23 Jun

Year 6 London Thames River Cruise

Our Year 6 children enjoyed seeing some of the famous sights of London from the River Thames. They also learnt about the history of the buildings from our tour guide. Can you spot any you know?

23 Jun

Buckingham Palace & St Jame’s Park

We’ve just had a singalong of the National Anthem in front of Buckingham Palace! We’ve learnt so much from our guide Liz.

23 Jun

Natural History Museum

We had a quick whistle stop tour of the natural history museum and some children spent some of their money in the gift shop. We managed to see Dippy the dinosaur too.

23 Jun

London Sightseeing Tour

We have seen lots of sights around London and have been learning all about the History of London from our tour guide Liz.

16 Jun

Year 2 History

This week in History, we started our Victorian Seaside topic. To start, we thought about the things we think of when we think of the seaside. We then discussed together the places we think of, when we think of the seaside. Over the next few weeks, the class will be exploring what seaside resorts were like in the past and comparing them to now.

23 May

Whole School Worship - The Queen and Service

Today, we came together to think about service and how the Queen has served her people and God over the past 70 years. We learned about how our country has changed over this time and how much the Queen has sacrificed to support people, charities and communities all over the world.

12 May

Year 4 Information Texts - Ancient Egypt

We have been looking at Information texts in English this week. We have started our sessions by looking at key elements of texts and summarising key information under headings such as mummification, gods, Tutankhamen and the pyramids.

25 Apr

St George’s Day Worship

As we entered worship today, we listened to ‘Jerusalem’. On Saturday it was St George’s day. We discussed what we think of when we think about England. Carlton said “football”, Ted said “the sea”, Jake said “Formula 1” and Oscar said “our home” to name a few! We looked at a few favourites from England which included apple crumble, roast beef dinner, cups of tea, Charles Dickens, the white cliffs of Dover and Stonehenge. We looked at how things have changed in England. In the past, ladies did jobs at home whereas now ladies can have careers. We used to have lots of factories for workers but now many people work in jobs to provide services. We learnt about St George. St George died from what he believed in. He believed in God and St George stood up for what was right. We looked at our British values and how we follow them in school. We discussed how we are tolerant, how we respect each other, how our opinions are important, how we can make our own choices and how we need to follow the rules in school. During our reflection we thought about when we have had to show courage. This week we re going to focus on showing courage and standing up for what is right.

21 Apr

Year 4- Comparing Egypt to the UK

Year 4 have started our new history topic- Ancient Egypt today. In our first session we have been comparing Egypt to the Uk looking at key differences and similarities.

21 Apr

Year 2 visit Darwen Heritage Centre

Year 2 learnt all about the history of Darwen at Darwen Heritage Centre. Thank you John East for being an amazing historian guide.

30 Mar

Year 5 - Class Worship

During our class worship this morning, we have been reading through the information about the recent discovery of the shipwreck, Endurance, which sank over 100 years ago. We learnt about Sir Ernest Shackleton and his extraordinary expeditions and his life. We also learnt about his amazing crew that trusted the choices that he made to keep everyone safe and calm.

17 Mar

Year 1 History- Victorian Transport

As part of our history learning in Year, we 1 have been learning about the Victorians. We have already explored Victorian toys and schooling and compared these to modern day toys and schooling. Today, we explored Victorian transport. We created a timeline to see how Victorian transport developed during the Victorian times from 1837 to 1901. We looked at how to the early Victorians travelled by steam train and horse and carriages and then how the horse and carriages evolved into omnibuses. We looked at how the later Victorians had cars. We also compared Victorian transport to modern day transport. We talked about how technology has evolved and today we have electric cars and trains.

10 Mar

The Great Plague - Symptoms and how it spread

Today we have been learning about the symptoms of the plague. The symptoms ranged from feeling delirious, vomiting and even buboes! We watched a Horrible History’s clip that showed how it spread and what people believed were cures such as eating arsenic and sitting in the sewers. Did you know that the famous song ‘ Ring o roses’ comes from the plague and the ring was the swelling or buboes?

10 Mar

Year 5 - History

Today, Year 5 had a role of detectives trying to prove that the legend Theseus and the Minotaur may actually have been a fact. They looked at what evidence might have survived ( images) that were part of the story and put the pieces together.

