11 Jul

Witton Athletics Winners

Go team Barnabas! We are so proud to have won the Witton Athletics competition tonight. We have never won this before and it’s always such a tough competition as we were up against several schools that are much larger than our school. It was great to be back with a bang after missing the last two years due to the pandemic. I am so immensely proud of each and every child that represented our school tonight as they behaved impeccably, ran brilliantly and encouraged each other in true St Barnabas spirit.

7 Jul

Year 2 Blackpool Trip!

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Blackpool on Tuesday! Our class topic this term is ‘Beside the Seaside’ so the aim of the trip was for the children to experience a day at the seaside and think about the activities that we do now at the seaside and comparing this to the Victorian’s. We played on the beach, listened to a talk about beach safety, went to the the top of Blackpool Tower and walked along The North Pier! The children showed so much respect to the general public and represented St Barnabas brilliantly! Well done Year 2!

5 Jul


What a wonderful day we have had taking part in The SPAR Lancashire School Games at Stanley Park, Blackpool. The children represented the Borough in The Bee Stinger Netball and achieved some great results! Another fantastic opportunity where the children showed true St Barnabas spirit, determination and sportsmanship. Go Team B and Team BwD #LancsSchoolGames @BwDSGO

28 Jun

Gymnastics competition

Well done to our Year 5 girls who took part in a gymnastics competition at St Bedes. They tried really hard and put in lots of effort into their routines. Well done!

24 Jun

EYFS & KS1 Sports Day

Our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes showed lots of courage this morning in our Sports Day. They were just like St Barnabas- the Encourager too as they cheered each other on and supported each other.

24 Jun

Reception Sports Day

Reception class really made us proud today as they found their brave and took part in our sports day. It was wonderful to hear them encouraging each other and trying really hard in each race. Well done Reception!

16 Jun

Reception Environment Explorers!

This afternoon, Reception went on a walk to Jacks Key to be environment explorers! The children were looking for different plants, buildings and animals that make up our local environment. They loved looking at all the different types of flowers and animals we share our environment with and we talked about how important certain things like trees and bees are to our environment.

15 Jun

Year 4 Cricketers

In PE this week, Year 4 have been coaching each other to help develop bowling skills. They were fantastic at using technical language to direct their teammates and applied this to our match at the end of the session.

14 Jun

Orienteering Competition @ Witton

Well done to our Year 6 Orienteering Squad who took part in the BwD competition at Witton Park today. The teams worked together, showed perseverance and sportsmanship to achieve great things. We had some super times and look forward to hearing the results!

13 Jun

Gifted and talented netball at BRFC

What a great start to the summer term. Three of our Year 6 girls took part in a gifted and talented netball session down at BRFC. The girls had a great time practising their netball skills and played a number of games. A representative from West Pennine netball also spoke to them all about joining West Pennine Netball Club, who train at Darwen Vale on Saturday mornings. If you would like your child to join, please email [email protected] or contact their facebook page. They have sessions for girls from reception class upwards.

26 May

Smoothie Roadshow

Today Year 5 and 6 have taken part in a ‘smoothie roadshow’. Here they learnt some facts about certain fruits, rode the bike to power the blender and tried the smoothie they made.

26 May

Reception Smoothie Bike Visit

Reception enjoyed using the special bike to blend different fruits to create a delicious smoothie. Dean talked about why fruit is healthy for us and which fruits are good to use for smoothie drinks. The children took turns on the bike to blend the fruit and each had a taste of their creation.

23 May

Teamwork- P.E- Year 5

Year 5 worked extremely well in pairs and in small groups during their P.E lesson today. The children had to listen attentively and record information accurately to be able to complete a complex task.

19 May

Year 2 P.E

Today in P.E, Year 2 looked at getting into the ready position when throwing and catching. We also focused on the skill of how to catch a ball. Over the course of the year, I have been really impressed with how much the class have progressed with their team work in P.E. The class are now starting to apply the skills learnt in P.E lessons to team games, which is great to see!

17 May

Year 1- Monday Lunchtime on the MUGA

Year 1 enjoyed their lunchtime on the MUGA yesterday lunchtime. They played different variations of tig including mega tig and dodgeball tig.

