Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day and the 15th January was actually his birthday. In Worship we learnt about how unfair it used to be in America as black people didn't have as many rights as white people and they were segregated. Martin Luther King wanted to make a difference and we watched a video all about the dream he had and what he did to stand up for what he believed in. He did this in a peaceful way and encouraged people to spread love, not hate and judge people by their character, not their appearance. We thought about how Jesus taught us that God wants us to love our neighbours. We reflected on how we can spread kindness and love to our neighbours and discussed our dreams for the world. We had some brilliant ideas such as no wars, world peace, everyone to treat others with kindness and respect etc We finished with a prayer thanking God for Martin Luther King Jr and for the difference he made to the world. We then sang 'I can make a difference' and reflected on how we can make a difference to the lives of others.