27 Jun

Darwen Library- Summer Reading Challenge 2022

This morning, Angela who works at Darwen library visited school to invite us all to participate in ‘The Summer Reading Challenge 2022.’ The challenge is free of charge and involves children reading 6 library books between 1st July and 30th September, including picture books and audio books. There are various prizes awarded for each book that is read and returned, and those who complete the challenge will receive a certificate and a medal. If your child completes the challenge, we would love for them to be bring these into school so that we can present them during whole school celebration worship. Anglea told us that there is something for everyone at the library. However, if there is a specific book that the children are looking for but they don’t have it, it’s her promise that they will get it for them on request. If your child does not yet have a library card, the library can quickly and easily enrol them as a library member for free and no ID is required. Children without library cards may still join the Summer Reading Challenge, please enquire at Darwen Library about this. We hope that as many of our children as possible will take on the challenge. Happy reading!

23 Jun

Year 2 English: Making predictions!

In year 2, our topic this term is 'Beside the Seaside'. This week in English, we started a brand new unit. The class were given the book cover for the story that we will be exploring over the next couple of weeks. The children then made their own Title predictions, based on evidence from the front cover. The class are so excited to find out the Title of the story and explore the main character!

22 Jun

Year 6 watch Matilda in the West End

Year 6 enjoyed a lovely meal together in Covent Garden and watched some of the street entertainers. They then watched Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre in the West End. We had the first four front rows so were so close to the stage. The children’s faces were priceless as they were so mesmerised by the production and in particular the child actors and actresses. We hope it’s given them some ideas and confidence for their Oliver production.

21 Jun

Year 3 English - Drama - Hot seating

Year 3 have been inferring the Hare’s thoughts and feelings from the fable “ The Hare and The Tortoise”. Today they thought of questions to ask the Hare in role during a Hot-seating activity.

16 Jun

Year 3 English - Fables

In English, Year 3 have been retelling the story of The Hare and The Tortoise to each other using sequenced pictures as a prompt.

14 Jun

Poetry- Year 5

The children have been comparing poems and explaining their preferences. They have been identifying where they differ and are similar by giving a deeper appreciation and understanding of them. Thinking about the ways in which the poets have approached their subject matter.

14 Jun

Story and Craft Club

In story and craft club, we listened to a book called, ‘The Night Before Father’s Day.’ We discussed the special people in our lives and how we can make them feel loved. We then created a card for them.

18 May

Year 4 - Investigating Information Texts

In our English lessons, Year 4 have been looking at the structure of information texts and identifying key features.

12 May

Year 4 Information Texts - Ancient Egypt

We have been looking at Information texts in English this week. We have started our sessions by looking at key elements of texts and summarising key information under headings such as mummification, gods, Tutankhamen and the pyramids.

10 May


The children have all enjoyed their pre SATS continental breakfast this morning. We have been blown away by their calm demeanours and positive attitudes towards this week, you are all absolute superstars!

4 May

Reception Writing

Reception have been really blowing our socks off with their writing. This week in the mark making area, they have been labelling baby farm animals. They have been sounding out the words and using the sound mats to help them write more independently.

28 Apr

Year 2 English: Editing and improving our work!

Over the past few weeks, Year 2 have been busy writing their own diary entries, from the character 'Kevin's' perspective, in the story 'The Koala who Could'. We have been working on improving and editing our work in class. The children worked in pairs to roll the dice and select a particular diary entry feature to check.

27 Apr

Year 6 English

Year 6 have been working hard on Editing their setting descriptions, their have had to ensure all learning practice is appropriately included in their writing.

21 Apr

Year 4- Using drama to improve a piece of narrative

In English, we have been looking at The Black Hat by Maia Walczak. Today we used drama to reenact the part where the boy wades through the deep, dark woods and then finds a mysterious hat. What will happen? Who knows?

21 Apr

English- Year 5

In English, we have been reading and analysing the book ' The Invention of Hugo Cabaret'. This week, we summarised the story so far in small groups.

21 Apr

Year 2 visit Darwen Library

Year 2 really enjoyed listening to a story and learning about how they can become a member of Darwen Library.