17 May

Year 3 PSHE - Staying hydrated with water

Year 3 have learnt about the importance of staying hydrated, particularly during sports activities. Lewis recapped on previous learning about the high sugar levels in sports and energy drinks. He reinforced that drinking water or milk would be more beneficial in keeping teeth healthy as well as for our overall health.

17 May

High fives netball- through to the finals!

A huge well done to our high fives netball squad who won all three of their matches tonight in the High Fives Tournament. They will now go on to the final against other qualifying schools next Tuesday. We are so proud of you all!

10 May

Terrific Trapeze!

Our Year 4 and 4 children certainly faced their fear of heights on the Trapeze. Every child should be so proud for pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

9 May

P.G.L- Year 5

The children from years 4 and 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their adventurous trip to P.G.L. They have built memories and shared unforgettable experiences, together. They have all challenged themselves to overcome their fear of heights and water. We had raft- building, problem-solving activities, survivor, rock climbing, trapeze, high ropes, fencing, had a go on the giant swing and sat around the campfire listening to stories whilst drinking hot chocolate. The list is endless.The teamwork and communication skills between each other was exceptional. They ensured working together, supporting and by encouraging each other emotionally and physically was key. 

3 May

Year 6 PE Tennis Skills

Today Year 6 have been working on their tennis skills, focusing on control and working up to rallies over a net.

3 May

Year 3 PSHE - teeth hygiene

In PSHE Year 3 have been finding out about how many grams of sugar there are in different drinks and how they need to brush their teeth with toothpaste twice a day and use mouth wash too. They have learnt that regular visits to the dentist are important too. They ended the lesson with a game of dodgeball, as staying active is important for their overall health and well-being.

29 Apr

Netball News

What a super start to the DPSSA Netball League at DVHS. First game of the new league with an 11-0 win! Go TeamB!

21 Apr

Year 3 PE - Rugby Skills

Year 3 have been practising passing a rugby ball using a swing pass.

21 Apr

Year 2 Local Area Walk

Year 2 have had a busy day exploring their local area. We visited a variety of different landmarks and followed The River Darwen to the town centre. Throughout the day, the children recorded some of the different human and physical features that they could see and next week, we will be creating our own maps of Darwen and locating some of the places that we have visited today on our own maps!

21 Apr

Junior Jam- Year 5

Outdoors photography with Mr Toal from Junior Jam plus outdoors music with Miss Kennedy and street dance with Miss Anderton.

13 Apr

Bullseye Maths

A huge thank you to the Professional Darts Corporation for a great Bullseye Maths session yesterday. We welcomed professional darts player James Wade to St Barnabas and he showed us his amazing darts skills. The boys learnt how darts can really help to improve maths and there was lots of maths going on whilst having lots of fun playing darts. Thank you James, Gary, Will and the coaches for a brilliant afternoon. Good luck in the World Darts Series James!

4 Apr

Reception Muddy Monday

The rain didn’t stop our Muddy Monday! This week the children went to Whitehall Park to visit the rose garden. The rose garden has a selection of Easter art work that our whole school have created. The children really enjoyed looking at the different pieces.

1 Apr

Whole School Celebration Worship

Today for our Celebration worship we celebrated lots of achievements across school. We have come to the end of our Kindness Challenges, but talked about how important it is to continue to show the kindness we have been showing the last few weeks, even without our daily reminders. Our cross country team shared their achievements from the DPSSA cross country competition yesterday, with some of the boys and girls winning 1st and 2nd place - Well done! We also had many children sharing their own personal sporting awards in horse riding, Olympic sport clubs, martial arts and a pentathlon. All of our class teachers shared how the children have been living life in all its fullness through our curriculum this week, with talks of perseverance, diversity, success and ensuring we show respect to everyone in school. What another brilliant week!

30 Mar

Year 3 PE - Net and Wall Games

Year 3 have been practising striking skills and the ability to keep control of the ball.

28 Mar

Reception Muddy Monday

This week the children walked 5500 steps around Jack Keys reservoir. They persevered and challenged themselves to walk through mud and climb very steep hills. We were so impressed with their determination! Well done Reception!

