22 Jun

Reception Junior Jam

The children have been involved in some junior jam sessions this morning. The started off with a performing arts session which involved learning about characters from the story/film of Aladdin. They discussed which characters were bad and which ones were good. They then learned some dance moves to ‘Arabian Nights’ from Aladdin. In the music session they learned about the importance of warming up their voices when singing, so to not hurt or damage their muscles in their throat. They also listened to some songs and discussed which songs they thought sounded sad and which ones sounded happy. They then sang ‘If your happy and you know it’ to understand and demonstrate the different emotions in the song. We then had a technology session, where the children learned the difference between a video and a photograph. They then had a go on the iPads where they played a coding Safari game.

11 May

Reception Junior Jam Sessions

Reception have been fantastic in taking part in the different junior jam sessions. They started off with a street dance session where they learned the importance of warming up and cooling down during exercise. After that, they learned all about musical instruments and had a go at playing the glockenspiels. The last session involved using the iPads to problem solve on the coding safari game.

28 Apr

Year 1 Science- Plants

This afternoon, Year 1 have been exploring the different stages of plant growth. They created their own animations on Purple Mash to illustrate these stages and then played them back to enjoy watching their plant grow. Some children even added visiting bees to their plants to pollinate them, their plant being watered and seeds dropping off their plants to form new ones. They also explained what the different parts of the plants do such as the stem transporting the water and the nutrients from the roots to the plant.

21 Apr

Junior Jam- Year 5

Outdoors photography with Mr Toal from Junior Jam plus outdoors music with Miss Kennedy and street dance with Miss Anderton.

25 Mar

Online safety warning- Huggy Wuggy

Dear parents and carers, we wanted to make you aware of a character named ‘Huggy Wuggy’ that some of the children are talking about. Please see the photo and links for further information. https://www.parents.com/news/what-parents-need-to-know-about-huggy-wuggy-and-the-poppy-playtime-game-taking-over-elementary-schools/ https://oursaferschools.co.uk/2021/12/03/poppy-playtime-online-safety-review/

17 Mar

Year 6- Junior Jam

Year 6 had a great morning with their Junior Jam teachers.

9 Mar

Year 6- Junior Jam

Year 6 had a great Wellbeing Wednesday learning how to play the ukulele in music and had fun on the tablets in computing.

3 Mar

Year 3 Computing - animation

In Computing, Year 3 are continuing work on making Animations with Mr Toal from Junior Jam.

3 Mar

Well-being Warrior & Digital Champions

Today, the Well-being Warriors led the virtual Digital Champions meeting and represented the school. They talked about how we covered Safer Internet Day at St Barnabas and highlighted everything we do to make our children feel safe when using the Internet and any social media.

8 Feb

Safer Internet Day

It is Safer Internet day today. The children will be exploring how to keep safe online. We can all make the online world less harmful by showing more respect for each other on the internet. Please look at our dedicated online safety page for more information and lots of useful guides: https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/useful-links/online-safety

8 Feb

Safer Internet Day Worship

Today in worship we learnt about how to keep safe online and we focused on our Christian value of respect. We looked at internet safety scenarios which prompted lots of discussions about who to trust, how to stay safe, who to speak to you if you are concerned about anything and keeping your accounts private. We also discussed respect online, always be kind and polite. If you are using emoticons or smiley faces make sure that you are as clear as possible to express what you mean. A comment or emoji can have a big impact on someone’s mental health.

8 Feb

Safer Internet Day Posters in Year 4

Safer Internet Day 2022. Year 4 have produced some fantastic posters to highlight how we can stay safe on the web and social media. Well done to the poster winners and don’t forget to send a pic of them to [email protected] by 3pm on 10th Feb #saferinternetday

8 Feb

Year 2 PSHE: Internet Safety Day

This afternoon I’m PSHE, Year 2 have been thinking about how we can make safe choices online. We looked at the story ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ and helped Oscar to make good decisions. We have also listed different ways to stay safe online and adding this to our class scrapbook!

8 Feb

Year 3 - #Safer Internet Day

We began the day with a whole school virtual assembly for Safer Internet Day. We have completed a variety of activities throughout the day about Online Safety.

8 Feb

Year 1-Internet Safety Day 2022

Year 1 started their amazing Internet Safety Posters this afternoon to share their top tips for keeping safe online. We enjoyed Mrs Ham’s worship this morning on showing respect and kindness online and learnt about the importance of sending only kind messages and blocking and reporting any unkind behaviour. We also enjoyed reading ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’ and ‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World.’ From these books, we have learnt about the importance of having strong passwords that contain symbols, letters and numbers so nobody can guess them and not accepting or continuing with a message that we don’t understand as this could cost us money, give our device a virus or show us something inappropriate. We also learnt about information that is okay to share such as our favourite food or music and information that is not okay to share such as the school we go to, our address, our full name or our password.

8 Feb

Safer Internet Day- Year 5

During our P.S.H.E lesson this week, Year 5 had a discussion about how to stay safe online while staying connected to the digital world. We spoke about respect online, on group chats, video calling, instant messages and games. We also had a look at the story book ‘ Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ and found ways of helping Oscar make the right decisions so he can avoid dangers on his journey through the online world.