19 Apr

Darwen Rotary Club - Create a gift for the Queen Competition

Good Morning, As you can see from the poster, we have a fantastic competition being run by Darwen Rotary Club, and we would love for the children in our school to take part. We are inviting the children to create a gift for the Queen to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, this is to be completed at home. The gift can be of any style they wish. We are looking for originality and inspiration from the children. Possible ideas are a poem, a song, a model, a piece of artwork - the list goes on! Please can all gifts be completed and brought into school ready for judging by Wednesday 11th May. We will judge the best 10 pieces for KS1 and the best 10 for KS2 and then arrange for a Rotarian to call into school and choose the final 3 winners for each category. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places from each Key Stage. All the winning entries from each school will then go on display in Darwen Market Hall on the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend, and on Saturday 4th June, 2 overall winners (1 for KS1 and 1 for KS2) will be selected from all the 1st place entries and the winners will win a tiled mural for their school! This is a very exciting opportunity and we would love for our children to get involved, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing some fantastic gifts for the Queen! Mrs Govan- Art and Design Leader

31 Mar

Year 6 Writing

Year 6 have been building their writing skills by incorporating figurative language. They were encouraged to edit their own work, making improvements where needed.

31 Mar

Year 1- Exploring Information Books

Year 1 have been reading information books, finding the answers to questions in information books and exploring the features of information books. They looked for the headings, captions, fact boxes, index, glossary and contents page. They are now working on their own information books to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the Victorians.

31 Mar

Year 1 Phonics

In the phonics area, some of the children have been independently practising the reading of words with the ai, ay, a-e and ey graphemes as this is what they’ve been learning in their phonics sessions.

31 Mar

Reading and Writing- Year 5

Year 5 have been mesmerised by our new book ‘ The Invention of Hugo Cabret’. The book is beautifully and illustrated by Brian Selznick. Throughout the week, the children have been annotating their own picture from the story inferring and deducing about what they think is happening. The children have also created a semantic map to help with their unknown vocabulary.

30 Mar

Reception: Easter Story Writing

We have been practising our Phonics by rewriting parts of the Easter story. The children have tried really hard to apply their learning. Well done, we are really proud of you!

28 Mar

Science- The Digestive System

In science today, Year 4 have worked so hard to produce some amazing, informative posters on the digestive system. The standard of their work was fantastic! Each child worked on a key function, finding information from their books, key texts and chrome books. They also added diagrams to explain.

22 Mar

Reception- Author visit

Reception really enjoyed their visit from the author and illustrator Sean Perkins today. The children loved listening to his picture book ‘Oscar and Ben,’ meeting the characters and joining in with a song about the book.

21 Mar

Author and Illustrator Sean Perkins visits St Barnabas

Today, Year 1 and Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the local author and illustrator Sean Perkins. The children absolutely loved listening to his picture book ‘Oscar and Ben,’ meeting the characters and joining in with a song about the book. The children described the characters as mischievous, cheeky and sneaky as they got up to lots of mischief on their adventures.

18 Mar

Year 3 English - Drama

Year 3 English - using Drama to explore the thoughts and feelings of the main character, Omri, in “The Indian in the Cupboard”.

18 Mar

The Balaclava Boy

In our English sessions we have been reading ‘The Balaclava Boy’ for stories with dilemmas. Today we have been looking at inferring how characters feel and what they may be thinking at certain points in the story. We even had a visit from a real life balaclava boy.

17 Mar

Hybrid text- Year 5

Year 5 has been inspired by Professor Branestawm inventions and have come up with ideas for their own designs. They have worked exceptionally well and produced some amazing writing: an explanation text, information text and a persuasive text ( hybrid text).

11 Mar

English - Persuasive Leaflets about Darwen

We have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to develop our understanding of persuasive texts. Today we added the final touches to our Darwen leaflets, checking that we have used persuasive devices and created interesting content, which is appealing to the audience. Thank you to Mrs Ham and our Head and Deputy Girls for deciding on two overall winners. Well done to Oscar and Wilson. Every single child produced a quality piece of writing which they should be very proud of. They included many of the landmarks or places of interest in Darwen after researching them.

10 Mar

World Book Day

Developing setting descriptions using ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker as a stimulus. Using printing skills to produce a collaborative piece of art work to illustrate our chosen setting.

4 Mar

Year 1- World Book Day

Year 1 enjoyed World Book day yesterday. As a whole school, we were focusing on the story ‘Journey by Aaron Becker.’ In the story the girl visited lots of settings such as a medieval city and the woods. Year 1 brainstormed ideas for their own settings. They came up with ideas such as a water park, a cave, a fairground, a toy museum, and a jungle. They even came up with ideas that meant that we would need to go back in time such as the Victorian times and the time when dinosaurs were alive. Eventually, we settled on a candy land. They then brainstormed ideas for getting to their destination. The girl in the video used a hot air balloon, boat and magic carpet. Year 1 came up with lots of ideas such as a witch’s broomstick, a zip line, a quad bike, a helicopter, a unicorn and a surfboard. We decided on a quad bike. Year 1 then did a piece of collaborative artwork to showcase their candy land setting and wrote some wonderful descriptive phrases to describe the setting using adjectives. Year 1 also took part in the whole school competition and decorated their own bunting with their favourite book. We had bunting decorated with The Gruffalo, Oi Frog, The Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Day the Crayon’s Quit, The Scarecrows’ Wedding, Funny Bones, The Runaway Pea, Rumpelstiltskin, Lost and Found, Stickman and Peace at Last. We can’t wait to have our bunting displayed in the library. We are hoping that it will encourage other children to choose our favourite book and take it home to read as their library book. 