25 Mar

School Skiing Competition- 3rd place for St Barnabas

A huge congratulations to Isaac P in Year 5 for coming 3rd in the North West Ski Federation Schools Race 2022. He represented St Barnabas and came 3rd in his race. Well done Isaac, we are so proud of you!

25 Mar

Celebration Worship

This morning in Celebration Worship we started our sports star awards off with our swimming squad who were the overall winners of the swimming gala last Friday evening and also the winners of the girls medley relay and girls freestyle relay. We have never won these awards before so we are over the moon and are so proud of our amazing swimming squad. We then presented a 3rd place skiing award to Isaac who represented our school in the North West Schools Skiing competition , a morris dancing trophy to Eva for the most improved morris dancer, a 2nd place art award to Ivy and a goalkeeper of the week trophy to Iris who wanted to show how proud she was of her big brother Luke. We also had awards from our uniformed groups too- Isaac showed us his disability awareness badge from cubs and Grace won Olivia from Rainbows for helping to tidy up after they made Mother's Day Cards. If you would like your child to join one of our uniformed organisations such as rainbows, brownies, beavers or cubs, please click on this link to our community page. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/parents/community-groups

25 Mar

Reception PE

Reception have had a super PE lesson this morning where they have been practising climbing on and off the apparatus with confidence. Lots of children showed courage when climbing up high on the climbing frames and jumping off the horse box with control. Well done!

24 Mar

Year 2 Geography: Human and Physical features

Last week in Geography, Year 2 explored the school grounds, looking at different human and physical features.

23 Mar

Commonwealth baton relay

This afternoon we welcomed the commonwealth baton relay to St Barnabas. St Peter's handed the baton over to us and tomorrow morning we will deliver the baton to St Paul's. The baton is being passed around schools all around the country to celebrate the upcoming commonwealth games being hosted in Birmingham. Our sports leaders accepted the baton from St Peters and they were greeted by Years 1, 3 and 6 waving commonwealth nation flags.

23 Mar

Year 3 PE Gymnastic sequences

Year 3 PE - Gymnastic sequences. The children have been working on different ways of travelling, jumps, rolls and balances. They have created and performed their sequences and have been using feedback to improve them.

17 Mar

Year 3 - PE Striking Skills

Year 3 PE - practising striking skills using a racket and a small ball.

17 Mar

Year 4 - Gymnastics Skills

In gymnastics this week, we have been so impressed with the self- and peer motivation that our awesome Year 4s have used to develop their balancing and travelling skills.

10 Mar

Year 3 PE - Net and Wall Game Skills

Year 3 PE - Practising Net and Wall Game Skills, throwing and catching with accuracy.

10 Mar

Reception Obstacle course

We have been looking at ways we can be fit and healthy like real life superheroes! We talked about how police officers and fire fighters need to be strong and healthy for their jobs so we set up an outdoor assault course for us all to complete!

10 Mar

Year 1 PE- Rolling a Ball

Year 1 have been learning how to roll a ball with accuracy. First, we looked at rolling a ball to a partner with our arm beside us, then rolling a ball with to a partner between our legs. We discussed which one allows us to be more accurate. Finally, we practised rolling a ball with accuracy through a target (between two cones).

10 Mar

Year 6 P.E.- balancing

Developing sequences and using counter tension and counter balances.

10 Mar

Year 1 PE- Rolling a Ball

Year 1 have been learning how to roll a ball with accuracy. First, we looked at rolling a ball to a partner with our arm beside us, then rolling a ball with to a partner between our legs. We discussed which one allows us to be more accurate. Finally, we practised rolling a ball with accuracy through a target (between two cones).

9 Mar

Year 6- Gymnastics

Year 6 have been working on their balancing skills in PE.

7 Mar

Reception: Muddy Monday

The children really enjoyed visiting Whitehall park for their Muddy Monday session. We looked at all of the evergreen and deciduous trees. We also climbed trees and made bug hotels. The children were very excited when they found worms and insects for their hotels!

