Image of Wellbeing Bingo
8 Oct

Wellbeing Bingo

Year 2 have had lots of fun this morning playing Wellbeing Bingo for Hello Yellow Day! @YoungMindsUK #HelloYellow

Image of Hello Yellow in Year 5
8 Oct

Hello Yellow in Year 5

Year 5 have had a wonderful week this week. We have finished for the weekend by raising awareness of mental health. We hope you all have a fabulous weekend. #HelloYellow2021

Image of Staff say 'hello yellow'!
8 Oct

Staff say 'hello yellow'!

Our amazing staff team dug their yellow clothes out of their wardrobe to celebrate 'hello yellow' day by bringing smiles to everyone's faces and raising money for young minds charity.

Image of Hello Yellow Day 2021
8 Oct

Hello Yellow Day 2021

We have had a brilliant day in school today with all of our children and staff dressing in yellow for Hello Yellow Day. It was topped off with leaving school dancing to the minions ‘happy’ song and being bopped with inflatable bananas by Mrs Ham! Banana #HelloYellow @YoungMindsUK

Image of Year 3 say 'hello yellow'!
8 Oct

Year 3 say 'hello yellow'!

Year 3 have had a fantastic day celebrating hello yellow day. They created friendship chains and loved dancing along to the 'happy' song in Worship.

Image of Reception say 'hello yellow'!
8 Oct

Reception say 'hello yellow'!

Reception loved our ‘Hello Yellow’ day and enjoyed designing their own ‘worry eggs’ - the children took these home to use when they are feeling worried to share their feelings. #HelloYellow2021 @YoungMindsUK

Image of Year 2 dress in yellow for 'hello yellow day'
8 Oct

Year 2 dress in yellow for 'hello yellow day'

Year 2 have had such a great hello yellow day to raise awareness of mental health and raise money for @YoungMindsUK . #HelloYellow2021 #HelloYellow

Image of Why is London the way it is?
7 Oct

Why is London the way it is?

In geography, we have been looking at the reasons why London is the way it is today. We have been looking at the physical and human features of geography within London and what we can expect London to be like in the future.

Image of Victorious Viking Art
7 Oct

Victorious Viking Art

We love art in Year 5. We particularly enjoy learning about the skills required to create some awesome work. Our Viking longships are looking amazing.

Image of Mental health chatterboxes
7 Oct

Mental health chatterboxes

Year 5 have been awesome this week. We have made our own little chatterboxes to help us with our worries. We can take time out and do things that we enjoy doing, if we feel a little under the weather.

Image of Deforestation debates
7 Oct

Deforestation debates

We have been working hard on our ‘Deforestation Debate’ in Year 4 today. So far, we have looked at key language, points for and against and how a piece is structured. We have very different opinions and this has been highlighted in our discussions throughout the week.

Image of Fantastic fossils
7 Oct

Fantastic fossils

Year 3 loved printing with the fossil shapes they made last week out of string.