28 Feb

Reception Vision check

Today the children met a real life superhero! Before they went to have their vision screening check, they met an orthoptic assistant who showed the equipment she uses to check the children’s vision.

25 Feb

Year 1- A trip to Judges Lodgings Museum to learn about the Victorians.

Yesterday, Year 1 visited Judges Lodgings in Lancaster. They got into character as Victorian children at school and Victorian slaves at work. They learnt lots about Victorian schooling such as sitting sensibly at desks, saying prayers, recalling times tables, writing on blackboards, learning about Queen Victoria and what would happen if you misbehaved. They learnt about the jobs of those who were slaves for the judge such as polishing candle sticks, kettles and cutlery, emptying buckets that Victorians did their toileting in, setting the table for the judge and his guests and folding napkins. Well done Year 1.

25 Feb

Year 1-A trip to Judges Lodgings Museum to learn about toys from the past.

As well as learning about Victorian work and schooling, Year 1 also learnt about toys from their past on their class trip. They played some Victorian style games and explored the toy museum. In the toy museum, they looked at toys ranging from the 1900s to the year 2000. They had to think about which ones were the old ones and which ones were the new ones and why. We now have a Victorian toy museum in our class and we are looking forward to playing with some of the toys that the Victorians played with such as the cup and ball, spinning top, whip and top, whizzer, yo-yo, Jacobs Ladder, marbles and lots of others.

24 Feb

History - The Great Plague

We have started our new history topic today - The Great Plague. We started by by looking at a picture of London from 1616 drawn by Claes Jansz Visscher. We discussed how it looked, what we think will be different now and what religion was like in 1666. We then compared this with a picture in the same place but from 2016 drawn by Robin Reynolds. We used Visscher’s picture as a historical source to help us look for clues about how the people of London lived back then, compared to now.

10 Feb

Year 2 Non-chronological reports

This week, Year 2 have been busy gathering facts about Neil Armstrong and Space, ready for when we write our non-chronological reports!

3 Feb

The Space Race! Year 2 History

This term in History, Year 2 have been learning about The Moon Landings and Neil Armstrong. This afternoon, we thought about why people wanted to go to The Moon and The Space Race! We completed a timeline, putting the events of The Space Race in chronological order.

1 Feb

Year 3 - History - locating Roman roads

Year 3 have been using atlases in order to locate roads built by the Romans in England.

27 Jan

Year 3 - Holocaust Memorial Day Class Worship

We took part in Holocaust Memorial Day by praying for all those Jewish people who died during World War II .

26 Jan

Year 1 Class Worship

Following on from Mrs Ham’s whole school worship on Monday, Year 1 learnt some more information about WWII and how the Jews were mistreated. We learnt that the Jews had little freedom and were banned from doing certain jobs, from having pets, from going to parks and restaurants, from schools and from riding a bike amongst lots of other things. We reflected on how this must have made them feel. We also read a book about Anne Frank and the children were shocked to find out that she and her family along with many other Jewish families had to stay in hiding for a long time in fear. We then sang a song about peace and thought about how we can help to make a kind and peaceful world. We talked about sharing our beautiful smiles, helping each other, greeting each other kindly and sharing with each other regardless of people’s race or religion. We finished with some beautiful prayers for those who lost their lives and were mistreated in WWII and praying for a more peaceful and kinder world. Well done Year 1.

24 Jan

Holocaust Memorial Day Worship

This week in our whole school and class worships, we are learning about the Holocaust and what we can learn from it. This morning we watched a video with some school children interviewing a survivor of the Holocaust, Stephen Frank. We learnt how he had such a happy life with his family until he was taken away to a concentration camp because he was Jewish. We reflected on what it must have been like to be taken away from your friends and family and to be treated so terribly. We then thought about how we can be strong, courageous and kind when we see people in our lives being treated cruelly. We then prayed for all of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. We were shocked to hear that if we had a minutes silence for each of the 6 million people who died then we would have to be silent for 11 and a half years.

13 Jan

Year 2 Starchaser visit

Year 2 have had a great afternoon, learning all about rockets, space shuttles, the space race and the Moon landings, with Clare from Starchaser! The class asked some great questions and we will be carrying on with our learning about Neil Armstrong and the Moon landings in History this term.