4 Mar

Librarians- Whole School Competition

Today at lunchtime, our librarians judged our whole school World Book Day competition which was to decorate bunting with your favourite book. They were blown away by so many wonderful efforts and found it very difficult to pick one winner per year group. However, they are have all been displayed In our library. We had a wide variety of books such as Stick Man, The Gruffalo, The Scarecrows’ Wedding, Oi Frog, The Snail and the whale, Dog Man, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Naughtiest Unicorn, The 39-Storey Treehouse, Harry Potter, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beast Quest, Tom Gates, The Spy Who Loved School Dinners and many others. A great effort by our whole school- well done!

4 Mar

Whole School World Book Day Display

We have created a display in the library to showcase all of the wonderful work that our whole school produced on World Book Day. Each class created a setting inspired by the story ‘Journey by Aaron Becker,’ and described this setting using descriptive phrases. As we look at the writing produced from Reception to Year 6, we can see more ambitious vocabulary being used and more complex language features. KS1 worked hard to create noun phrases and Year 2 used there’s in a list using commas. As we move into KS2, we can see language features such as similes, metaphors, expanded noun phrases and onomatopoeia.

3 Mar

World Book Day Assembly

Miss Flynn, our Reading leader led a special World Book Day Assembly this morning. We watched a special voucher rap and learnt how we can get free books using our World Book Day voucher and Miss Flynn shared her top suggestions for each year group. We then looked at a wordless story called The Journey by the Aaron Becker. The little girl in the story had a magic red pencil that she used to draw different types of transport that took her on a magical journey. Miss Flynn challenged each class to create their own St Barnabas journey and to use their imaginations to create their own settings and form of transport. We can’t wait to see what they produce as we had some amazingly imaginative ideas during our assembly. Our library leaders told everyone about a favourite book bunting competition that every child will take part in today. We can't wait to see the entries and there will be a winner from each class announced on Monday in Worship. This afternoon class teachers will be swapping classes to read to a different year group. The children will enjoy fair trade hot chocolate and marshmallows whilst snuggling up in their pyjamas and listening to a story.

3 Mar

Year 2 World Book Day

We have had a fun filled day in Year 2, celebrating all things reading! We shared our favourite books, authors and characters with each other and designed our own book covers! We also completed a piece of artwork for our whole school reading display, focused around the beautiful wordless picture book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.

3 Mar

Year 2 English: Persuasion

This week in Year 2, we started our new English unit on persuasive writing. We have looked at how Disney persuade us to visit Disney Land, with the use of exciting leaflets and advertisements! We are building up to writing our own creative writing piece, where the children will be persuading parents and carers to keep a dinosaur as a pet!

3 Mar

World Book Day in Year 4

Today we celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day. We started with a fantastic worship when we watched MC Grammar perform a rap. In class we looked at Journey by Aaron Becker and then thought of alternative examples of transport and settings. The children loved taking part and it was an absolute pleasure to see them so enthused. This afternoon, Miss Ashworth came in to read to the class whilst they enjoyed a lively fair trade hot chocolate. What a day! #WorldBookDay #booklover #reading

3 Mar

Year 3 World Book Day

Year 3 began the day in a special assembly watching a video clip of the book by Aaron Becker, called “Journey”. Once in class, we discussed the character and voted on a setting and a vehicle for our descriptive writing. We chose the setting to be Hogwarts and the vehicle for the girl to be a train. We produced artwork for a display in the school library, together with some descriptive phrases from some of the children’s writing. Miss Flynn came to read a story to the class at 2.30pm whilst Mrs Hargreaves went into the Reception class to read a story to them. We ended the day by listening to a further instalment of The Indian in the Cupboard” which is our class novel this half term.

3 Mar

World Book Day- Different teacher story time & fair trade hot chocolate

This afternoon each class enjoyed a story read by a different teacher whilst snuggled up in their pyjamas drinking fair trade hot chocolate and marshmallows. We love reading at St Barnabas!