3 Mar

Year 3 PE - Gymnastics - creating and performing a sequence

In Gymnastics, Year 3 have been creating a sequence of different balances and different ways of travelling with a partner.

28 Feb

Reception: Dance

Today in Reception the children learnt some new dance moves and how to dance in time to Music. They did really well!

11 Feb

Sports Stars!

Congratulations to our sporting stars in our Celebration Worship this morning! We presented awards for several different sports out of school including skiing, quad bike racing, swimming, running and martial arts. We also congratulated our Year 3 and 4 Sportshall athletics team for their outstanding performance last night as they narrowly missed out on a gold medal by a fifth of a second. We were so proud of the way they were just like St Barnabas the encourager in the way they cheered and encouraged their own team and other schools.

11 Feb

Year 3 Inter House Sports - bench ball

Year 3 have been playing bench ball in the Inter House Sports event organised by the Sports Leaders in Year 6.

10 Feb

Y3/4 Sportshall Athletics

What a fantastic result at Y3/4 Sportshall Athletics @stwilfrids. Our children showed true St Barnabas spirit and came out with a silver medal. Only half a second separated 1st and 2nd place! So very proud of them and how they represented our school! Go Team Barnies!

9 Feb

Sports Leaders

We would like to introduce our Year 6 Sports Leaders. We are very lucky to have such a great, enthusiastic team who help to support Mrs Gardner in leading PE and Sport at St Barnabas. Our weekly meeting allow us to plan for things such as our inter-house sports, local competitions and promoting new health and sport initiatives.

3 Feb

Year 1 English- Constructing our own set of instructions.

Year 1 have been busy creating their own obstacle courses. Tomorrow, they will be writing a set of instructions to explain how to use it.

2 Feb

Year 3 PE - own Target Games

Year 3 have created and played their own Target Game. They also had a chance to play each others’ games and to give feedback.

1 Feb

Super Shot Putters- Year 5

Year 5 showed amazing teamwork, patience and resilience during their Olympic club taster session. They learnt how to stay focused and execute proper throwing.

1 Feb

Year 6 - Olympic shot put

Year 6 have taken part in a taster session with Sportscool, where they had the opportunity to try shot put. They worked brilliantly in teams, practicing throwing and using appropriate force to get the shot put into the area worth the most points.

28 Jan

Year 3 PE -Target Games

Year 3 had great fun playing target games in PE. They tried really hard to improve their accuracy.

26 Jan

Sportshall Athletics Final

We are so proud of our Sportshall Athletics squad for their amazing effort and determination this evening. Some crucial members of our squad unfortunately weren’t able to attend the event due to isolating with Covid. However, the children who stepped in for them at the last minute were fantastic and made us so proud. We got the same number of points as the third place team but lost out on a medal due to winning fewer events as the other team with the same points. Our squad showed great sportsmanship once again by cheering each other on and they were gracious in defeat. Well done team Barnies! Click here for all of the photos. https://www.stbarnabasdarwen.co.uk/photo-galleries/sportshall-athletics-final-2022

21 Jan

Year 1- working towards running 1K

Year 1 are working towards running 1K in their weekly run. 1K is 18 laps around the infant playground. We did 10 laps today which is 2 laps more than last week. However, some children opted to continue the run in their play time and got to the 1K mark. Next week, we are aiming for 11-12 laps and we will continue to keep building on the number of laps that we do.

20 Jan

Well-being Warriors - What makes the best healthy break time snack?

As part of our work as Well-being Warriors, we have been looking at what we should bring in for our break time snacks in school. We have looked at lots of options and discussed how healthy they are, along with how much ‘hidden sugar’ they have. We are going to create posters and add these to dojo so that our parents and carers know what we are allowed to bring in as we have noticed an increase in children being less healthy options.

20 Jan

Year 3 - PE

In PE we have been improving our skills at hitting targets using different equipment.

18 Jan

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics winners

Congratulations to our Year 5/6 sportshall athletics team for winning their heat tonight and earning a place in the final next week. Thank you @DVHSPhysEd for hosting and @BwDSGO for organising such a great event.

13 Jan

Year 3 PE - Tag Games

Year 3 PE - Tag Games Year 3 have been using skills of chasing, fleeing and dodging when playing Tag Games in PE.

