12 Jul

Rainforest Habitat Diorama- D.T-Year 5

Today the children in Year 5 have been busy making their 3D structures of the Rainforest. They have first used water-based paint to paint the inside of the box to create a rainforest background. They also made some ferns, philodendrons, trees, butterflies and rainforest animals using plain paper or crepe paper whilst waiting for the paint to dry. Tightly twisted strips of green crepe paper to make jungle vines. To add that extra detail they used - small rocks, twigs, dried leaves, and other materials from nature to add texture to their diorama.

7 Jul

Year 4 Hokusai Inspired Art

In art, we have been looking at the Japanese artist Hokusai. We have been using various form of media to inspire own own pieces based on waves. The children have created some wonderful pieces of artwork using formal elements, moving towards the next stage- collage.

23 Jun

Year 2 D.T: Wacky Windmills!

During the summer term in D.T, Year 2 have been learning all about the purpose uses of windmills. We completed some market research to look at the different types of windmills and the materials that are used to make them. We then spent some time designing our own windmills and thinking about the materials that we could use the make them. This week, the class brought their designs to life and made their own windmill's using classroom materials and their own designs. We then evaluated our windmill's and thought about what we might do differently next time, to ensure our bases are strong and sturdy.

17 Jun

Year 6 Art

This week during art, year 6 looked at what needs to be considered before starting a piece of art. We compared 2 artists styles and thought about their view point. Our drawings started with a focus on the ‘natural forms’ included and created our image of London also considering the scale and content.

26 May

Reception’s Royal Art

Reception have been drawing amazing portraits of The Queen this week to celebrate the Jubilee. They drew the portraits in pencil first, then created a background using the colours of Great Britain using Brusho powder and water. We think they are a real royal treat!

24 May

Year 6 Art

Today Year 6 have been looking at the works of Wayne Thiebaud. They have recreated Artwork in his ‘birds eye view’ style and developed their pencil sketches using charcoal.

19 May

Gift for the Queen Competition Entries

We have had so many fantastic entries for the Jubilee gift competition with Darwen Rotary Club! Lots of children have made such thoughtful gifts for the Queen, so a big thank you to all those who entered. Unfortunately, we can only select 6 finalists to submit to Darwen Rotary Club for judging and we will be announcing these in Celebration Worship tomorrow with a small prize for each winner.

18 May

Year 1 Art- printing with with Lego Duplo

As part of their art unit, Year 1 have been inspired by Lowry. They first explored his artwork and some of the buildings in Darwen such as the library, India Mill, the laundrette as a part of terraced houses and Darwen Market Hall. Today, they used their drawings and turned them into prints using black paint and Duplo Lego.

12 May

Year 1- Lowry Inspired Artwork

This afternoon, Year 1 have been looking at artwork by LS Lowry. We noticed that his artwork was often based around a city landscape. We spotted buildings such as terraced houses, churches, shops and factories. We were then inspired by Lowry to draw some of these types of buildings that feature in Darwen such as India Mill, the row of terraced houses where the laundrette is positioned and Darwen Market Hall. First, we took our time to draw the outline of our building/s thinking about the size and shapes and then we took our time to add details to our buildings such as windows, roofs and doors. We can’t wait to use Duplo next week to make a print of our chosen building. 

6 May

Reception stained glass window

This afternoon in RE we have been looking at features of a church as it is a very special place for Christians. One of the features is stained glass windows, so we had a go at making our own in the creative area.

3 May

Year 2 D.T: Wacky Windmills!

This week in D.T, Year 2 explored how to make strong bases. The class were given a selection of materials in groups and had a go at making a structure, using lolly sticks, glue and string. We thought about why it is important for buildings to have strong bases and in the coming weeks, we will be designing our own windmill's.

21 Apr

Year 3 Art - in the style of Georgia O’Keefe

Year 3 have been looking at paintings by Georgia O’Keefe. They have drawn flowers in her style.

21 Apr

Art inspired by Damien Hirst

We have created our art gallery today which features work inspired by Damien Hirst. We looked at various media and our final masterpieces were created by blow painting. They look amazing!

