14 Jul

Class Worship- Year 5

During our class worship, the children have watched the resignation speech delivered by our current Prime Minister. We discussed about his feelings and why he felt it was the right time to step down from his role. Some of the children were quite sad watching the speech because they felt that everyone makes mistakes and Mr Johnson commented about this being the best job ever. However, some children felt that it was really important to stick to the rules that you make and maybe it was time for him to step down.

11 Jul

Year 2 St Barnabas Church Visit

Year 2 have had a lovely afternoon visiting Lillian and Glenda at St Barnabas Church! Lillian spoke to the children about the different things that happen in a Church and the different things that you will find in a Church, like the altar, font and lectern. We then created our own crosses and created our own class family of people. The children also managed to have a quick play on the organ!

7 Jul

Year 2 R.E: Jacob's Dream

This term in R.E, we have been exploring The Church and why it is a special place for Christians. We starting by thinking about our own special places and how we feel, when we are in our special place. This week, we looked at how holy and special places are represented in The Bible, with the story of Jacob's Dream. We read the story together and discussed the key messages, such as how in Jacob's Dream, he found his special place, talking to God and dreaming about heaven. The children then created their own artwork, representing Jacob's special place.

7 Jul

Year 2 Blackpool Trip!

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Blackpool on Tuesday! Our class topic this term is ‘Beside the Seaside’ so the aim of the trip was for the children to experience a day at the seaside and think about the activities that we do now at the seaside and comparing this to the Victorian’s. We played on the beach, listened to a talk about beach safety, went to the the top of Blackpool Tower and walked along The North Pier! The children showed so much respect to the general public and represented St Barnabas brilliantly! Well done Year 2!

7 Jul

Year 4- The Big Debate

Today we took part in ‘The Big Debate’ where we looked at the question - Should mothers stay at home and look after their children? We looked at points for why some children agree and some children disagree. The children were very mature in their reasoning, but we had the majority of the class adding that mothers should have a choice about being a stay at home mum.

23 Jun

Year 2 D.T: Wacky Windmills!

During the summer term in D.T, Year 2 have been learning all about the purpose uses of windmills. We completed some market research to look at the different types of windmills and the materials that are used to make them. We then spent some time designing our own windmills and thinking about the materials that we could use the make them. This week, the class brought their designs to life and made their own windmill's using classroom materials and their own designs. We then evaluated our windmill's and thought about what we might do differently next time, to ensure our bases are strong and sturdy.

23 Jun

Year 2 English: Making predictions!

In year 2, our topic this term is 'Beside the Seaside'. This week in English, we started a brand new unit. The class were given the book cover for the story that we will be exploring over the next couple of weeks. The children then made their own Title predictions, based on evidence from the front cover. The class are so excited to find out the Title of the story and explore the main character!

16 Jun

Year 2 History

This week in History, we started our Victorian Seaside topic. To start, we thought about the things we think of when we think of the seaside. We then discussed together the places we think of, when we think of the seaside. Over the next few weeks, the class will be exploring what seaside resorts were like in the past and comparing them to now.

26 May

Kooth Workshop- Year 6

Today Year 6 have had a session with Kooth, here we spoke about changes, in particular moving to high school. Kooth spoke about the resources on their websites showing how they can benefit the children while changes are happening or if they are experiencing worries. We spoke about self care and how we can look after our mental health in a positive way. The children asked some brilliant questions today and were very respectful of each others comments throughout. For further information please see the following website: https://www.kooth.com/

18 May

Year 6 Prevent Workshop

Today Year 6 have taken part in a ‘Prevent Workshop’. The focus was ‘radicalisation’. There were lots of big words used throughout the discussions, for example, manipulation, grooming and extremism. As a class they were very mature, asking some great questions and engaged well with the topic. Well done Year 6!

3 May

Year 2 D.T: Wacky Windmills!