3 Mar

Year 5- World Book Day

We have had a great day today for World Book Day and everyone looked so brilliant in their pjs and oodies /snuggies. We have been creating our own setting and transport based on the book Journey by Aaron Becker and the art work has been absolutely fantastic! I have also sent home a £1 book voucher for each child. Happy World Book Day

3 Mar

Year 6- World Book Day

Year 6 had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day, they started a creative writing piece, did some image printing, read stories and were even treated to a hot chocolate!

3 Mar

Reception World Book Day

Reception had a brilliant day dressed all cosy in their pyjamas for World Book Day.

2 Mar

Reception Rhyme Time

It was so lovely to have parents back in school joining us for our morning Rhyme Time with Reception. We have missed our weekly sing songs in the hall and the children were so pleased to see everyone. Thank you to everyone who joined us and we will hopefully see you all again next week for some more rhymes and fun!

25 Feb

Love of Reading

February is the month of ‘Love of Reading’ and today in Year 4 we have chosen our new class novel. Over the past few days we have looked at a selection of five books and their blurbs. Today we chose ‘ A Place Called Perfect’ by Helena Duggan. We can’t wait to get stuck into it on Monday.

24 Feb

Year 2 English- Dinosaurs!

We introduced our new English unit today in Year 2! We thought about the reasons for and against keeping a dinosaur as a pet and gathered some different facts about dinosaurs! We even had some dinosaurs leaping onto our tables, when exploring an augmented reality book!

21 Feb

Superheroes topic launched in Reception!

Today we have launched our brand new Superheroes topic in Reception. We read the story of Supertato. The evil pea has been causing lots of trouble for the teachers in Reception. The children have created their own Supertato characters and have been designing jails and capes to defeat the evil pea. The evil pea has been hiding all day in our classroom but our Superheroes have been brilliant at locating him! What a super start to the new half term!

10 Feb

Information Booklets- Year 5

This week in English, Year 5 have created information booklets which include more than one text type about the Solar System. For example, a non- chronological report and an explanation text. The explanation text has been applied using diagrams which describes a process of how the Earth orbits the Sun and how planets rotate around the Sun. The booklets will be displayed in our school library and other classes.

10 Feb

Year 2 Non-chronological reports

This week, Year 2 have been busy gathering facts about Neil Armstrong and Space, ready for when we write our non-chronological reports!

8 Feb

Year 4 Perform Poetry

Year 4 have had great fun practising intonation and adding gestures to their poetry performances. They have been learning verses from the poem The Pied Piper and using actions and voices to help their audience understand. Super partner work, Year 4!

3 Feb

Year 1 English- Constructing our own set of instructions.

Year 1 have been busy creating their own obstacle courses. Tomorrow, they will be writing a set of instructions to explain how to use it.

1 Feb

Year 3 - English Play Scripts

Year 3 have been acting out and narrating the story of “The Hare and the Tortoise”.

1 Feb

Year 1- Instructions

Over the last few days, Year 1 have been following, reading and looking at the features of instruction texts. We have looked at time conjunctions, imperative verbs and adverbs. On Thursday, we will start to construct and write our own set of instructions. We will be creating our own obstacle courses and constructing a sequence of steps for them.

28 Jan

Year 3 English - Play Scripts

Year 3 have been acting out the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”.

27 Jan

Y4 Creative Writing

This week, Year 4 have been writing their innovated fairy tales based on The Pied Piper. We are so proud of the creativity in their ideas. No two stories are the same.

26 Jan

Year 2 English: Read all about it!

Year 2 have been exploring the features of a newspaper report today in English. We read a variety of different news paper articles, in preparation for writing our own newspaper reports, about The Disappearing Moon!

25 Jan

Reception: super writing

We have been blown away by the super writing from our Reception class. They are trying really hard in Phonics and have enjoyed writing facts about different sea creatures.

20 Jan

Reception - Rock pools

This week we have read the story ‘Sharing a shell’ by Julia Donaldson which is about the creatures that live in a rock pool. The children really enjoyed the story and have had their own rock pool in the small world area. They have been busy acting out the story with their friends and have talked lots about the creatures we might find there.

19 Jan

Year 6 English

Year 6 have been looking for clues to identify the owner of a lost bag, using tentative language to describe their findings.

12 Jan

Year 1 English- We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Last week in Year 1, we created a story map for ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and now we can retell the story from our memory. Over the last couple of days, we have been changing the first three settings (the grass, river and mud) to develop our own versions of the story. Some of the settings we have had are swamps, meadows, deserts, candy shops, and farms. We can’t wait to get started with writing our new stories. Well done year 1!

