12 Jul

Reception- Map skills

Today we looked at a map from our visit to Blackpool zoo. We discussed the features and what we found. We then gathered our own resources to make a messy map. The children shared this with Mrs Ham and Miss Ashworth and explained how to follow it. Super work!

7 Jul

Year 2 Blackpool Trip!

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Blackpool on Tuesday! Our class topic this term is ‘Beside the Seaside’ so the aim of the trip was for the children to experience a day at the seaside and think about the activities that we do now at the seaside and comparing this to the Victorian’s. We played on the beach, listened to a talk about beach safety, went to the the top of Blackpool Tower and walked along The North Pier! The children showed so much respect to the general public and represented St Barnabas brilliantly! Well done Year 2!

30 Jun

Reception Treasure Map Making

As a part of Understanding the World in reception, the children have made a treasure map of our outdoor yard using natural recourses and loose parts. They were amazing at telling us where each area was located in the yard and finding the right materials to represent each part.

23 Jun

Year 6 London Thames River Cruise

Our Year 6 children enjoyed seeing some of the famous sights of London from the River Thames. They also learnt about the history of the buildings from our tour guide. Can you spot any you know?

23 Jun

Buckingham Palace & St Jame’s Park

We’ve just had a singalong of the National Anthem in front of Buckingham Palace! We’ve learnt so much from our guide Liz.

23 Jun

London Sightseeing Tour

We have seen lots of sights around London and have been learning all about the History of London from our tour guide Liz.

20 Jun

Reception: Environment explorers

Following on from last week, we have continued to explore our local environment and focussed on the roads around our school. We looked at how it is different to Jack Keys reservoir. Archie said that there aren’t any cones at Jack Keys, Ella-Grace discussed how you don’t see any chimneys at Jack Keys, Isaac said there are no houses, Scarlett said that there are lots of cars and vans that pass us compared to at Jack Keys and Chay said that you can smell coffee on the main road! Super observations!

16 Jun

Reception Environment Explorers!

This afternoon, Reception went on a walk to Jacks Key to be environment explorers! The children were looking for different plants, buildings and animals that make up our local environment. They loved looking at all the different types of flowers and animals we share our environment with and we talked about how important certain things like trees and bees are to our environment.

16 Jun

Year 2 Geography

Our topic in Geography is all about Weather and Pollution and this week, Year 2 have been identifying the hottest and coldest countries around the World. We used globes and atlas to help us research and identify the countries with the hottest and coldest climates.

16 Jun

Year 4 Geography- Rivers

In geography today, we started our new topic all about rivers. We looked at the water cycle, what a river is and researched the ten longest rivers in the world, locating them on a world map with the help of an atlas and chrome books. We look forward to our class visitor next week who will help us to broaden our knowledge even further.

27 May

Year 1 Geography- Creating a Messy Map

Year 1 have been looking at the immediate local area in their geography lessons. They have collaboratively worked together to create a messy map to represent this. They have included our school, Everest Pharmacy, The Tramway Cafe, The bowling green, Whitehall Park, The Park Pub, St Barnabas Church, the local shop, the post office, the graveyard, the hairdressers, bungalows, terraced houses, detached houses, semi-detached houses and Jack’s Key Clough with its reservoir and footbridge.

19 May

Year 2 Geography: Weather and Pollution

This week in Geography, Year 2 explored the different types of weather that we get in the U.K. We watched some videos of a selection of different weather types and the class described the different types of weather that they could see.

17 May

Year 1-Local Area Walk

Year 1 went on a local area walk this afternoon as part of their geography unit. They explored the area and recorded the types of houses (semi-detached, terraced, detached, bungalow, caravan and flats) that they saw on their journey. They also had to follow a map to find some of the human and physical features that are local to our school such as the post office, the shop, the chemist, Jack’s Key Reservoir, Whitehall Park and the hairdressers. As we were walking past our local shop (Bargain Booze on Bolton Road), a very kind lady who worked in the shop gave each of us a galaxy chocolate bar. We were very thankful for her kindness and enjoyed our chocolate bar sat down at Whitehall Park.