12 Jan

Year 3: PE

In PE we have been practising the skills for playing Tag Games including: chasing, fleeing and dodging.

11 Jan

Year 6 Football

Some of our year 6 children represented the school in the BRFC Kids cup. They were absolutely outstanding and came second. Well done!

7 Jan

Fun in the snow

Reception class had a very busy and energetic day today! The children loved playing out in the snow this morning. They did some Yoga with our sports coach at lunch time and then had an underwater adventure PE lesson this afternoon. Today we have learned the tricky words ‘into’ and ‘her’ and have thought about sentences we can say with these words in. I’ve told the children to keep their eyes peeled to see if they can spot them in any story books at home.

6 Jan

Year 3 superhero dance

In Dance we have been taking on the role of a Superhero and designing movement to music in role with a partner.

3 Jan

PE timetable for Spring 1

Junior Jam will not be teaching dance on Wednesdays this term so each class will have PE on the following days: Reception- Mondays and Fridays Year 1- Mondays and Thursdays Year 2- Mondays and Thursdays Year 3- Wednesdays and Thursdays (no longer swimming on Fridays until the Summer term) Year 4- Tuesdays and Fridays Year 5- Mondays and Thursdays Year 6- Tuesdays and Wednesdays

14 Dec

Outdoor exploration in Reception

Reception love to use the outdoors in all weathers. We have been building houses, making potions, building bug houses and performing on our stage.

2 Dec

We Did It! Year 5

Congratulations! Year 5 have completed a six week programme with ‘Move and Learn’. The coaches were overwhelmed with their passion and dedication to the classroom, outdoor sessions and homework. They have learnt about what physical activity is, the benefits of moving and how you can keep hydrated and have a balanced and varied diet. We are super, super proud of them!

1 Dec

Netball in Year 6

During Netball Year 6 built on their skills from last week, thinking about their teams positions, marking the opposing team and creating spaces.

23 Nov

Year 6 netball

Year 6 have built on their skills today, they have worked on defending and attacking positions within the game of Netball. Thank you Miss Dovey from DACA.

18 Nov

Year 4 netball

On Tuesday, Year 4 got to demonstrate their netball skills in their first mini match. And if you know Year 4, you’ll know how enthusiastically they played.

16 Nov

Year 6 Netball

Today Year 6 have taken part in Netball, working in groups and focusing on footwork skills with Miss Dovey from DACA.

12 Nov

Inter-House Dodgeball Event

What a great day we have all had taking part in the inter house dodgeball competition that was organised by The Sports Leaders. Every single class gave their all and it was great to see the smiles in everyone’s faces. We can’t wait to hear who the winners are next week in Celebration Worship. Massive thanks to The Sports Leaders for taking the time to organise and run the event.

5 Nov

BRFC G&T 3v3 Tournament

An afternoon well spent at BRFC Gifted & Talented 3v3 Tournament. These 4 were awesome and scored 23 goals in 4 mar he’s to get through to the semis. A late disallowed goal meant we lost out in the last minute 3-2 but what a wonderful experience! Roll on the next tournament. St Barnabas are ready!

4 Nov

Move and Learn - Year 5

Year 5 really enjoyed the ‘Move and Learn’ session delivered by Elle from Blackburn Rovers. They have been learning about the importance of sport for our physical and mental health. We have been discussing and considering positive ways of reducing screen time and moving more.

4 Nov

Awesome Football Result

What a fantastic way to end The Darwen Primary Schools League down at Witton. These absolute legends won their last game 14-0 and conducted themselves in such a fantastic manner, showing fantastic sportsmanship!

15 Oct

Reception: Using the trim trail

Reception class have enjoyed balancing and climbing on the trim trail today. They showed our Christian value of courage and found their brave during our P.E lesson. Well done!

14 Oct

Super passing skills in Year 3!

Year 3 have been developing their passing skills in a game situation today in PE on our new Astroturf MUGA. Well done Year 3!

14 Oct

Football team at it again!