20 Apr

Reception Spring Activities

Reception are enjoying all of our Spring Activities in class. We have been completing beautiful observational drawings of Daffodils and have been exploring our mini beast small world area. We are learning about lots of the changes that take place in Spring such as leaves growing on trees and chicks hatching from their eggs.

19 Apr

Darwen Rotary Club - Create a gift for the Queen Competition

Good Morning, As you can see from the poster, we have a fantastic competition being run by Darwen Rotary Club, and we would love for the children in our school to take part. We are inviting the children to create a gift for the Queen to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, this is to be completed at home. The gift can be of any style they wish. We are looking for originality and inspiration from the children. Possible ideas are a poem, a song, a model, a piece of artwork - the list goes on! Please can all gifts be completed and brought into school ready for judging by Wednesday 11th May. We will judge the best 10 pieces for KS1 and the best 10 for KS2 and then arrange for a Rotarian to call into school and choose the final 3 winners for each category. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places from each Key Stage. All the winning entries from each school will then go on display in Darwen Market Hall on the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend, and on Saturday 4th June, 2 overall winners (1 for KS1 and 1 for KS2) will be selected from all the 1st place entries and the winners will win a tiled mural for their school! This is a very exciting opportunity and we would love for our children to get involved, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing some fantastic gifts for the Queen! Mrs Govan- Art and Design Leader

9 Apr

Easter Artwork in Whitehall Park

Come along to the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park to see the lovely Easter Artwork created by the children at St Barnabas. Wishing you all a lovely Easter.

6 Apr

Easter Craft- Year 5

The Easter Bunnies have been getting ready for Easter. They have been making Easter baskets and Easter wreaths.

5 Apr

Year 3 - Easter Artwork

Year 3 walked to the Rose Garden at Whitehall Park to look at the amazing Easter Artwork on display.

4 Apr

Reception Muddy Monday

The rain didn’t stop our Muddy Monday! This week the children went to Whitehall Park to visit the rose garden. The rose garden has a selection of Easter art work that our whole school have created. The children really enjoyed looking at the different pieces.

1 Apr

Easter Artwork in Year 4

The children have been working so hard on their Easter artwork over the past few weeks. We have looked at ‘Betrayal and Trust : Judas and Peter.

1 Apr

Art - Damien Hirst - Skulls

Our art session this week has been inspired by Damien Hirst. We have used lots of different media over the past few weeks but this week we focused on blow art with a straw. We can’t wait to see the finished pieces next week.

31 Mar

Year 2 Amazing Art!

Year 2 have been busy this week, creating their own piece of artwork, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. The children chose a piece of art to focus on. They then sketched and painted their own pieces. Each piece is unique and the class are excited to showcase their art in the classroom!

31 Mar

Easter Artwork- Year 5

In our R.E lesson this week, the children have explored a wide variety of pieces of artwork depicting the Easter story including ‘The Crucifixion’ by John Reilly and ‘ The Resurrection’. Following on from that lesson, the children created abstract art celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

30 Mar

Reception Junk Modelling

The children have created an ambulance and fire engine. They collected recyclable materials and built their chosen vehicles. Super work!

28 Mar

Judas betraying Jesus

Year 6 have used their Art printing skills in RE today. Using a painting which depicts Judas giving Jesus a kiss on the cheek, revealing his identity, which lead to his arrest.

24 Mar

Year 2 Artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

This term in Year 2, the class have been exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We collected natural materials and created our own natural art.

23 Mar

Y4 Easter Art Sneak Peek

We’ve been busy in Year 4 preparing our Easter artwork for the Rose Garden this week. Look out for it in Whitehall Park soon. In the meantime, can you guess which parts from the Easter story we’ve been studying? Clue 1: the betrayal Clue 2: the kiss Clue 3: the cockerel

18 Mar

Year 3 Art - Trencadis collage

Year 3 Art - using Trencadis collage in the style of Gaudi.

11 Mar

Art - Tint and Shade with paint

In our art lesson today, we have looked at the use of tint and shade. The children tried really hard to create stage samples by adding white for a tint and black for shade. We will moving on to applying these techniques to skull designs.

10 Mar

Year 3 Art - Trencadis collage in the style of Gaudi.

Year 3 Art - We have begun our Trencadis collages in the style of Gaudi.