17 May

Reception: Forest Schools

Reception enjoyed their forest schools session today. The children walked to Whitehall park where they explored and found different minibeasts in their natural habitats.

16 May

Reception- minibeasts!

Reception have enjoyed learning the names of different minibeasts. We then went outside to see if we could find any. We found spiders, woodlouse, beetles, worms and slugs to name a few! Tomorrow, we will be learning more about their habitats their forest school session.

2 May

Year 2 follow the River Darwen

As part of their local geography fieldwork, Year 2 followed the River Darwen and learnt lots of things along the way. They also identified human and physical features and created their own maps.

26 Apr

Year 1 Geography

This afternoon, Year 1 took part in some fieldwork as part of their geography unit. They used to a map to locate and identify some of the human and physical features of our school ground. Then they completed an activity where they had to describe the location of some of the human and physical features that we had seen and other areas of school from our classroom e.g. the rainbow room, the staff room and the office. They had to identify those that were near such as the MUGA and the staff room, some that were further away such as the junior playground and the woodland and some that were the furthest away such as our field.

22 Apr

Earth Day- Year 5

Happy Earth Day! The children decorated the Earth template with things they love about the Earth and wrote a poem to celebrate.

22 Apr

Year 3 PSHE - Earth Day

Year 3 have been exploring different ways that they can look after our planet Earth. They began by decorating a picture of the Earth with the things they love about it. Then they thought about what actions they could take to look after and protect the Earth.

21 Apr

Year 3 Class Worship - Earth Day

Year 3 have been thinking about God’s wonderful creation and how we can help look after it. They wrote prayers and ended their worship by singing “Shine”.

21 Apr

Reception - Migration and Bird feeders

This afternoon, we have been learning about Migration, where in the Winter, flocks of birds fly to warmer countries like Africa to find sources of food and new homes. Then when Spring arrives in the UK, the birds fly back here. We wanted to welcome the birds back to the UK by making bird feeders and hanging them in the trees in the school grounds. The children are very excited to see which birds will arrive to nibble on their treats.

21 Apr

Year 2 Local Area Walk

Year 2 have had a busy day exploring their local area. We visited a variety of different landmarks and followed The River Darwen to the town centre. Throughout the day, the children recorded some of the different human and physical features that they could see and next week, we will be creating our own maps of Darwen and locating some of the places that we have visited today on our own maps!

21 Apr

Year 2 Earth Day: Litter Picking

Year 2 have been helping out the local community and the environment, by collecting litter during their local area walk!

19 Apr

Spring Walk: Reception

Today, the children in Reception went on a walk to find signs of Spring. They enjoyed finding items and ticking it off their checklists. The children found blossom, daffodils, birds, a bird nest, leaves on trees and birds tweeting. They are now ready to write some super sentences all about Spring. Super hunting!

4 Apr

Reception Muddy Monday

The rain didn’t stop our Muddy Monday! This week the children went to Whitehall Park to visit the rose garden. The rose garden has a selection of Easter art work that our whole school have created. The children really enjoyed looking at the different pieces.

1 Apr

Year 6 Geography

Today Year 6 have been looking at ‘population pyramids’. Identifying patterns and thinking about reasons why populations are affected. Considering genders, resources and ages.

31 Mar

Year 2 Geography: How can a map show what a place is like?

This week in Geography, Year 2 have been looking at how map's can show what a place is like. We looked at a variety of ordnance survey maps and completed an activity, where the children had to match the map symbols to the correct picture and words.

28 Mar

Reception Muddy Monday

This week the children walked 5500 steps around Jack Keys reservoir. They persevered and challenged themselves to walk through mud and climb very steep hills. We were so impressed with their determination! Well done Reception!

24 Mar

Year 2 Geography: Human and Physical features

Last week in Geography, Year 2 explored the school grounds, looking at different human and physical features.