2 Feb

Year 6- Junior Jam

Year 6 had lots of fun in Junior Jam, trying out accents in drama, singing and making badges on a device, to represent their interests.

27 Jan

Online Safety: Youtube

Here is some information on how to keep your child safe online whilst watching videos on YouTube.

26 Jan

Online safety - Year 4

Internet Safety in Year 4 in our Junior Jam computing session today.

21 Jan

Safer Internet Day-Poster Competition

We will be taking part in 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday 8th February 2022 and would like to ask the children to take part in an Online Safety poster competition which is being promoted by Blackburn with Darwen. The children are asked to design a poster about online safety for children and young people. More details are provided on the link below and the closing date is Thursday 10th February. Please take a look at our online safety webpage that has an abundance of resources and key information regarding internet safety and keeping up to date with guidance. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/useful-links/online-safety

20 Jan

Year 3 Junior Jam- Well-being Wednesday

In Junior Jam’s Drama, Year 3 have been looking at play scripts and their features. They have taken on the role of characters and a narrator. In computing, they have been looking at e-mails. In Music they have been carrying out breathing exercises in order to improve their singing.

19 Jan

Year 1 -Well-being Wednesday Computing

Year 1 creating their own moving videos in computing this morning

12 Jan

Year 3: Online safety

In Computing, Year 3 have been learning about Cyberbullying. They created logos to help other children deal with Cyberbullying using: STOP, BLOCK and RECORD.

14 Dec

Christmas Cards with RotaKids - Year 5

This year, RotaKids ( Year 5 ) have been spreading ‘Acts of Kindness ‘ across Lancashire, Blackburn with Darwen and South Cumbria by sending a Christmas Card ( E-Card) to care homes.

1 Dec

Wellbeing Wednesday in Year 6

Today in Junior Jam, Year 6 performed street dance moves, identified instruments from around the world and started creating their own video games, based on space invaders.

24 Nov

Wellbeing Wednesday in Year 6

Today during Junior Jam Year 6 have been listening to different 80’s and 90’s music. In computing they explored variables in games and they also built on their dance routine from last week.

18 Nov

Well-being Wednesday - Year 5

Year 5 really look forward to their sessions on Wednesday. They have the opportunity to dance, create music and do computing with Junior Jam.

10 Nov

Junior Jam in Year 6

Year 6 have had a great fun in their Junior Jam sessions today, including computing, dance and music.

15 Oct

Squid Game

Good evening parents and carers, over the last week or so it has come to light that children from different year groups across school are talking about or playing a game on the playground called 'red light, green light'. For those of you who are not aware, this game is part of a series on Netflix called 'Squid Game'. Even though it sounds like a child's game, Squid Game is rated 15 and therefore is not appropriate for primary aged children to watch due to 'sexual and violence references, injury detail, crude humour, sex and suicide references plus sexual images and violent images'. Squid Game has now become one of the latest videos on 'Tik Tok' for children aged 13 and over. TikTok is where users video themselves for a short period of time and upload their videos for people to like. Many TikTok videos can include explicit language. We are also aware that versions of Squid Game are available on Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite, so although children may not have watched the programme, they can still be exposed to the same graphic themes via these platforms. This is a polite reminder for ALL parents that you have responsibility over what social media sites your children are accessing, and your role as responsible adults is to keep them safe online. We want to alert you to this current trend so that you can be extra vigilant with your child's use of social media and activity online. We regularly teach the children in school how to keep safe online but you may also wish to talk to your child about how to keep safe online at home too. We will be speaking further to the children in KS2 about age restrictions and the dangers of viewing material that is not suitable. Here are some helpful links for parents about Squid Game and how to change Netflix settings: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/wakeupwednesday/squid-game-trending-across-platforms-what-parents-need-to-know https://oursaferschools.co.uk/2021/10/08/squid-game/ More information will shortly be added to our online safety section on our website too where you will also find online safety guides for a variety of apps and games that your children might play. We really appreciate your support in safeguarding your children when accessing social media, apps, games and television programmes. Yours Sincerely, Mrs Ham

12 Oct

Year 5- Geography

This term in Geography, Year 5 have been learning about Greece in context to its position with Europe, identifying regions within a country and Greece’s climate zone. This afternoon, we used digi maps to check what human and physical features are on a map of Greece.

6 Oct

Cool Computing!

Year 3 created their final sections of the songs they’ve been working on this half term with Junior Jam.

15 Sep

Year 3 computing fun!

Year 3 had great fun composing their own house music in Computing with Mr Toal from Junior Jam. We love Wellbeing Wednesdays!

8 Sep

Wonderful Wellbeing Wednesday

What a wonderful wellbeing Wednesday with Junior Jam! We have loved playing the African drums in music, creating house music in computing and playing drama games in performing arts. We can't wait for next Wednesday!

8 Sep

Wonderful Wellbeing Wednesday

Year 5 had the best afternoon with Junior Jam. They loved creating house music in computing, playing African drums in music and playing drama games in performing arts.