10 Mar

World Book Day

Developing setting descriptions using ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker as a stimulus. Using printing skills to produce a collaborative piece of art work to illustrate our chosen setting.

4 Mar

Year 1- World Book Day

Year 1 enjoyed World Book day yesterday. As a whole school, we were focusing on the story ‘Journey by Aaron Becker.’ In the story the girl visited lots of settings such as a medieval city and the woods. Year 1 brainstormed ideas for their own settings. They came up with ideas such as a water park, a cave, a fairground, a toy museum, and a jungle. They even came up with ideas that meant that we would need to go back in time such as the Victorian times and the time when dinosaurs were alive. Eventually, we settled on a candy land. They then brainstormed ideas for getting to their destination. The girl in the video used a hot air balloon, boat and magic carpet. Year 1 came up with lots of ideas such as a witch’s broomstick, a zip line, a quad bike, a helicopter, a unicorn and a surfboard. We decided on a quad bike. Year 1 then did a piece of collaborative artwork to showcase their candy land setting and wrote some wonderful descriptive phrases to describe the setting using adjectives. Year 1 also took part in the whole school competition and decorated their own bunting with their favourite book. We had bunting decorated with The Gruffalo, Oi Frog, The Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Day the Crayon’s Quit, The Scarecrows’ Wedding, Funny Bones, The Runaway Pea, Rumpelstiltskin, Lost and Found, Stickman and Peace at Last. We can’t wait to have our bunting displayed in the library. We are hoping that it will encourage other children to choose our favourite book and take it home to read as their library book. 

3 Mar

World Book Day Assembly

Miss Flynn, our Reading leader led a special World Book Day Assembly this morning. We watched a special voucher rap and learnt how we can get free books using our World Book Day voucher and Miss Flynn shared her top suggestions for each year group. We then looked at a wordless story called The Journey by the Aaron Becker. The little girl in the story had a magic red pencil that she used to draw different types of transport that took her on a magical journey. Miss Flynn challenged each class to create their own St Barnabas journey and to use their imaginations to create their own settings and form of transport. We can’t wait to see what they produce as we had some amazingly imaginative ideas during our assembly. Our library leaders told everyone about a favourite book bunting competition that every child will take part in today. We can't wait to see the entries and there will be a winner from each class announced on Monday in Worship. This afternoon class teachers will be swapping classes to read to a different year group. The children will enjoy fair trade hot chocolate and marshmallows whilst snuggling up in their pyjamas and listening to a story.

3 Mar

Year 2 World Book Day

We have had a fun filled day in Year 2, celebrating all things reading! We shared our favourite books, authors and characters with each other and designed our own book covers! We also completed a piece of artwork for our whole school reading display, focused around the beautiful wordless picture book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.

3 Mar

Ks2 Art Club

Year 5 and 6 have been enjoying our Art club after school. This week we have been focusing on abstract Art and have been looking at the work of Kandinsky. The children have taken inspiration from his art work to have a go at creating their own abstract piece to showcase their emotions through line, shape and colour.

3 Mar

Year 5- World Book Day

We have had a great day today for World Book Day and everyone looked so brilliant in their pjs and oodies /snuggies. We have been creating our own setting and transport based on the book Journey by Aaron Becker and the art work has been absolutely fantastic! I have also sent home a £1 book voucher for each child. Happy World Book Day

3 Mar

Year 6- World Book Day

Year 6 had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day, they started a creative writing piece, did some image printing, read stories and were even treated to a hot chocolate!

3 Mar

Reception World Book Day

Reception had a brilliant day dressed all cosy in their pyjamas for World Book Day.

21 Feb

Superheroes topic launched in Reception!

Today we have launched our brand new Superheroes topic in Reception. We read the story of Supertato. The evil pea has been causing lots of trouble for the teachers in Reception. The children have created their own Supertato characters and have been designing jails and capes to defeat the evil pea. The evil pea has been hiding all day in our classroom but our Superheroes have been brilliant at locating him! What a super start to the new half term!

17 Feb

Amazing Art

Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6’s amazing art work is up in our Art Gallery in the hall. They have been focusing on different artists and different art elements and skills over the half term and this is their end outcome. The work looks amazing and so individual and unique.