24 Mar

Commonwealth Baton Relay Handover to St Pauls

Following the collection of the baton from St Peter’s yesterday, our Year 6 Heads and Deputies took charge with the handover to St. Paul’s today. Year 5, Year 4, Year 2 and Reception made flags and banners to cheer them on their journey. We can’t wait for the games to start now and have loved the experience! Thanks @LancSchoolGames #Lancsbatonrelay22

23 Mar

Receiving The Commonwealth Games Baton

Today we had the privilege in taking part in the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay as part of the lead up to the Commonwealth Games which will take place in Birmingham this year. We received the baton from St Peters this afternoon, with our Year 6 Sports Leaders in charge of the safe hand over. Year 6, Year 3 and Year 1 classes were there to provide a warm welcome and wave their flags. Tomorrow, Year 5, Year 4, Year 2 and Reception class will be there to wave the baton onto its next journey to St Pauls Hoddlesden. What an experience! Thanks @LancSchoolGames #Lancsbatonrelay22

17 Mar

Year 2 Geography

Year 2 have been exploring the school grounds to find human and physical features.

15 Mar

Reception Muddy Monday

This week, Reception stayed around their school grounds. We climbed trees, made bug houses and used binoculars and magnifying glasses to find creatures and explore the ground.

11 Mar

Year 3 Geography - locating Italy on a map

Year 3 Geography - Year 3 have been using atlases to locate Italy on a map of Europe. They have also identified the four countries that border Italy.

11 Mar

English - Persuasive Leaflets about Darwen

We have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to develop our understanding of persuasive texts. Today we added the final touches to our Darwen leaflets, checking that we have used persuasive devices and created interesting content, which is appealing to the audience. Thank you to Mrs Ham and our Head and Deputy Girls for deciding on two overall winners. Well done to Oscar and Wilson. Every single child produced a quality piece of writing which they should be very proud of. They included many of the landmarks or places of interest in Darwen after researching them.

10 Mar

Year 6 Geography

Investigating how changes can influence birth and death rates.

7 Mar

Reception: Muddy Monday

The children really enjoyed visiting Whitehall park for their Muddy Monday session. We looked at all of the evergreen and deciduous trees. We also climbed trees and made bug hotels. The children were very excited when they found worms and insects for their hotels!

4 Mar

Y6 Geography- Focusing on population

Year 6 have been learning about population, density and it’s effects in Geography this week.

24 Feb

Year 3 Class Worship - Fairtrade

Year 3 wrote some prayers during Our Class Worship remembering all the poor farmers in developing countries who don’t always get a fair price for the fruit and vegetables that they grow.

24 Feb

Year 2 Geography: Exploring rural and urban areas

This term, Year 2 are going to be exploring the local area in Geography. This afternoon, we explored the differences between rural and urban areas and thought about whether Darwen is mostly a rural or urban area.

3 Feb

Year 1 Geography-Human and Physical Features

In Year 1, we have been exploring the United Kingdom. Today, we learnt what a human and physical feature is. We then went on to sort the human and physical features of our hometown, Darwen. We looked at features such as Darwen Tower, India Mill, Darwen Market, DACA, The River Darwen, Darwen Moors, Everest Pharmacy and Whitehall Park as well as lots of others. Next week, we will explore some of the physical and human features of our capital cities in the UK.

3 Feb

Year 4- Identifying cities and football stadiums

Today in Geography, we looked at the features of a city, major cities in England and what football teams have their stadiums in a city. We used Google earth, Google maps and atlases to add cities to a blank map. Our extension task was to identify which teams from the Premier League have their stadiums in a city. Our chilly challenge was then to identify what county they were also in. We found that London had the most premier league side stadiums.

3 Feb

Year 1 Geography-Human and Physical Features

In Year 1, we have been exploring the United Kingdom. Today, we learnt what a human and physical feature is. We then went on to sort the human and physical features of our hometown, Darwen. We looked at features such as Darwen Tower, India Mill, Darwen Market, DACA, The River Darwen, Darwen Moors, Everest Pharmacy and Whitehall Park as well as lots of others. Next week, we will explore some of the physical and human features of our capital cities in the UK.

1 Feb

Year 3 - History - locating Roman roads

Year 3 have been using atlases in order to locate roads built by the Romans in England.

