiled mural for their school! This is a very exciting opportunity and we would love for our children to get involved, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing some fantastic gifts for the Queen! Mrs Govan- Art and Design Leader

6 Apr

Easter Craft- Year 5

The Easter Bunnies have been getting ready for Easter. They have been making Easter baskets and Easter wreaths.

31 Mar

Year 1- Making our Breakfast Pots.

This afternoon, Year 1 got to work on making their breakfast pots for their friend. First they had to follow some important hygiene routines such as rolling up their sleeves or taking their jumpers and cardigans off, tying back longer hair, taking off any watches, putting their aprons on and washing their hands. Using their design sheets from the previous lesson, they then got to work preparing their ingredients safely and hygienically. This involved using the bridge and fork secure cutting techniques that they had previously learnt and layering up the various parts of their pots (yogurt, cereal and fruit). Finally, they gave them to their friend to enjoy. 

30 Mar

Reception DT

Some of our children decided to build their own racing track. They worked together as a team and solved problems along the way. Our class enjoyed using the track to find out which car was the fastest on the track!

30 Mar

Reception Junk Modelling

The children have created an ambulance and fire engine. They collected recyclable materials and built their chosen vehicles. Super work!

30 Mar

Year 1- Food Tasting and Planning and Designing our Breakfast Pots.

As our D&T unit for this half-term, Year 1 are working towards making a breakfast pot for a friend. Today, they food tasted some ingredients such as grapefruit, redcurrants, blackcurrants, pineapple, apricots, peaches, shreddies, special flakes and weetabix. The children then had to create a checklist of the ingredients that their partner did and didn’t like to inform the planning and designing of the breakfast pot they were making for them. As well as this, they had to include at least 3 of our 5 a day to ensure that it was healthy. Year 1 can’t wait to get making them next lesson.

25 Mar

Year 1 D&T- using the fork secure technique and the bridge hold technique to cut fruit.

As part of their D&T unit, Year 1 learnt some new techniques for cutting fruit today. They learnt how to cut strawberries using the bridge hold technique and how to cut pear slices using the fork secure technique. They listened really well and performed the two techniques very carefully. They can’t wait to apply their skills next week as they prepare and make their breakfast pot of fruit and yogurt. Well done Year 1.

25 Mar

Cooking and Nutrition- Year 5

Year 5 had the opportunity to practice some food skills in this lesson. We first watched the food skills videos ( peel, chop and grate) and then practiced them. The food that the children prepared was then used to create a salad bar which they were able to taste from at the end of the lesson.

18 Mar

Design and Technology - Cooking and nutrition

This term in D.T, Year 5 have been learning about different types of salads and ingredients used in salads around the world. They have been learning about healthy eating ( with a focus on fibre), researching different salads and finding salads which originate from other countries. Over the new few weeks, they will be practicing using food preparation skills, safely and hygienically then designing and making a salad for tea.

17 Mar

Design Technology

Year 6 have been using paper to test strength in design and technology.

17 Mar

Hybrid text- Year 5

Year 5 has been inspired by Professor Branestawm inventions and have come up with ideas for their own designs. They have worked exceptionally well and produced some amazing writing: an explanation text, information text and a persuasive text ( hybrid text).

7 Mar

Year 3 Science - How muscles work

Year 3 Science - We have made models of how muscles work in an arm, either by contracting or relaxing when we lift or straighten our arm.

26 Feb

Junior Bake Off

Do you know any young budding bakers between 9-12 years old?

21 Feb

Superheroes topic launched in Reception!

Today we have launched our brand new Superheroes topic in Reception. We read the story of Supertato. The evil pea has been causing lots of trouble for the teachers in Reception. The children have created their own Supertato characters and have been designing jails and capes to defeat the evil pea. The evil pea has been hiding all day in our classroom but our Superheroes have been brilliant at locating him! What a super start to the new half term!

7 Feb

Year 3 - DT making a healthy sandwich

In DT we have been using our knowledge of healthy eating from Science in order to design and make a healthy sandwich.

3 Feb

Year 2 D.T: Astronaut Puppets!

This term in D.T, Year 2 have been busy designing their own glove puppets. The class have made a great start with their puppets, by choosing their felt and making a template. This week, we will be carefully sewing our templates together and decorating our puppets, using our own designs!

21 Jan

Be a Baker - Our Finished Product

Here is our final product - we have bread! We have different varieties such as knotted bread, plaited bread and hedgehog bread. It was delicious and we can’t wait to make more.