31 Jan

Marbling - Year 5

This term in Art, Year 5 have been applying a number of skills to create a piece of art work inspired by Andy Warhol. On Friday, the children tried marbling to create swirling paint effects and exciting patterns. They experimented different colour combinations to make their own unique galaxy and planets.

27 Jan

Reception Pointillism Art

Today Reception have been learning about the Art style Pointillism which began with the French Artist Georges Seurat. The children used cotton buds to make lots of small dots on sea creature templates.

26 Jan

Year 1 Art- Primary and Secondary Colours

Yesterday, Year 1 explored primary and secondary colours in their art lesson. First, they made the secondary colours by mixing small balls of plasticine in the primary colours. They then went on to making the secondary colours by mixing paint. Well done Year 1.

11 Jan

Year 5: Art

Year 5 have been researching Andy Warhol and have found some really useful information about him and his life.

11 Jan

Reception: the Rainbow fish

This week, Reception are learning all about the rainbow fish. They have been creating their own fish using different collage materials, discussing how the characters may feel in the story and they have been writing describing words about the rainbow fish. The children have also enjoyed creating their own watercolour pictures using wax crayons and water paint.

6 Jan

Year 1 Art

Year 1 have been exploring line in their art lesson today. They created vertical, horizontal, diagonal, wavy and spiral lines as well as some others. We are working towards producing a piece of artwork inspired by Hundertwasser. 

5 Jan

Reception launches their under the sea topic

Reception are really enjoying the start of their brand new topic! They are starting to learn all about different animals that live in the sea and ocean.

17 Dec

Year 6’s Advent Adventure

Year 6 had a great time at the Rose Garden appreciating the advent artwork and singing Christmas songs.

17 Dec

Year 3’s Advent Adventure

Year 3 had a wonderful time on their advent adventure in Whitehall Park. They sang several Christmas songs too to get them in the festive mood!

16 Dec

Whitehall Park Visit - Reception

Reception have been out on a walk to the Rose Garden to see the Advent Art. We also had a sing song and a visit to the park!

16 Dec

Winter Art

We have been very busy creating more masterpieces in Year 4 today. The children used chalk to create these winter scenes and we are sure that you will agree that they are very impressive!

14 Dec

Reception: making Reindeer food

This week we have learnt all of the names of Santa’s reindeer. We have looked at what reindeer look like and what they eat. We have made some magical reindeer food to take home. The children followed the instructions carefully to make their reindeer food. They can’t wait to sprinkle it outside their houses on Christmas Eve night!

13 Dec

Rose Garden - Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 went up to the Rose Garden in Whitehall park. We were overwhelmed with the beautiful artwork that was displayed by our children. Before we left the park, we sang some Christmas songs based around the artwork to get everyone in the festive spirit.

10 Dec

Barny’s Advent Art!

Thank you to all the children who took part in our Advent Art competition and well done to the Winners; Daisy, Harry, Eliza and Kaycie! Everyone’s Art work was fantastic, and because of this, all of the Art work has now been put up on Display at Whitehall Park in the Rose Garden, so please visit if you can! Well done everyone ⭐️

25 Nov

Advent Art Competition

After the success of last year's Advent Art competition, we have decided to run another one for this Christmas. This is a chance for the children to get creative at home and get into the festive spirit! We are asking the children to create a piece of Art work to show a part of the Christmas story, e.g. The 3 wise men, the star of Bethlehem, baby Jesus - There are lots of ideas online for inspiration. The Art work can be created using a variety of media such as painting, drawing, photographs, collage, etc but we ask that it is no larger than A3 in size and flat enough so that we can laminate them. 24 entries will be selected to go on display at Whitehall Park for an Advent Adventure trail and there are prizes to be won! The deadline for all entries is Monday 6th December, judging will take place shortly after this to select the final 24. Please give any entries to Class Teachers when they are complete.

25 Nov

Year 1- Making Tudor Houses

Year 1 were set the challenge of independently making a Tudor house in the creative area this week. They have used scissors, sellotape, staples, glue and masking tape independently to do this. Well done Year 1.