20 Jan

Geography - Counties in England

In our geography lesson today, we have been looking at identifying counties in England. We used compass points to solve problems such as which counties border other counties and which are the largest/smallest counties in our country.

18 Jan

Exploring time zones- Year 5

The afternoon in our Geography lesson , Year 5 have been looking at different countries and comparing them to each other using the GMT lines on a map. We have used Digimaps for schools to help us with our investigation. We then moved onto looking at flight paths. We tracked live flight paths, noting time zone changes.

17 Jan

Reception: Muddy Monday

Reception really enjoyed their walk today around Jack Keys. The children showed the Christian value of courage whilst climbing over a stile independently. The children enjoyed investigating the marsh land and looked for moles and rabbits!

10 Jan

Year 6: Den Building

Some of the children in Year 6 went to Whitehall park. The children enjoyed working as a team and used their problem solving skills to create their own dens. They found resources themselves. Mrs Wilkinson was very impressed with their efforts.

10 Jan

Reception Muddy Monday

Reception really enjoyed their first muddy Monday of 2022. They enjoyed creating animal houses at Whitehall park. They showed brilliant teamwork as they found different resources to build their houses.

5 Jan

Reception launches their under the sea topic

Reception are really enjoying the start of their brand new topic! They are starting to learn all about different animals that live in the sea and ocean.

14 Dec

Outdoor exploration in Reception

Reception love to use the outdoors in all weathers. We have been building houses, making potions, building bug houses and performing on our stage.

8 Nov

Reception: Forest schools

During Reception’s ‘Muddy Monday’ walk, the children have enjoyed creating fairy and bug houses. The collected different resources such as twigs, leaves and stones. They also learnt how to use shears safely. What a super way to start the week!

4 Nov

What is the Equator?

This afternoon in Year 2, the class have been learning about The Equator. The children looked at different countries and continents in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and labelled The Equator on their own maps of The World.

21 Oct

Creative Minds

This model of Darwen Tower was built in our peace garden, using wooden planks.

14 Oct

Reception: Exploring Autumn

This week, Reception have been finding out all about Autumn. They have learnt all about what happens in Autumn and have learnt some new vocabulary too: deciduous and evergreen. Super learning!

14 Oct

Human Geography

This afternoon in Year 4 we have been looking at what the Human Geography is. We have identified that human geography explores the people, communities and cultures of the world. We have used the chrome books to complete research on the human geography of South America.

12 Oct

Year 5- Geography

This term in Geography, Year 5 have been learning about Greece in context to its position with Europe, identifying regions within a country and Greece’s climate zone. This afternoon, we used digi maps to check what human and physical features are on a map of Greece.

11 Oct

Reception: Muddy Monday

Today, the children went to Whitehall park. They enjoyed looking for signs of Autumn. Everybody found a conker and we explored the different colours of Autumnal leaves. The children enjoyed throwing leaves in the air and also climbed under and over a fallen tree.

7 Oct

Why is London the way it is?

In geography, we have been looking at the reasons why London is the way it is today. We have been looking at the physical and human features of geography within London and what we can expect London to be like in the future.

7 Oct

Deforestation debates

We have been working hard on our ‘Deforestation Debate’ in Year 4 today. So far, we have looked at key language, points for and against and how a piece is structured. We have very different opinions and this has been highlighted in our discussions throughout the week.

5 Oct

Year 1 Geography- Hot and Cold Places of the World.

Year 1 have been looking at a map of the world and learning about where the hot and cold places are.

4 Oct

A very ‘Muddy Monday’ in Reception

Today, our Ducklings went on their first ‘Muddy Monday’ adventure in the local area. We explored Jack Keys reservoir. The children walked all of the way around the reservoir which took just over an hour. We were extremely impressed with how they showed our Christian values. They took risks, showed resilience and courage throughout the adventure. The children got stuck in the mud, splashed in muddy puddles and enjoyed climbing and balancing along the way! What a super start to the week!

9 Sep

Great Geography in Year 4

Year 4 had a brilliant afternoon being Geographers by learning all about South America.