20 Jan

Be a Baker - Food Technology

Today we have been completing our food technology lessons on how to ‘ Be a Baker”. Over the last few weeks we have done bread testing sessions, identifying what foods we eat have flour in them ( you’d be surprised) and today we became actual bakers and created our own samples. We used different techniques to make them and we can’t wait to taste the end product tomorrow.

7 Jan

Bread tasting

Year 4 had lots of fun tasting different types of bread for the start of their design and technology unit. They are looking forward to designing and making their own bread shortly.

17 Dec

Year 3 DT- Christmas Photo Frames

Wow, look at Year 3’s fabulous Christmas photo frames that they designed and made in their design and technology lessons. They are available to purchase on parent pay.

17 Dec

Festive sausage rolls- Y6 DT

Yesterday Year 6 made their very own festive sausage rolls, we were blown away with their enthusiasm and eagerness to try new food combinations and preparation techniques. We certainly have some keen young chefs in our class. Well done Year 6!

15 Dec

Year 2 D.T

Year 2 has a fantastic afternoon making their Christmas fruit kebabs! The children used their designs whilst making the kebabs and we also used the bridge and claw cut whilst preparing our fruit. The class used all of the equipment safely and responsibly and enjoying seeing their designs come to life!

14 Dec

Reception: making Reindeer food

This week we have learnt all of the names of Santa’s reindeer. We have looked at what reindeer look like and what they eat. We have made some magical reindeer food to take home. The children followed the instructions carefully to make their reindeer food. They can’t wait to sprinkle it outside their houses on Christmas Eve night!

13 Dec

Seasonal Stockings Complete ✅

Here they are in all of their glory! Seasonal Stockings complete✅ We are so proud of the effort they have put in to these- well done Year 4 you absolute superstars

9 Dec

Festive T- Shirt - Year 5

As part of our D.T project this term, year 5 have designed and made their very own Christmas T-Shirts. We have used a wide range of fabric, festive motifs and fabric paint. We have applied techniques that involve a small number of steps such as, threading a needle, remembering to tie a knot and cutting around our patterns carefully.

9 Dec

Seasonal Stockings Update

Another productive day making our seasonal stockings. We have added decorations such as felt presents and Santa, ribbons and bells. We can’t wait to see the finished article next week.

9 Dec

Christmas photo frames in DT

In design and technology we have been busy designing and making Christmas photo frames to sell at our Christmas event.

2 Dec

We Did It! Year 5

Congratulations! Year 5 have completed a six week programme with ‘Move and Learn’. The coaches were overwhelmed with their passion and dedication to the classroom, outdoor sessions and homework. They have learnt about what physical activity is, the benefits of moving and how you can keep hydrated and have a balanced and varied diet. We are super, super proud of them!

2 Dec

Another fabulous day making our seasonal stockings

So today we have mastered the art of sewing extra pieces onto the front of our stockings. We were blown away by how much perseverance the children showed! We can’t wait to share the finished product with you very soon.

30 Nov

Design and Technology- Year 5

On Friday, Year 5 learnt the fundamental skills of threading a needle, tying a knot and creating a running stitch. This will help us over the next few weeks when we stitch our designs made out of felt, sequins, buttons and other accessories onto our Christmas t-shirt.

29 Nov

Year 2 D.T

On Friday, Year 2 had a busy afternoon planning and designing their own Christmas fruit kebabs. We looked at some images of fruit kebabs and came up with our own designs. We also decided which fruits would be the most suitable and how much our fruit kebabs will cost!

25 Nov

Year 1- Decorating our Fire Engines

This afternoon, Year 1 added the final touches to their fire engines as part of their D&T unit. They checked that they had included all the key features of a fire engine such as a hose, ladder, windscreen and siren before painting them.

18 Nov

Year 1- Designing and Making Fire Engines

Year 1 have had an afternoon of designing and making their fire engines in D&T. They decided on their body of fire engine and then planned out what materials and items they were going to use for the, headlights, ladder, windscreen, door and hose to decorate their fire engine. Finally, they joined them together using sellotape, masking tape, staples and glue. Now they need to add the finishing touches such as paint.

11 Nov

Year 1 Design and Technology

As part of our making fire engines D&T unit, Year 1 have been exploring how to make the base of their fire engine using wheels, axles, washers and a chassis. We can’t wait to make the body of our fire engine next week.

4 Nov

Super Seasonal Stockings -DT

What a great start we have had to our new DT project- Seasonal Stockings. The children have investigated and developed their ideas after looking at various samples. Following this, they chose their favourite examples and started the design process .

21 Oct

Creative Minds

This model of Darwen Tower was built in our peace garden, using wooden planks.