11 Jan

Reception: the Rainbow fish

This week, Reception are learning all about the rainbow fish. They have been creating their own fish using different collage materials, discussing how the characters may feel in the story and they have been writing describing words about the rainbow fish. The children have also enjoyed creating their own watercolour pictures using wax crayons and water paint.

11 Jan

Year 2 English: Man on The Moon!

We started our new English unit this week in Year 2! Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring the character of Bob, as an astronaut who works on The Moon! We will be writing our own stories based on Bob and The Disappearing Moon. Today, we generated some questions about Bob and wrote down everything that we have learnt so far, about his character.

3 Dec

Explanation Texts - How is a circuit made?

In our English lesson today, we looked at how we can explain how a circuit can be made. We used conjunctions to create sentences with subordinate clauses, thinking about use of commas and technical language.

3 Dec

Year 2 Author Virtual Visit!

On Friday 3rd December, Year 2 took part in a virtual visit, with author and illustrator Nick Sharratt. Nick read his new book 'Oh No! Shark in the Snow!' to the class and the children took part in a illustrating workshop with Nick. It was lovely to see the children so engaged and excited to meet and listen to Nick!

26 Nov

Year 1- Great Fire of London Workshop

Year 1 throughly enjoyed a visit from The Freshwater Theatre company this afternoon. Alison the facilitator was amazing and she took the children back in time to 1666 where they heard from Mary Porter who had experienced the fire first hand. They took part in various drama activities to really bring the topic alive. It was a wonderful experience.

17 Nov

World Nursery Rhyme Week

Today, the children took part in Wold Nursery Rhyme week during our weekly rhyme time. We enjoyed singing and dancing to lots of different nursery rhymes. The children all received a certificate at the end. Thank you to everybody who came, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

10 Nov

Planning a Recount

Yesterday in English, we started our plan for our recount - to write a diary entry about our visit to Darwen Cemetery to look at the memorial and war graves. We ordered the photos that were taken on our walk and then wrote sentences next to these about what we want to include in our diary, including thoughts and feelings and time words.

4 Nov

Year 1- The Gruffalo

Year 1 have been focusing on the story of The Gruffalo in their English lessons. We have been working on a story map in pictures to help us recall the story and we’ve been describing the character of the Gruffalo. We can’t wait to post a video of us telling the story when we’ve finished our whole story map! We have also played a ‘roll and draw’ game in our continuous provision time against a partner showing super turn taking and understanding of the Gruffalo’s characteristics.

2 Nov

Historical Settings- Year 5

This half term, Year 5 will be exploring a range of stories with a historical setting. This week, we have been reading and watching parts of Oliver Twist as stimulus.

2 Nov

Year 4 Word Webs

We love discovering new words in Year 4! And when we do discover them, we know just how to explore them. Give us a dictionary and a word web and we’re on our way!

21 Oct

Year 4’s Riddle Investigation

Year 4 have had great fun solving and writing their own animal riddles this week. They’re absolute whizzes at writing similes too.

19 Oct

Year 2 Harvest Poetry

Over the past few weeks, Year 2 have been learning about harvest in English and have written their own acrostic poems around the theme of Harvest. During our KS1 worship this morning, Year 2 performed some of their poems and talked about the meaning and importance of Harvest!

13 Oct

Year 5 - English

Year 5 hard at work, on a persuasive writing piece. Did you know that by 2020 the number of plastics in the sea will be higher than the number of fish? We strongly believe that is up to us as individuals to do something about the usage of plastic. Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Rethink!

13 Oct

Year 5 - Guided Reading

Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been working extremely hard during their guided reading sessions. We have explored a variety of text ranging from non- fiction, adventure and mystery.

13 Oct

Dazzling drama in Year 3

Year 3 had great fun this Wellbeing Wednesday, learning all about spatial awareness in performing arts with Miss Anderton from Junior Jam. We love Wellbeing Wednesdays!

7 Oct

Deforestation debates

We have been working hard on our ‘Deforestation Debate’ in Year 4 today. So far, we have looked at key language, points for and against and how a piece is structured. We have very different opinions and this has been highlighted in our discussions throughout the week.

6 Oct

Guided reading

During guided reading, we have been using LBQ for retrieval of information. In our independent groups, we have been loving our class novel “Nightfall on the Somme” Whilst sequencing event and answering open ended questions about the text. In the two guided groups, we have been working on deduction and inference using information texts.

4 Oct

Dropping y and adding i to change root words

In year 6, our special spelling focus this week has been dropping y and adding i before adding suffixes to root words. The children have done brilliantly with their team teaching and are really applying their spellings to their independent writes.