This week in D.T, Year 2 explored how to make strong bases. The class were given a selection of materials in groups and had a go at making a structure, using lolly sticks, glue and string. We thought about why it is important for buildings to have strong bases and in the coming weeks, we will be designing our own windmill's.

3 May

Year 2 Science: Plants!

This term in Science, Year 2 are learning all about plants. In class, we have been exploring why plants need water, light, and a suitable temperature to grow well. As a class, we have planted some broad beans in the following conditions: watered and warm, watered and cold, dry and warm and dry and cold. Over the next few weeks, we will be monitoring each plants growth and explaining what has happened to each plant, based on it's conditions.

3 May

Smart School Council- Year 5

The children in Year 5 were super excited about our first class meeting. Smart School Council which has been launched by Mrs Govan will give our children the opportunity to have a strong voice in the running of their school. Eva was chosen as the meeting leader and Bobby was our notetaker, both very important roles which they took seriously. We went through a series of questions. Subsequently, the class discussed the key question in their groups and each group voted for an answer that they all came to an agreement on. The votes will now be collated and discussed with the communication team.

28 Apr

Year 2 PSHE: Dental Health

This week in PSHE, Year 2 have been learning about dental hygiene. We thought about the different sugary foods we eat and how it is important to have a balanced diet, as this will help our teeth to stay healthy! We looked at how we can look after our teeth, by brushing our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Each child received a Colgate tooth brush, tooth paste and information pack to take home with them!

28 Apr

Year 4- SMART School Council

This morning we held our first SMART School Council meeting in Year 4. We had a Class Meeting leader and a Class Meeting Notetaker. Because so many of us wanted to take the role, we used Class Dojo randomiser to select the pupils. Sophie and Freddie led the meeting and we looked at which example would have the most impact on improving our environment. We worked in groups and the majority thought that to stop littering would have the biggest impact on our planet. Year 4 had a great attitude and discussed ideas with confidence and maturity.

27 Apr

Interactive Transitioning Session

Today Year 6 took part in an interactive transitioning session with St Wilfrids and Darwen Vale. They were able to ask Year 7’s from each school any questions they had and spoke openly about any worries or concerns they might have regarding starting high school. The staff and children from St Wilfrids And Darwen Vale were brilliant and even those children not attending these schools learnt a lot about what is to come.

25 Apr

Money Matters Visit

Today Year 6 welcomed a visitor into their classroom, Mr Souter, who led a session around budgeting. Here year 6 took part in class discussions around, wants and needs, understanding the importance of having a ‘surplus’ income and what can happen if we overspend. Year 6 were very mature throughout, asking relevant questions and will hopefully use this information wisely when it comes to their own spending/ saving.

24 Mar

Year 2 Artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

This term in Year 2, the class have been exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We collected natural materials and created our own natural art.

24 Mar

A visit from The Dogs Trust in Key Stage 2

We had a lovely gentleman called Andrew visit us today in KS2. Andrew works for The Dogs Trust who care for 14,000 dogs in 22 rehoming centres across the country. We looked at when it is best to leave dogs alone and give them space and safe, positive behaviours around dogs. A huge thank you from us to Andrew and Dougie the mascot dog.

3 Mar

Year 2 World Book Day

We have had a fun filled day in Year 2, celebrating all things reading! We shared our favourite books, authors and characters with each other and designed our own book covers! We also completed a piece of artwork for our whole school reading display, focused around the beautiful wordless picture book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.

3 Mar

Year 2 English: Persuasion

This week in Year 2, we started our new English unit on persuasive writing. We have looked at how Disney persuade us to visit Disney Land, with the use of exciting leaflets and advertisements! We are building up to writing our own creative writing piece, where the children will be persuading parents and carers to keep a dinosaur as a pet!

24 Feb

Year 2 English- Dinosaurs!

We introduced our new English unit today in Year 2! We thought about the reasons for and against keeping a dinosaur as a pet and gathered some different facts about dinosaurs! We even had some dinosaurs leaping onto our tables, when exploring an augmented reality book!