11 Nov

Year 2 Remembers

This afternoon on Remembrance Day, Year 2 paid their respects, by visiting the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park and viewing all of the beautiful remembrance art, created by each class in school. We also shared some special remembrance prayers with Year 4 and looked at some of the different war memorials in Darwen. The children were so respectful and we are so proud of their brilliant art work!

11 Nov

Remembrance Day Art

This afternoon we have created some wonderful pieces of artwork in Year 3. The children choose their favourite piece from two designs and then set to work on their own version. We used charcoal and pastels to add depth which is very effective.

11 Nov

Year 4 & Year 2 visit the Rose Garden

We loved our walk to the Rose Garden for Remembrance Day today. We chose our favourite poppy art, read poems and said prayers for those who have lost their lives due to war. A very peaceful, reflective afternoon.

8 Nov

Reception visit to the Rose Garden

Reception really enjoyed looking at all of the poppy art work to remember all of the soldiers. They will be having an activity day on Thursday to learn all about the meaning of the poppy.

6 Nov

Remembrance in the Rose Garden

Well done to all of our children for their wonderful Remembrance Day Artwork that has been displayed in the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park for you all to enjoy. Thank you Mrs Govan for organising this and to our teachers for their creative ideas. We will remember them.

4 Nov

Year 1- Poppy Collages

In their art lessons, Year 1 have been learning about the different textures of materials that can be used within collages and how these materials can be cut, torn and ripped to produce artwork. This week in continuous provision, they have independently applied these skills to create their own poppy collages ready for Remembrance Day next week. 

3 Nov

Poppy Art- Year 5

Georgia O’ Keefe inspired Poppy Art. The children drew poppies and then experimented with adding colour using different media, (oil pastels, water colours and wax crayons). We began by discussing the historical context of poppies as a symbol of remembrance, the end of conflict in the First World War.

22 Oct

Awesome Artwork by Year 4

Today we finished our ‘Britto Inspired’ artwork and it’s amazing! The children have worked extremely hard on their pieces and each and everyone is a unique masterpiece. Please see our class gallery for further photos.

21 Oct

Creative Minds

This model of Darwen Tower was built in our peace garden, using wooden planks.

14 Oct

Reception: Exploring Autumn

This week, Reception have been finding out all about Autumn. They have learnt all about what happens in Autumn and have learnt some new vocabulary too: deciduous and evergreen. Super learning!

14 Oct


This evening we have taken part in some wonderful Art CPD at DACA. We have looked at mono printing , reverse mono printing, poly print and Lino print. What a fantastic opportunity for us as staff! We can’t wait to try it all out in our classrooms.

12 Oct

Year 2 3D Clay Modelling!

This term in Art, Year 2 have been learning about observational art. Last week, the class designed their own tower and on Friday, the class used their designs to create a 3D clay model tower!

7 Oct

Victorious Viking Art

We love art in Year 5. We particularly enjoy learning about the skills required to create some awesome work. Our Viking longships are looking amazing.

7 Oct

Fantastic fossils

Year 3 loved printing with the fossil shapes they made last week out of string.

30 Sep

Creating master pieces in the style of Romero Britto in Year 4

In Year 4, we have been studying the life and work of Romero Britto. We have been identifying the key elements of his artwork and analysing a variety of pieces. Today we selected pieces of his artwork that feature animals and used these to create our own examples using pencil and felt. We are really pleased with what we have achieved.

28 Sep

Aliens have landed in Reception!

An alien called Zap landed in Reception this week. The alien wrote a letter to the children and told them that he was lonely. We have thought about what makes a good friend and created our own alien friends. The children have made aliens using foam and have named and described them, they have painted aliens and created 2D shape aliens! Our Ducklings are really enjoying reading the story ‘Aliens love underpants’ too. 

23 Sep

Our Amazing Art Gallery!

We have our amazing Art Gallery up in the school hall again! This time, each class has focused on their drawing skills to create their own self-portraits. The children have all worked really hard and have shown off their drawing techniques, such as shading to create different tones. Well done everyone!

15 Sep

Year 1 Art

Year 1 have been exploring warm and cool colours in Art.

8 Sep

Year 1's super self-portraits!

Look at Year 1's fabulous self- portraits. Well done Year 1, we are so proud of you as they look amazing!