26 Nov

Year 1- Great Fire of London Workshop

Year 1 throughly enjoyed a visit from The Freshwater Theatre company this afternoon. Alison the facilitator was amazing and she took the children back in time to 1666 where they heard from Mary Porter who had experienced the fire first hand. They took part in various drama activities to really bring the topic alive. It was a wonderful experience.

14 Nov

St Barnabas Remembers

Our Year 6 heads and deputies plus Year 5 and 6 WOW group members paid their respects on Friday in a special remembrance service at Darwen Cemetery. They laid a wreath made of poppy prayers, remembrance poems and art work. Please remember to come along to the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park to see a selection of remembrance artwork from each class.

11 Nov

St Barnabas Remembers

Today we all met on our Junior yard to observe a special two minutes silence to remember the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We prayed for peace in our world and sang ‘a song of peace’. Several of our classes have visited the cemetery this week to pay their respects and have admired our Remembrance Day artwork in the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park. #wewillrememberthem

11 Nov

Year 2 Remembers

This afternoon on Remembrance Day, Year 2 paid their respects, by visiting the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park and viewing all of the beautiful remembrance art, created by each class in school. We also shared some special remembrance prayers with Year 4 and looked at some of the different war memorials in Darwen. The children were so respectful and we are so proud of their brilliant art work!

11 Nov

Reception Remembers!

Today the children have celebrated Remembrance Day by learning all about the meaning of poppies. They learnt that poppies are a symbol of the fallen soldiers from the war. To remember the soldiers, the children took part in taking 2 minutes of silence at 11 o,clock. We also said prayers for our soldiers together. Throughout the rest of the day, the children have been creatively making poppies in lots of different ways.

11 Nov

Remembrance Day - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the walk to Darwen Cemetery and the Rose Garden. We spent some time looking at the war graves and the Remembrance Wall. It was a lovely opportunity to remember the people who have died in wars around the world.

11 Nov

Year 4 & Year 2 visit the Rose Garden

We loved our walk to the Rose Garden for Remembrance Day today. We chose our favourite poppy art, read poems and said prayers for those who have lost their lives due to war. A very peaceful, reflective afternoon.

8 Nov

Remembrance Worship

This morning we learnt all about the meaning of Remembrance Day. We found out that some children pretended to be older so that they could become soldiers to protect our country. They were very brave. We learnt about Walter who became the first black British officer. The army changed their perception and looked at everybody as equal. Walter was a wonderful soldier and stood up for what was right. He didn’t give up and became a soldier. People came from lots of different countries and from lots of different religions to help our country to fight in the war. Some of the children discussed how we should treat everybody equally. The children said “we are all equal…you might need help so we need to be kind to everyone…we need to do the right thing”. Women were not allowed to fight but now they are. Our children didn’t think that was fair. One lady called Flora managed to fight in the army and won a medal for her bravery. All of the soldiers showed the Christian values of courage and service. There are many memorials around the country to remember those who died in the war. Our children have been creating their own poppy artwork. Please take your children to go and have a look at the wonderful art work that the children have created in the rose garden at Whitehall park.

8 Nov

Reception visit to the Rose Garden

Reception really enjoyed looking at all of the poppy art work to remember all of the soldiers. They will be having an activity day on Thursday to learn all about the meaning of the poppy.

8 Nov

Year 5- History

This half term, we will be exploring ‘Anglo Saxons’ and ‘ The Vikings’ in history. This afternoon, we have been learning about ‘Alfred the Great’ and looking at clues to find out why the Saxons invaded.

8 Nov

Remembrance Day Walk

In Year 3 we walked to Darwen Cemetery to look at the war graves and Remembrance Wall. We spotted different war graves across the cemetery of fallen soldiers from both the First and Second World wars. We also noticed that many of the soldiers who died were very young. Lest we forget ❤️

3 Nov

Year 3 Remembrance Art

Year 3 have been working hard on their Art work for Remembrance Day. They have used acrylic paint to decorate the bottoms of bottles and then some more paper versions using pointillism.

3 Nov

Poppy Art- Year 5

Georgia O’ Keefe inspired Poppy Art. The children drew poppies and then experimented with adding colour using different media, (oil pastels, water colours and wax crayons). We began by discussing the historical context of poppies as a symbol of remembrance, the end of conflict in the First World War.

30 Sep

Year 2 History!

This afternoon in Year 2, we have been finding out key facts about the life of Queen Victoria, as part of our History topic this term! #monarchs