Tonight our school football team took part in their DPSSA football league matches against St Peters and St James Lower Darwen. The team was in outstanding form from the very first whistle with precise interplay and extremely high pressing from the off. This ultimately led to us taking victory 3-1. In the second game, we played St James Lower Darwen. The children put in an astonishing performance running out resounding winners by twelve goals to one. A special mention has to go to the team’s sportsmanship. It would be easy for us to act overconfident in this situation but we didn’t. We showed fantastic sportsmanship and encouragement, even St Barnabas himself would be proud of. Well done to each and every one of them on another set of fantastic performances.

13 Oct

Year 4 take on the MUGA

Year 4 had their first PE session in the MUGA this week and, wow, were they excited?! Once they’d calmed down they showed some excellent netball skills, building on from their work last week.

13 Oct

First MUGA session in PE

Today, we have used the MUGA for the first time during PE. We were able to complete tactically difficult decisions and apply these to in game situations during netball.

12 Oct

Year 2 Sports on the new MUGA!

Year 2 had the excitement of being the first class to use our new outdoor MUGA at lunchtime today! We cannot wait to use the MUGA for more outdoor sports and active learning in the future!

11 Oct

Reception: Muddy Monday

Today, the children went to Whitehall park. They enjoyed looking for signs of Autumn. Everybody found a conker and we explored the different colours of Autumnal leaves. The children enjoyed throwing leaves in the air and also climbed under and over a fallen tree.

5 Oct

Year 1 PE

Year 1 have been focusing on fundamental skills in their PE lessons.

5 Oct

Netball by England Netball Player

Year 4 and 5 had the pleasure of being coached by Miss Dovey from DACA who is on the England and Manchester Thunder netball teams. They can't wait till next week and fingers crossed for brighter weather so they can get out onto our new astroturf netball pitch.

5 Oct

Year 4 netball news

Year 4 loved their first session with DACA’s Miss Dovey. Awesome chest passes and fantastic footwork! @DarwenAcademy

4 Oct

A very ‘Muddy Monday’ in Reception

Today, our Ducklings went on their first ‘Muddy Monday’ adventure in the local area. We explored Jack Keys reservoir. The children walked all of the way around the reservoir which took just over an hour. We were extremely impressed with how they showed our Christian values. They took risks, showed resilience and courage throughout the adventure. The children got stuck in the mud, splashed in muddy puddles and enjoyed climbing and balancing along the way! What a super start to the week!

1 Oct

Brilliant Barnies beat opposition

Last night, our Year 5 and 6 football team took part in their 2nd set of fixtures in the DPSSA football league. The children were absolutely tremendous and showed all of our school values while representing school. Our first game was against St Pauls Hoddlesdon , we controlled the ball and ended up eventually winning 3-0 after some mind-blowing build up play and gears transitional movement. In the 2nd game of the evening, we took on Turton and Edgeworth. The hard training sessions on a Monday evening paid dividends as our high pressing game forced our opponents in costly mistakes at the back. We were clinical in front of goal and ended up 4-0 winners. Our final fixture of the evening was against a resolute St Edwards side. At the half time interval the scores were tied at 0-0. The pressure was on and the nerves were starting to show but a virtuoso 2nd half performance from Eve lead the way to a comprehensive 5-0 win. From start to finish, the children were a huge credit to our school family and it is extremely pleasing to watch this side develop into a real force. Well done all.

30 Sep

Superb netball passing development

Today, we have been focusing on our passing skills this week. The children have been absolutely superb and showing our Christian value of respect in helping each other develop these skills.

29 Sep

Year 4 Dribbles and Passes

Game faces at the ready! Year 4 enjoyed the dribbling and passing challenges in PE this week.

15 Sep

Year 6 showing off their netball skills

This week in PE, Year 6 have been trying to make tactical choices about which of the three passes to choose in game situations. The children were superb and were able to explain in detail about their choice of pass as opposed to another.

10 Sep

Raft building fun at PGL

Our Year 6 children are having an amazing time at PGL. This morning was splashingly good fun!

9 Sep

Dodgeball fun with Coach Hollis!

Year 3 had a brilliant time playing dodgeball with Coach Hollis at lunch time.